CWA TV 1986

CWA TV 1/4/1986AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee’s rivalry is heating up as Dundee is so desperate to end Lawler that he’ll put his wife Beverly’s hair on the line. Tony Falk tries to earn his first win in the CWA against Lawler.
CWA TV 1/11/1986A tag team title tournament is being created and a lot of people think they’re going to win it. Did Dundee’s wife lose her hair, or is Lawler gone for six months? The Blade Runners compete in tag action. Steve Keirn returns to CWA with his eyes set on the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. The Fantastics take on Dutch Mantell and Tony Falk in tag team action. Big Red Reese returns to CWA and he’s coming after Dundee.
CWA TV 1/18/1986Did Dundee survive the challenge of Big Red Reese? The Spoiler spoils the recent attack by the Bladerunners on Phil Hickerson, his former partner. The Fantastics begin a competition for two lucky ladies to win a date with them, but one CWA wrestler takes exception to that. An eight man tag team main event takes place.
CWA TV 1/25/1986 We’ve got new AWA Southern Tag Team Champions as the Fantastics defend against Pat Rose and Tony Falk. Buddy Landell, Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell are determined to take over the CWA with Lawler gone. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee takes on Tracy Smothers in a singles match.
CWA TV 2/1/1986Koko Ware looks to get revenge on Bill Dundee. Austin Idol is returning and he’s coming for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. AWA Mid-American Champion Buddy Landell teams with Dutch Mantell to take on Tracy Smothers and Billy Travis in a tag team main event.
CWA TV 2/8/1986Abdul Gaddafi makes his debut for the CWA and it’s clear that he’s not going to be liked. JD Costello, a new manager in CWA, is coming in and he’s got to make his mother proud at any cost. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee teams with Dutch Mantell to take on Dirty Rhodes and Tracy Smothers in the main event, which leads to a crazy aftermath. The Spoiler unmasks and reveals his identity.
CWA TV 2/15/1986AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee is hell bent on proving he knows who the Midnight Rider is. Everyone is preparing for the Thunder Dome.
CWA TV 2/22/1986Austin Idol makes his in-ring return for the CWA when he takes on the loud mouth, Tony Falk. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee teams with Dutch Mantell to take on Billy Travis and Frank Morrell in the main event.
CWA TV 3/1/1986 Jerry Jarrett announces his retirement, but also reveals that his son Jeff Jarrett will be getting involved in professional wrestling. Joe LeDuc is making his return to the CWA. There’s a split between the trio of Buddy Landell, Dutch Mantell and Bill Dundee. In the main event, Buddy Landell takes on Billy Travis.
CWA TV 3/8/1986 There’s an intense scene as Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell target the Jarrett family by viciously attacking both Jerry and Jeff. Eddie Marlin believes there is only one man to get rid of Dundee and Landell, and it is the King. But, will Lawler return to team with Dutch?
CWA TV 3/15/1986 Paul Diamond and Michael Lee make their debut as a tag team in the CWA. Abdul Gaddafi wins his first championship. Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell continue to destroy CWA talents before their tag match against Jerry Lawler and Dutch Mantell.
CWA TV 3/22/1986 Frank Morrell is determined to lead Billy Travis to the AWA International Championship. A sit-down interview Jeff Jarrett following the vicious attack he endured two weeks ago. Joe LeDuc returns to in-ring competition. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Fantastics defend against the Mod Squad, who have put up $3,000 in gold coins.
CWA TV 3/29/1986 Memphis Vice make their television debut. Joe LeDuc reveals that Dirty Rhodes is his first target. Frank Morrell continues to train with Billy Travis. Bill Dundee assaults Lance Russell during an interview. Tony Falk wants to be the first guy to wrestle and defeat Jeff Jarrett. Paul Diamond has a sit down interview to introduce himself to the CWA fans and discuss various obstacles in his life. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Mod Squad compete against Paul Diamond and Michael Lee in the main event.
CWA TV 4/5/1986Titles have changed hands, but who holds the gold now? The Bill and Buddy Show make their debut. Tony Falk doesn’t like being ignored and wants a piece of Jeff Jarrett. The issues between Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantell, Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell continue.
CWA TV 4/12/1986AWA International Champion Billy Travis has a new challenger coming onto the scene. Tony Falk runs his mouth a little too much this week. Jim Jamison looks to get some level of revenge against AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee. Jerry Lawler competed in singles action against Pat Rose, Dutch Mantell takes on Sheik Abdul Gaddafi in the main event.
CWA TV 4/19/1986Tony Falk begins to advise a fellow wrestler in CWA. Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell unintentionally piss off the lunatic Joe LeDuc. Will they regret their decision? Falk finally gets his hands on Jeff Jarrett in a singles match. LeDuc explains why he is disgusted by Dundee and Landell.
CWA TV 4/26/1986Rip Rogers explains his goals now that he is in CWA. There’s always two sides to a story and we hear both of them from Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. What happens when JD Costello’s mother passes away? Joe LeDuc teams with Jeff Jarrett to take on Pat Rose and Sheik Abdul Gaddafi.
CWA TV 5/3/1986Bill Dundee is pissed and wants revenge against Jerry Lawler. Paul Diamond begins his singles career in CWA. Jeff Jarrett reveals a tough timeline of when he’ll ask for a match against Dundee. JD Costello gets good news and has his sights on obtaining the services of one wrestler. However, the interaction doesn’t go according to plan.
CWA TV 5/10/1986The AWA International and AWA Southern Tag Team Championships are defended on the program. Speaking of which, there’s a new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. JD Costello tries to gain the services of another top star… and it again doesn’t go very well. Jerry Lawler takes on Abdul Gaddafi in a singles match. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Mod Squad defend against Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka. AWA International Champion Billy Travis defends against Rip Rogers in the main event.
CWA TV 5/17/1986Rip Rogers brings a mystery man to be his tag team partner to takeover the CWA. JD Costello is out to get revenge on Jerry Lawler, but for what reason? Joe LeDuc and Dutch Mantel team up to take on Abdual Gaddafi and Tony Falk. Frank Morrell starts the show as a wrestler, and by the end his career goes in a different direction. Memphis Vice take on Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka in tag team action. In the main event, Jerry Lawler takes on Buddy Landell.
CWA TV 5/24/1986Which duo is going to Japan to compete in the tag tournament? Issues are brewing between Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell, can the relationship be saved? Judging by what happens on the show, probably not. JD Costello has found a new wrestler to be part of his Dynasty. Dutch Mantell has a confrontation with Rip Rogers. An eight man tag team match main events the program.
CWA TV 6/7/1986: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee shares his thoughts on Buddy Landel and he competes in a singles match against Tracy Smothers. The Beach Boys make their television debut. Joe LeDuc is determined to make Paul Diamond into a man, even if Diamond doesn’t agree the process. LeDuc is going to make sure it happens no matter what. It leads to an intense segment on the show. The Fabulous Ones return to the CWA, as well!
CWA TV 6/14/1986: The Beach Boys compete in tag team action against the Memphis Vice. Joe LeDuc insists he isn’t crazy and he’s continuing his quest to make Paul Diamond into a man. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Mod Squad teams with Fire and Flame to battle Jeff Jarrett, Tojo Yamamoto, Pat Tanaka and Tracy Smothers in an eight man tag team match. The Nightmares make their return to the tag team division in the CWA.
CWA TV 6/21/1986:The Nightmares battle the Beach Boys in tag team action. Bill Dundee is sick and tired of everyone plotting against him and he makes it known. JD Costello continues his feud with Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol and the Giant Hillbilly. Larry Sharpe and Bam-Bam Bigelow make their debut on CWA television and they make it clear who they are targeting. Paul Diamond shows that he’s becoming a man as his feud with Joe LeDuc continues.
CWA TV 6/28/1986: Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto are in the CWA and they are looking to take on the toughest challengers. Bam-Bam Bigelow makes his in-ring debut on television. Jerry Lawler speaks regarding the recent influx in challengers. Buddy Landell is the new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, but he left the arena still burned thanks to Flame. Pat Tanaka and Tracy Smothers team up to take on the Nightmares.
CWA TV 7/5/1986Bam-Bam Bigelow is determined to one-up Jerry Lawler in every possible way. AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto take on the Beach Boys. Jim Jamison tries to survive a chain match against Joe LeDuc. An eight man tag team main event.
CWA TV 7/12/1986Bill Dundee works on commentary for the show. Jeff Jarrett has a new friend to help him in his battles against Goto and Sato. The beginning of a feud between JD Costello and the Nightmares. Promotion for a loser leaves town match between Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler
CWA TV 7/19/1986The Nightmares are determined to give JD Costello a makeover. Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto take on Tracy Smothers and David Haskins in tag team action. The Nightmares take on Fire & Flame and the Mod Squad in two different tag matches.
CWA TV 7/26/1986Bam-Bam Bigelow is running out of patience in regard to waiting for a match with Jerry Lawler. There are new AWA Tag Team Champions with the help of some fire. JD Costello is a little worried about a makeover. AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto defend against the Nightmares, but something happens in the parking lot to stop the match.
CWA TV 8/2/1986JD Costello is forced to get a makeover thanks to the Nightmares. Fire and Flame have a new manager. AWA International Champion Jerry Lawler teams with Giant Hillbilly to take on the Memphis Vice. Fire and Flame are determined for Eddie Marlin to “right his wrong” and begin to make his life a living hell. Bam-Bam Bigelow isn’t done with Jerry Lawler, not by a long shot.
CWA TV 8/9/1986There is a new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion and his name is Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow competes in a handicap match. Jerry Lawler competes in a singles match against Juicy Jonny. Eddie Marlin stands up to Fire and Flame. Rock Steady Crew battles Memphis Vice in the main event.
CWA TV 8/16/1986A tournament to crown a new Mid-American champion will be taking place. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Fire & Flame return to in-ring action on television when they defend against Joe LeDuc and Phil Hickerson!
CWA TV 8/23/1986A wide eyed southern boy is the new Mid-American Champion. Kenny D and the Killer arrive and they have their focus on Mr. Universe. Bam-Bam Bigelow wants Jerry Lawler and wants to end his career once and for all. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Fire and Flame are forced to defend against Giant Hillbilly and Phil Hickerson! Eddie Marlin is determined to get the tag titles off of them! Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond team up to take on the Mod Squad and Ron Sexton in the main event.
CWA TV 8/30/1986AWA Mid-American Champion Tracy Smothers teams with Jt Southern and Paul Diamond to battle Memphis Vice and Ron Sexton. Eddie Marlin has a surprise team to challenge Fire and Flame for the tag titles. Jerry Lawler competes in tag team action with Giant Hillbilly.
CWA TV 9/6/1986Jerry Lawler teams with the Killer in tag action. The Great Kabuki is returning to Memphis. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Fire & Flame defend against Giant Hillbilly & Cousin Junior. Will Lawler be able to wrestle the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship away from Bam-Bam Bigelow?
CWA TV 9/13/1986AWA Mid-American Champion Tracy Smothers has been taken out by Great Kabuki, who makes his in-ring debut for CWA on television. Who won the Texas Death Match between Lawler & Bigelow? Lawler competes in singles action against Mod Squas Basher. Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka team up to take on Memphis Vice in tag action.
CWA TV 9/20/1986Larry Sharpe has a new monster looking to takeover the CWA in Man Mountain Link. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Fire & Flame defend against Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka in the main event.
CWA TV 9/27/1986AWA Mid-American Champion Tracy Smothers defends against the Ninja, which has a controversial ending. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler competes in singles action against Fire, Flame and Torch in a gauntlet match. Eddie Marlin has had enough of Tojo Yamamoto.
CWA TV 10/4/1986Tommy Rich returns, Dirty Rhodes continues his feud with Jerry Lawler.
CWA TV 10/11/1986Paul Diamond shares some words from bed, Big Bubba makes his TV debut, Boy Tony vignettes begin
CWA TV 10/18/1986Big Bubba already has gold, Dennis Hall is returning from the West Coast back to Memphis
CWA TV 10/25/1986Dennis Hall returns to TV, Boy Tony makes a statement on Tracy Smothers, Jeff Jarrett battles Larry Wright in singles action
CWA TV 11/1/1986Paul Diamond continues his recovery, Don Bass & Larry Wright take on Tracy Smothers & Pat Tanaka
CWA TV 11/8/1986Dream matches, The Sheepherders arrive in the CWA, 20-man battle royal
CWA TV 11/15/1986New AWA International Tag Champions, Big Bubba turned on Jerry Lawler and we find out why, Lawler has a surprise for Bubba, Tracy Smothers vs. Boy Tony, Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. The Sheepherders
CWA TV 11/22/1986AWA International Tag Champs Jeff Jarrett & Paul Diamond vs. Akia Sato & Tarzan Goto,
CWA TV 11/29/1986The Sheepherders have demands and want Jarrett in the ring.
CWA TV 12/6/1986Downtown Bruno and Big Bubba have new looks courtesy of Jerry Lawler. Jonathan Boyd isn’t done with Jeff Jarrett and introduces his pet python to the feud. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka take on Tony Burton & The Great Kabuki. Rock N’ Roll RPMs are not happy about the Fabulous Ones returning to the area. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler teams with Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis to take on Memphis Vice and Boy Tony!
CWA TV 12/13/1996Steve Keirn returns to the area and he confronts the Rock N’ Roll RPMs. Jerry Lawler has comments for the Great Kabuki, who recently cost Lawler a key match against Big Bubba. Downtown Bruno looks to get richer at the expense of Jerry Lawler.
CWA TV 12/20/1986Boy Tony squares off against Tracy Smothers in singles action. Tommy Rich voices his displeasure and confusion with Jerry Lawler getting constant title matches and not winning. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis defend the titles against Rock N’ Roll RPMs after being bullied into a match!
CWA TV 12/27/1986Issues seem to be brewing between Rich and Lawler regarding who should be getting title shots. Memphis Vice reveal their mystery partner to take on Downtown Bruno’s stable, and she’s not a wrestler! Lance Russell reveals some new wrestlers coming to the area! Boy Tony continues to get underneath Tracy Smothers skin.

CWA TV 1987

CWA TV 1/3/1987Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich continue to have issues. Soul Train Jones makes his CWA debut.
CWA TV 1/10/1987Nick Bockwinkel is coming back to Memphis to challenge Jerry Lawler.
CWA TV 1/17/1987Jerry Lawler has been brutally attacked. Tracy Smothers is a servant to Boy Tony.
CWA TV 1/24/1987The Fabulous Ones have words for the Sheepherders
CWA TV 1/31/1987An update on Lawler’s injury
CWA TV 2/7/1987Downtown Bruno is embarrassed, Jerry Lawler calls in to give an update on his condition
CWA TV 2/14/1987Jerry Lawler is on the comeback trail,
CWA TV 2/21/1987Boy Tony embarrasses Pat Tanaka
CWA TV 2/28/1987Jerry Lawler returns to TV in a match against Boy Tony
CWA TV 3/7/1987Bam-Bam Bigelow returns to CWA, Pat Tanaka feels betrayed by Jeff Jarrett.
CWA TV 3/14/1987Lord Humongous debuts with Austin Idol, Ten man tag main event
CWA TV 3/21/1987BT Express arrives to help Jeff Jarrett
CWA TV 3/28/1987AWA Southern Tag Champs Goliath & Big Bubba defend against Brickhouse Brown & Soul Train Jones, A bounty has been put on BT Express, Paul E. Dangerously arrives.
CWA TV 4/4/1987Tommy Rich is laid up in bed and he’s pissed, Six man tag main event, Paul E. Dangerously is leading the charge against Jerry Lawler
CWA TV 4/11/1987Paul Diamond shows his true colors
CWA TV 4/18/1987Billy Travis is back in Memphis, but he was never really gone.
CWA TV 4/25/1987Downtown Bruno is determined to rid Jeff Jarrett of the area.
CWA TV 5/2/1987Paul E. Dangerously continues to add men to his faction to overtake Memphis
CWA TV 5/9/1987AWA Tag Champion Mark Starr defends against Diamond & Tanaka in a handicap match, Who prevailed in the hair vs. hair match between Lawler & Idol? It’s a shocking outcome.
CWA TV 5/16/1987Jack Hart doesn’t respect authority
CWA TV 5/23/1987Bill Dundee returns from Florida, Moondog Spot is here to reek havoc
CWA TV 5/30/1987Jerry Lawler isn’t done with Tommy Rich and Austin Idol, Jerry Jarrett gives a rare interview, but chaos ensues.
CWA TV 6/6/1987Jeff Jarrett has a bone to settle with Moondog Spot, Paul E. Dangerously is bitter toward Jerry Lawler for causing him to get plastic surgery
CWA TV 6/13/1987Big Bubba recalls a time when he was abducted in a cabin, Jarrett teams with Dundee against Tanaka & Diamond in the main event
CWA TV 6/20/1987Jack Hart battles Jeff Jarrett, We’ve got a new Southern Heavyweight Champion, Brickhouse Brown wants Lawler.
CWA TV 6/27/1987AWA Southern Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Don Bass,
CWA TV 7/4/1987Don Bass believes he’s a singer now, Tanaka and Dundee look to take out Bill Dundee.
CWA TV 7/11/1987The Moondogs aren’t done with Jeff Jarrett, Brickhouse Brown taunts Jerry Lawler with his crown.
CWA TV 7/18/1987Jerry Lawler no longer has his crown nor does he have the AWA Southern Championship… both belong to Brickhouse Brown now!
CWA TV 7/25/1987Rocky Johnson will do whatever it takes to get his hands on George Barnes
CWA TV 8/1/1987Everyone has a dream match…
CWA TV 8/8/1987George Barnes doesn’t like Bill Dundee who he considers a phony.
CWA TV 8/15/1987Big Bubba should have never been trusted…
CWA TV 8/22/1987The Commission looks to control the CWA. Scott Hall and Tracy Smothers return to Memphis.
CWA TV 8/29/1987Who is the real Superstar.. Dundee or Bubba?
CWA TV 9/5/1987It’s time to prepare for War Games..
CWA TV 9/12/1987Lawler and Bass each put three things on the line for their title match.. who prevailed? The Wheel of Torture debuts.
CWA TV 9/19/1987AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Diamond & Tanaka defend against the Nasty Boys
CWA TV 9/26/1987Don Bass makes a plea to keep the money for his mother, but his mother isn’t who she says she is..
CWA TV 10/3/1987Big Bubba & Rocky Johnson have a dance competition. Eight man tag main event
CWA TV 10/10/1987AWA Southern Tag Champions Rock & Roll RPMs defend against the Nasty Boys
CWA TV 10/17/1987A rematch between the RPMs and Nasty Boys for the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships.
CWA TV 10/24/1987Dundee & Lawler are together again and are champions. How long will this last for? Steve Keirn has returned and he’s looking for revenge on Lawler.
CWA TV 10/31/1987Hector Guerrero has a cure for baldness, but is it a scam? There’s a new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion..
CWA TV 11/7/1987Midnight Rockers are here in the CWA. Jimmy Jack Funk looks to dominate the area, too.
CWA TV 11/14/1987Badd Company explain their actions. Jerry Lawler in action. Six man tag main event.
CWA TV 11/21/1987Jeff Jarrett and Jimmy Jack Funk have a confrontation. Hector Guerrero tosses chili into Bill Dundee’s face.
CWA TV 11/28/1987Steve Keirn is back in Memphis, again. AWA Southern Champion Bobby Jaggers vs. Jerry Lawler.
CWA TV 12/5/1987Lawler & Jarrett vs. RPMs
CWA TV 12/12/1987Jarrett and Lawler debate whose better.. when will we find out?
CWA TV 12/19/1987Jeff Jarrett wants to prove he’s worthy of a title shot, the Midnight Rockers insult the Nasty Boys.
CWA TV 12/26/1987Footage of Hennig vs. Lawler, Jeff Jarrett vs. Hector Guerrero, Scott Hall in action

CWA TV 1988

Jeff Jarrett vs. Hector Guerrero, Scott Hall in action