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CWA TV 6/6/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 6/6/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and rundown what we’ll see this week.

Tony Burton comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Burton says he was a little nervous wrestling Tojo for the first time. Burton can’t wait to get Tojo in the ring again. Tojo comes out after Burton left and calls out Burton calling him a no good coward. Burton doesn’t come back out.

Opening Contest: Shima & Mr. Helo vs. Billy Travis & Mark Starr: Travis and Shima start off the tag match with Travis controlling with a head scissors. Travis tries for a hip toss but settles for a right hand to drop Shima to the mat. Tojo goes back to the commentary and wants Burton at ringside. Travis backdrops Shima and tags in Starr to beat on Helo. Starr dropkicks and tags in Travis. Helo is met with a double back elbow for a two count. Tojo insults Burton’s wife at the commentary table. Shima knee lifts Starr and rams Starr face first into the turnbuckle. Helo works over Starr with strikes and stomps. Tojo insults Burton’s baby, as well. Burton comes out and beats on Tojo with the kendo stick over his head. Shima and Helo make the save, but Travis and Starr beat on them too. Tojo runs away from Burton. Looks like there is no finish to the match. Burton says Tojo can talk about anyone, but not his little girl.

We see footage from the Coliseum of a match between Jeff Jarrett and Moondog Spot. Jarrett backdrops Spot and they go to the floor quickly. Jarrett sends Spot into a fence in the crowd. Jarrett scoop slams Spot on the floor followed by more right hands. Jarrett sends Spot into the guard railing chest and pummels Spot in the corner a few times. Spot stops Jarrett with an atomic drop and they go back to the floor. Spot sends Jarrett onto a table at ringside and delivers more right hands. Spot throws a few chairs into the ring. Jarrett drops Spot with a right hand coming off the ropes. Jarrett clotheslines Spot for a two count. Jarrett blocks a shot with the bone by backdropping Spot. The referee gets knocked to the floor and Spot decks Jarrett with the bone. Spot has the cover, but the referee is knocked out on the floor. Jarrett manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. Spot misses a splash in the corner and Jarrett hits a middle rope dropkick and decks Bruno, which signals the disqualification. The match went seven minutes. After the match, Jarrett whacks Spot with a steel chair and they brawl up the aisle again. They brawl on a platform as the segment comes to an end.

AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett is interviewed by Lance Russell. Jarrett believes he has Spot behind him and now he can move forward to wrestle Jack Hart. Jarrett recalls what Hart has done recently to Marlin and Hales, who are not wrestlers. Jarrett will tear down the building with Hart. Downtown Bruno and Moondog Spot make their way out to confront Jarrett. Bruno says that Jarrett is a fighting champion and is wrestling a goon like Thunderbird. Bruno would like Spot to wrestle Jarrett tonight and Jarrett can setup any kind of rules. Jarrett looks to be interested in this stipulation. Jarrett has a stipulation in mind and offers a match where if Jarrett wins then Spot and Bruno leave town for one year. Randy Hales comes out and tells Jarrett to not forget about the ESPN deal. Hales wants to sign a contract but they go right to the ring.

Second Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Moondog Spot: Jarrett hammers away on Spot and delivers a shoulder block followed by a backdrop. Spot bails to the floor and gets rammed face first onto the commentary table. Jarrett drives Spot face first into the corner followed by a scoop slam for a near fall. Jarrett back elbows Spot to the mat and is sent to the floor. Spot sends Jarrett into the ring post. Spot drops Jarrett throat first over the top rope and delivers a clothesline. Spot misses a middle rope knee drop. Spot sends Jarrett to the floor and whacks Jarrett with a chair a couple of times before getting back into the ring. Spot hammers away on Jarrett, but Jarrett fires back with strikes and drops Spot to the mat for a near fall. Jarrett dropkicks Spot and grabs Bruno. Jarrett punches Bruno to the mat and Spot grabs his bone. Jarrett backdrops Spot again and they do the same knee lift spot from the arena show. The referee falls to the floor and Spot decks Jarrett with the bone. Bruno gets the referee into the ring and Jarrett is pinned. We have a new champion. (*1/2. I’m not sure if doing the same exact spot they showed from the arena show to have as their finish was a good idea. That kind of decision making would likely expose the business. I enjoyed the crowd reaction and the atmosphere here. Moondog Spot has been enjoyable thus far.) After the match, Jarrett attacks Spot and is pissed that they cheated. Spot punches Jarrett and grabs the belt and runs backstage with it. Jarrett wants a return match right now. Hales comes out and tells Jarrett that in a verbal contract a return match doesn’t exist. Downtown Bruno says that the return match will not happen tonight. Bruno wants Jarrett to put his hair on the line and Jarrett agrees to it.

Paul E. Dangerously is interviewed by Lance Russell. Dangerously says this place is a circus and he had to get plastic surgery because of Lawler throwing fire into his face. Dangerously wants to make an offer to Bill Dundee, whom he has no issue with. Dundee says that Dangerously had plastic surgery on his backside. Dangerously says that idol and Rich aren’t here. Dangerously says that Dundee is a superstar and Lawler is an alleged king. Dangerously knows that Dundee hates Lawler more than Idol and Rich. Dangerously says that Idol and Rich like Dundee while Lawler hates Dundee at the same level of Dundee hating Lawler. Dangerously has a credit card that has unlimited credit. Dundee can use the card for thirty days. Dundee tries to walk-off with the card, but Dangerously tells Dundee he’s his manager. Dundee refuses Dangerously as a manager and tells Dangerously he gave him his card for a month. Lawler comes out and holds Dangerously to allow Dundee to ripoff Paul’s pants. Dangerously is hiding behind the commentary table and wants his credit card back. Dangerously runs out of the studio.

Main Event: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Jack Hart & Chic Donovan: Dundee arm drags Hart several times followed by a hip toss. Lawler tags in and works over Hart with a right hand. Donovan tags in to try his luck with Lawler. Dangerously is wearing a towel to cover his boxers. Dangerously is going to tell Idol and Rich. Dangerously is confident that Lawler and Dundee will pay for this. Dundee jabs Donovan a few times and drops Donovan to the mat. Hart tags in and is met with an eye rake and more jabs by Dundee. Dundee knocks Hart down to the mat. They run the ropes and Hart runs the ropes by himself as Dundee stopped in the corner. Dundee and Hart trade shots until Hart tags in Donovan and Dundee gets knocked down to the mat following a few strikes. Donovan chokes Dundee over the top rope and Lawler enters the match. Lawler beats on Hart and Donovan with right hands. Dundee hit a sunset flip and manages to pin Donovan to win the match. (*. Lawler didn’t do much of anything and I didn’t like how Hart and Donovan were presented here at all.)

Video of Big Bubba and Goliath seemingly leaving Downtown Bruno’s stable is shown. There is some issues brewing amongst the group.

Final Thoughts:
A solid episode this week as we got some bigger names in action and a title change. The segment between Dangerously and Dundee was done fairly well, too. The program advanced a few feuds pretty well and the hour program flew by.

Thanks for reading.

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