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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #86 3/17/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #86
From: Nashville, TN

Opening Contest: Elix Skipper vs. Frankie Kazarian: Skipper gains arm control to start the contest, but Kazarian counters quickly. Kazarian elbows out of a hammerlock and is kicked by Skipper on the back. Kazarian nails Skipper with a dropkick. Skipper heel kicks Kazarian for a two count. Skipper uppercuts Kazarian in the corner. Skipper drops Kazarian over the top rope groin first and walks the ropes to hit a head scissors for a near fall. Kazarian shoulder blocks Skipper, but is met with a boot to the gut. Kazarian jump kicks Skipper to the floor. Kazarian hits a leaping dive over the top to the floor onto Skipper. Kazarian shoulder rams Skipper and plants Skipper with a slingshot DDT into the ring for a near fall. Kazarian dropkicks Skipper in the corner followed by another dropkick to a seated Skipper. Skipper spin kicks Kazarian and runs into a clothesline. Kazarian hits a springboard twisting leg drop for a two count. Skipper drops Kazarian with a back suplex. Skipper clotheslines Kazarian several times followed by a belly to belly suplex. Skipper misses a top rope leg drop. Kazarian stops Skipper in the corner and nearly wins with the Back To The Future. Kazarian gets a rollup on Skipper and uses a handful of tights to win the match. (**. The crowd wasn’t receptive to this, but it would appear that TNA is moving forward with a push for Kazarian. The action was alright with both men showcasing some good stuff in a short match.) After the match, Kazarian attacks Skipper until Jerry Lynn comes out and helps Skipper. Skipper backdrops Kazarian to the floor to end the segment.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Glen Gilbertti, Michael Shane, Kid Kash and David Young. Gilbertti says this whole gauntlet is a swerve by Vince Russo and that one of them is going to win the match. Kash wants to know who made Gilbertti boss and he’s not going to listen to him. Kash suggests they get ready to fight him. Michael Shane walks off saying he’s with Gilbertti as is Swinger and David Young.

Mike Tenay is standing in the ring and introduces Director Of Authority, Vince Russo for an interview. Russo talks about being tough with Chris Harris a couple of weeks ago and admits that he was. Russo did it for Harris’ own good. Russo wanted to make sure that Harris is at the top of his game. Russo thinks the fans are behind Harris 100% just as the fans are. Russo is cutoff by Raven’s theme music and Tenay wonders what is going on.

Raven comes out with Sabu. Raven thought Russo had a great speech and says Russo is a great motivator. Raven wants to know what about him, though. Raven notes he’s not booked on the show let alone a championship match. Russo notes he doesn’t know what Raven does on the days he’s not in TNA. Russo notes there is a tournament next week to determine tag team champions. Raven doesn’t care about the tag team titles and doesn’t care teaming with Sabu. Raven says he’s a singles wrestler and wants a singles championship. Russo says he’ll put Raven in a ten man gauntlet match to determine the number one contender. Raven doesn’t think he should have to qualify because he’s beaten everyone. Russo mentions there is a ladder match between Styles and Abyss and suggests Raven be added to that one. Raven doesn’t want to be added in the ladder match. Raven doesn’t think he should have to qualify. Russo doesn’t know what else to do for Raven. Raven says there is one more option for Russo to consider. Raven doesn’t think that Harris isn’t ready for the championship. Raven wants Harris taken out and Raven will replace him. Raven believes he’d be doing Harris a favor and demands a title shot. Russo tells Raven that the match between Harris and Jarrett is booked. Raven wants to know if Russo will switch it once and for all. Russo tells Raven he’s not going to disappoint Harris tonight. Raven has seen this happen before as he encountered this in WCW before. Russo says that it just isn’t happening tonight. Russo asks Raven if he’s ever steered him wrong, but insists Raven would get a shot at some other point. Raven doesn’t believe Russo and knows that Russo doesn’t want him as a champion because of how he dresses. Raven promises to have Russo’s attention by the end of the night.

A video package highlighting the return of Monty Brown from last week is shown.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Monty Brown. Brown says he’s here because he can be. Brown doesn’t want clowns in his ring. Brown is the only man to do hunting around here. Brown said he tried to be nice and will never try to be nice ever again. Brown is going to act how he acted in the NFL. Brown says people will only remember the pounce, period.

Second Contest: Monty Brown vs. Chris Vaughn: Brown shoves Vaughn to the mat to start the match a few times. Brown backs Vaughn into a corner and shoves Vaughn away. Vaughn slaps Brown and proceeds to bail to the floor. Vaughn runs away and is caught with a fallaway slam by Brown. Vaughn elbows Brown, but doesn’t get any momentum. Brown sends Vaughn over the top to the floor. Brown beats on Vaughn with right hands and sends Vaughn into the ring steps dangerously. Vaughn did a somersault and hit the camera, which was a good bump. Brown continues with a neckbreaker on the floor. We see Johnny Fairplay in the front row. Vaughn punches Brown a few times and Brown chops Vaughn several times. Brown clotheslines Vaughn in the corner to maintain control of the match. Brown misses a splash in the corner. Vaughn hammers away on Brown a few times. Vaughn dropkicks Brown on the knee. Brown decks Vaughn with a clothesline. Brown murders Vaughn with the Pounce! Brown hits the Alpha Bomb and wins the match. (**. This is the ideal way for an enhancement match to go. Brown is presented as a star and I’m completely sold on him. Vaughn did a fantastic job selling for Brown.) After the match, Brown hits another Alpha Bomb before Don Harris runs to the ring to run Brown off.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with AJ Styles for a promo. Styles thinks that Raven does deserve a title shot. Styles also thinks that Chris Harris ready for his shot tonight. Styles has not spoken to Russo and doesn’t plan on it.

Third Contest: James Storm vs. Shane Douglas: Douglas shoves Storm down to start the match. Douglas shoulder blocks Storm followed by a slap. Douglas continues with strikes as we see Fairplay again in the front row. Storm dropkicks Douglas and clotheslines Douglas over the top to the floor. Storm takes Douglas out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Douglas beg off in the ring and is met with a few strikes by Storm. Storm hammers away on Douglas in the corner with the fans behind Storm. Storm kicks Douglas a few times awkwardly as Traci got on the apron. Douglas bails to the floor to regroup and Traci got on the apron again. Storm pokes Traci in the eyes. Douglas prevents Storm from pulling himself up on the ropes by delivering a dropkick. Douglas keeps control with a few boot scrapes. Douglas delivers a rolling neck snap. Douglas goes to the top rope and is decked by Storm. Storm slams Douglas to the mat followed by clotheslines. Storm tries for a cover, but Douglas kicks out at two. Storm takes Douglas down with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Storm plants Douglas with a powerslam for a near fall. Storm backdrops Douglas and plays to the crowd. Douglas avoids a superkick and hits a belly to belly suplex. The referee is distracted by Traci on the apron. Douglas is pissed. Douglas turns into the superkick and Storm wins the match. (*1/2. There were a few clunky spots throughout here, but the right guy won as I’d like both AMW guys to stay relevant in a singles role. Douglas just seemed to be a little off here and it hurt the match.) After the match, Douglas is frustrated with Traci and yells at her. Douglas backs Traci into a corner and yells at her. Michael Shane runs into the ring and confronts Douglas over how he’s treating Traci. Douglas tells Shane to cool down and is trying to reason with them for losing his cool. Douglas apologizes to Traci. They leave the ring without incident, but Douglas still looks livid.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett and Abyss. Jarrett is not concerned about Chris Harris tonight. Jarrett talks about how Chris Harris will not talk to anyone because it’s a sign that he’s not ready for tonight. Jarrett says that there’s no plan for Russo to get the NWA World Championship. Jarrett promises to give Harris a wrestling lesson of a lifetime. Goldylocks enters the scene on a cellphone. Jarrett takes the phone and suggests that Erik Watts get a real job. Goldy demands that Jarrett never touch her phone ever again. Jarrett dismisses Goldy and walks off. Goldy looks at Abyss with an interesting look.

Prior to the next match, it’s announced that a new wrestler will enter the match every sixty seconds.

Fourth Contest: Ten Man Gauntlet Match: Simon Diamond and David Young kickoff the match. They begin to trade right hands until Young hits an elbow strike. Young kicks Diamond on the side of the head. Young follows up with a dropkick as Diamond comes off the ropes. Diamond backdrops Young followed by a strike to the chest a few times. Diamond sends Young over the top to eliminate Young.

Kid Kash is the next entrant and slides into the ring blocking a hip toss. Diamond clotheslines Kash and backdrops Kash to the apron. Kash tries for a sunset flip, but Diamond comes back with a few arm drags. Kash hip tosses Diamond and tries for a few more strikes. Diamond blocks a clothesline and is met with right hands.

D’Lo Brown makes his way down to the ring and hammers away on Kash. Brown hits a cutter on Kash after lifting him into the air. Kash is met with a double backdrop. Diamond and Brown hit a double team slam and play to the crowd. Kash is double teamed in the corner.

Glen Gilbertti comes out next and clotheslines Brown followed by right hands to Diamond. Brown drops Gilbertti with a spinebuster. Kash head scissors Brown over the top to the floor to eliminate D’Lo. Diamond is double teamed in the corner.

Sonny Siaki runs down to the ring and decks Gilbertti. Siaki plants Kash with a press slam and heel kicks Gilbertti. Siaki drops Kash with an overhead suplex. Raven comes out and plants Siaki with a DDT. Raven asks if he has Russo’s attention and leaves the ring. Gilbertti tosses Siaki over the top to the floor.

Michael Shane is next to come out and is punched by Diamond. Diamond is trying to fight off three men at this point. Gilbertti spears Diamond, which didn’t look all that great.

Konnan runs down to the ring as the heels are turning on each other. Konnan nails Gilbertti with a rolling thunder clothesline. Konnan drops Kash to the mat face first out of a full nelson. Shane superkicks Konnan to stop his momentum. Gilbertti continues to beat on Diamond in the corner.

Ron Killings makes his way down to the ring and hammers away on Shane in the corner. Konnan shoves Kash off the top to the floor to eliminate Kash. Gilbertti dumps Konnan to the floor from behind. Diamond backdrops Gilbertti over the top to the floor.

Johnny Swinger comes out before the official time and dumps Diamond over the top to the floor. Swinger attacks Killings to help out Shane. Killings sends Swinger to the apron and Shane accidentally forearms Swinger to the floor. Killings nails Shane with the scissors kick as we are down to the final two and it’s now pin or submission. Killings runs into a belly to belly suplex by Shane. Shane delivers a backbreaker and gets a two count on Killings. Killings ducks a clothesline and forearms Shane. Killings heads to the top rope and is crotched by Shane. Shane takes Killings off the top rope with a superplex for a two count. Shane hammers away on Killings in the corner as we see Shane Douglas has come down to ringside, but Shane doesn’t want him there. Shane stops Killings with a swinging neckbreaker to counter a backdrop. Douglas tosses Shane a chain, but Shane doesn’t want it. Killings plants Shane with a front suplex for the win. (**. Honestly, I think the fans would have bought into Simon Diamond winning the match here. Killings winning is fine as he’s a good worker and could probably get a good match out of Jarrett or Harris, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and elevate someone else.) After the match, Douglas can’t believe that Shane refused to use the chain. Douglas is right in Shane’s face and is pissed. Shane appears to be apologizing to Douglas for not using the chain. Nothing happens between the two of them.

Backstage, Vince Russo confronts Raven saying that he’d get his opportunity but not tonight. Raven reminds Russo he was going to get his attention tonight. Russo is not going to stand for Raven’s actions tonight. Raven decides to leave on his own.

Fifth Contest: AJ Styles vs. Abyss in a ladder match: Styles starts off with right hands and a kick to the head. Styles continues with strikes in the corner and chops. Abyss shoves Styles away and blocks a monkey flip. Styles tries for a crossbody off the top, but was caught. Abyss nails Styles with a clothesline and taunts the crowd. Abyss drops Styles in the corner with a chop. Abyss hammers away on Styles in the corner before dropping to the floor. Abyss grabs a ladder on the aisle and slides it into the ring. Abyss shoves the ladder into Styles before getting elbowed off the apron. Styles whacks Abyss with the ladder to knock Abyss to the floor. Styles begins to climb the ladder near the ropes. Styles is shoved off by Abyss from the apron. Abyss rams a ladder into the gut of Styles in the corner. Abyss sends Styles back first into the ladder in the corner. Abyss begins to climb the ladder, but avoids being shoved off. Styles bulldogs Abyss onto the ladder out of a wheelbarrow. Styles hits a springboard dropkick to send Abyss to the floor. Styles continues with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Styles sets a ladder up and slowly makes his way up the ladder. Abyss enters to deliver a chair shot and Styles crashes to the mat. Abyss wedges a chair in the corner as Styles struggles to his feet.

Styles fires back with right hands, but Abyss hits the Shock Treatment. Abyss goes under the ring to grab another ladder and lays it over the apron and railing. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but Styles bites Abyss’ hand. Abyss low blows Styles in the corner and sends Styles head first into the chair in the corner. Abyss slides in two more chairs and sets them up. Styles drives Abyss down to the mat with a piledriver. Styles heads to the top of the ladder and hits a 450 splash! Styles climbs the ladder, but Abyss climbs the other side. Abyss knocks Styles off the ladder following s few strikes. Styles recovers and kicks Abyss before hitting a sunset flip onto the two chairs. Styles climbs the ladder, but Raven appears on the apron distracting Styles. Abyss tips the ladder over and Styles hits the ladder laid over the apron and railing face first. Raven continue to ask if he has gotten Russo’s attention yet. Abyss grabs the contract to become the new number one contender. (***1/2. An enjoyable match with a couple of dangerous spots. Clearly Raven is ruining every match that involves the World Title, so I’m expecting him to ruin the main event, which sucks. Abyss winning likely means it will protect Jarrett, if he is champion, from having to defend against him. Styles was impressive as per usual here.)

Mike Tenay and Don West promote next weeks show.

In the parking lot, Raven is telling AJ Styles that he has no issue with him and didn’t even put his hands on him. Styles grabs Raven until Sabu comes running over and security breaks them up.

Chris Harris has a his family in the crowd as he challenges for the NWA World Championship.

Main Event: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Harris: They lockup and Jarrett takes Harris over with an arm drag. Jarrett takes Harris down and slaps the back of his head. Harris hip toss and arm drags Jarrett. Jarrett avoids another arm drag and taunts Harris in the corner. Harris misses a springboard crossbody off the middle rope. Jarrett goes to the floor and taunts the announcers. James Storm comes out and rolls Jarrett into the ring. Harris hits a tilt a whirl powerslam for a two count. Harris gets a rollup out of the corner and takes Jarrett over with a backslide. Harris gets an inside cradle for another near fall. Jarrett bails to the floor and regroups. We see Abyss watching in the balcony with his contract. Jarrett decks Harris in the corner from behind as James Storm has been escorted backstage. Jarrett hammers away on Harris in the corner several times. Harris bulldogs Jarrett followed by an atomic drop and a short arm clothesline. Harris connects with a dropkick and clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Harris takes Jarrett out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Harris sends Jarrett into the railing and grabs the ring steps. Harris leaps off and hits the railing chest first.

Jarrett rams Harris face first onto the ring steps and taunts Harris family. Jarrett leaps off the top rope hitting a crossbody, but Harris rolls through for a two count. Jarrett nails Harris with a kick to the head. Ron Killings is watching as well. Harris runs into a spinebuster leading to a near fall for Jarrett. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold. Harris crotches Jarrett over the top rope and leaps off the middle rope to clothesline Jarrett. Harris drops Jarrett with a full nelson slam and heads to the top rope missing a leg drop. Jarrett locks in the figure four in the middle of the ring. Vince Russo has come down to ringside and has a white towel with him. Harris manages to reverse the hold and Jarrett can’t reach the ropes. They both end up reaching the ropes to break the hold. They begin to trade strikes with Jarrett knocking Harris down to his knees. Harris fires back with left hands and nails Jarrett with a leaping clothesline. Harris hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count as Jarrett got his foot on the bottom rope.

Harris clotheslines Jarrett over the railing into the crowd. Harris climbs to the top rope and leaps off hitting a dive onto Jarrett in the front row! Borash announces that if both men don’t return to the ring at the count of ten then Jarrett retains the title. Naturally, they both just manage to get back into the ring before ten. Harris drives Jarrett down with a delayed vertical suplex. Harris heads to the top rope hitting an elbow drop, but Jarrett kicks out at two. Harris tries for Catatonic, but Jarrett counters only to run into a spear. Harris has the cover, but Jarrett kicks out at two again! Jarrett sends Harris into the corner and for some reason Harris spears the referee in an odd spot. The referee was not in the right position for that. Jarrett has a chair, but Harris has gotten on as well and whacks the chair away leading to another near fall. Jarrett has the NWA World Championship and decks Harris with it. Jarrett has the cover, but Harris powers out at two. Harris blocks a title shot and plants Jarrett with the Catatonic for another near fall. Harris tries for a sharpshooter, but Jarrett kicks Harris into the referee. Jarrett hits the Stroke, but there’s no referee. Jarrett has the cover, but Harris kicks out at two. James Storm returns to the ring and superkicks Jarrett leading to a near fall for Harris as Raven pulled the referee out! Raven screams for Russo hearing him now. Jarrett whacks Harris with the guitar over the head. Jarrett has the cover and pins Harris to retain the title. (***. I enjoyed the match even with the clusterfuck towards the end. The crowd was buying into the near falls, which added to the intensity of the match. The bout came across as a big match feel, and I’m not mad with Harris not winning. He’s heading in the right direction, but I think holding off for perhaps a cage match with Jarrett will lead to a bigger reaction and moment.)

Vince Russo grabs a microphone and says that Chris Harris won that match. Russo says he’d never overturn a ruling by a referee. Russo announces that the next time Jarrett defends the title would be inside the biggest steel cage ever in history. AJ Styles and Raven brawl in the ring to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to consider this a good show overall as the final two matches delivered entertainment. Harris not winning isn’t a major deal compared to when Raven didn’t win it in 2003. It will be interesting to see who steps up as the next challenger to Jarrett. Will they stay with Harris or do they pivot elsewhere?

Thanks for reading.

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