CWA TV 6/13/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 6/13/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. They rundown what we’ll see on the program this week. Phil Hickerson will be returning to television this week.

Jerry Lawler comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Lawler wants to talk about Chic Donovan and says that Donovan interfered in a match that Lawler and Dundee were wrestling in. Lawler sent Donovan into the ring post and now will be out of action for a decent amount of time. Lawler mentions that Donovan was going to be on an AWA card in Chicago. Donovan and Hart will now have to give up the titles and there will be a tag team title tournament taking place. Lawler and Dundee will be taking part in the tournament. I’m thinking they don’t believe Donovan is actually hurt for some reason.

Opening Contest: Billy Travis & Mark Starr vs. Keith Roberson & Jack Hart: Travis and Hart start the match with Travis getting a sunset flip for a two count. Hart works over Travis with elbow strikes in the corner and Travis takes them both down with hip tosses. Paul E. Dangerously is on commentary saying that Jack Hart will find a new partner. Dangerously also reveals that Dundee had gotten 6,545 dollar bill on his credit card. Starr dropkicks Hart and keeps arm control on the mat. Hart avoids a second dropkick by hanging onto the ropes and delivers a neckbreaker. Hart tags in Roberson after a leg drop. Roberson delivers a swinging neckbreaker on Starr. Starr powerslams Roberson coming off the ropes and tags in Travis. Travis slams Roberson and hits a middle rope elbow drop for a three count. (**. A decent enhancement match this week. I feel bad for Jack Hart getting seemingly shoved down the card because his previous partner left the area due to injuries.)

Tojo Yamamoto comes out with Mr. Shima and Phil Hickerson for an interview. Hickerson wonders why Lance Russell also thinks so negative all the time. Hickerson restarts the promo wanting more positive vibes. Hickerson knows he doesn’t have too many years left in his career. Hickerson says it the day of mega bucks and working for 1 to 3 hundred dollars a night isn’t enough. Hickerson was approached to team with Shima for the tag team tournament. Hickerson will make more money winning the tag titles than he would in a year time. Tojo is offended that everyone asks about money.

Second Contest: Mr. Shima & Phil Hickerson vs. John Paul & Bucky Siegler: Shima and Hickerson work over Paul early on with Hickerson delivering several strikes and a scoop slam. Shima delivers an elbow strike to maintain control. Siegler tries his luck and is slammed by Shima quickly. Hickerson drops Siegler with a right hand to the chest followed by a front slam. Bucky backdrops Hickerson, but Hickerson delivers a leg drop after a boot in the corner to win the match. (1/2*. As expected Hickerson and Shima win the match. Hickerson looked motivated and I was interested in what he was doing in there.)

Lance Russell tells everyone to pay attention to the following story that involves Big Bubba. Bubba missed his match last weekend, which was odd because Bubba always makes his matches. Apparently, Bubba went to the parking lot to unlock his car but walked up in a cabin with a knot on his head. We get a pre-recorded comments to explain the situation.

Big Bubba was held up in a cabin in the woods and made his way to the road. Bubba was four miles away from the highway and they walk towards a trail. Hales tells us they are twenty mies south of Hazard, Kentucky. They proceed to take a drive to the cabin. Bubba may be strong, but he felt helpless in the cabin. Bubba claims he was tied up in the cabin. They have to walk the rest of the way. Bubba finds the cabin and they enter the cabin. Bubba shows Hales the “dungeon” where he was kept. Bubba has never been afraid of anyone or anything, but was scared for his life. Bubba suggests that Hales be there at night to be really scared. They leave the cabin and Bubba thanks Hales for joining him to the cabin. Bubba knows that it was Downtown Bruno, but he can’t prove it. Bubba thinks that Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond were involved with it as well. Bubba thinks he was left there to die. Bubba is going to finish what they have started.

Lance Russell interviews Downtown Bruno, Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka. Bruno says what he’s done in the past is where it belongs. Bruno may have associated with the dark side and now he’s the top manager. Bruno wouldn’t stoop to that level now. Bruno has never gone into Bubba’s personal life. Bruno had nothing to do with Bubba being abducted. Bruno thinks that Bubba got drunk and maybe just got lost and couldn’t find the town. Bruno thinks that Bubba made up the excuse. Diamond chimes in and thinks that Bubba is a coward and didn’t want to wrestle them. Bruno says that if anyone suggests he did this then he’ll file a lawsuit against them. Bruno wouldn’t go anywhere near the woods and tie Bubba up in there. Bruno doesn’t know who else would benefit in taking out Bubba. They insist they didn’t commit the crime.

AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his way out for an interview. Jarrett recently defeated Moondog Spot to regain the title. Spot is now putting his hair on the line in a match against Jarrett. Jarrett doesn’t know if Spot has ever been in a hair match, at least on the side of putting his hair on the line. Jarrett suggests Spot look at his manager to see what it’s like to be bald.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee vs. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka: Dundee and Tanaka start the match with Dundee hip tossing Tanaka out of the corner. Dundee drops Tanaka with a right hand. Dundee backdrops Tanaka to the mat and tags in Jarrett. Jarrett works over Tanaka with an arm bar. Jarrett drops Tanaka with a right hand and chases Bruno at ringside. Dundee delivered a strike off the middle rope. Diamond tags in and Jarrett arm drags Diamond to the mat. Diamond yanks Jarrett down to the mat by his hair a few times to keep control of the match. Diamond shoulder blocks Jarrett, but runs into a hip toss. Jarrett goes back to an arm drag and arm bar on the mat. Dundee clotheslines Diamond leading to a near fall. Diamond bails to the floor to regroup. Diamond returns to the match and is met with jabs by Dundee. Diamond tags in Tanaka to beat on Dundee with more right hands. Jarrett gets the tag and hammers away on both Diamond and Tanaka with right hands. All four men are brawling and Dundee has a cover until Bruno enters to stomp Dundee. That causes a disqualification for the first fall.

Dundee arm drags Tanaka a few times followed by a hip toss. Dundee jabs Tanaka several times followed by an elbow strike. Diamond gets met with an elbow strike, as well. Jarrett clotheslines Diamond to keep the advantage in his favor. Tanaka clotheslines Jarrett while the referee was distracted. Diamond and Tanaka elbow drop Jarrett a few times. Diamond clotheslines Jarrett for a two count. Dundee gets tagged in, but the referee didn’t see the tag being made. Tanaka beats on Jarrett with strikes and a knee lift. Dundee gets frustrated and shoves the referee to the mat causing a second disqualification. (*1/2. Having both falls end in a disqualification was a major disappointment. I’m glad that they got plenty of time as this may be the longest TV match I’ve seen thus far in Memphis. Four of the better workers in Memphis getting some time to shine. I didn’t mind that at all.)

Final Thoughts:
The Big Bubba segment was honestly hysterical and a bizarre story to have. I wonder if they will continue with that or drop it very quickly. The whole show was okay this week as there was a focus on in-ring. Plus, a return of Phil Hickerson is something I can get behind.

Thanks for reading.

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