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CWA TV 5/30/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 5/30/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show and promote what we’ll see on the show this week.

Downtown Bruno comes out with Big Bubba, Goliath, Moondog Spot, Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. Bruno believes that Spot will regain the AWA Mid-American Championship soon. Tanaka and Diamond are still the AWA International Tag Team Champions. Bruno calls Bubba and Goliath the biggest disappointments he’s ever been involved with. Bruno says that these two big guys can’t beat anybody. Bruno wants Bubba and Goliath to be mean and nasty the next time they wrestle or they will be fired.

Opening Contest: AWA International Tag Team Champions Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond vs. Jim Jamison & Freezer Thompson: Tanaka and Diamond have little issue with their enhancement match this week, as expected. They hit a middle rope Hart Attack to win the match.

We get pre-recorded comments from Jerry Lawler who is glad to be back on television. Lawler isn’t at the arena because he knew Tommy Rich would be there and he’d likely cause a lot of damage and that would cost a decent amount of money. Lawler is sure that Idol, Rich and Dangerously would think he’s embarrassed to show his face. Lawler says that Idol wasn’t man enough to shave his head by himself. Lawler is going to let all his anger out on Idol when he gets him in the ring one on one. Lawler recently got a note on his car and the note said that they watched Lawler every Saturday evening. Everything that has happened to Lawler, he’d do to them in the past first. People loved when Lawler was essentially a bad guy and claims that Lawler has gotten weak. It’s time for Lawler to wake up. The letter was written by a fan named Gwen. Lawler says that the old King is awake and Tommy Rich is at the top of his list. Lawler is going to take them out one by one. Lawler is also determined to get the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship whether it’s Idol or Bill Dundee.

Tommy Rich comes out to talk to Lance Russell prior to his match. Rich wants everyone to look at him and wants to know where Jerry Lawler is at. Rich says the fans chanted for himself and Idol to finish off Lawler and they did just that. Rich believes that Lawler doesn’t have the guts to be on television.

Second Contest: Tommy Rich vs. John Paul: Jerry Lawler surprises Rich by attacking him in a disguise as a woman and chases Rich to the backstage area. I feel like that would have had a better impact if Lawler hadn’t mention this in his previous segment. There was no match, really.

Tojo Yamamoto shares pre-tape comments on Tony Burton who came to him three years ago. Tojo took the time to train Burton but says that Burton is mentally retarded because he stutters. Yamamoto hit him with his kendo stick to try to knock something into him, but that didn’t work. Yamamoto will teach Burton just like he did with Jarrett. Tojo sure does the love word retarded.

Randy Hales interviewed Tony Burton, who notes that he took the beatings from Tojo for three years and he couldn’t stand it any longer. Burton has lived the dream as a wrestler and has seen many guys come and go. Jeff Jarrett is there too to talk and says that Tojo Yamamoto is washed up. Jarrett mentions that Tojo trained his father and was trained by Tojo for six months. Jarrett mentions that Tojo wouldn’t tell them what they messed up on. Jarrett believes that Tojo is mentally ill. Burton is going to find out whether or not Tojo can take what he can give out.

AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Jarrett has a match with Jack Hart coming up, but it won’t be for the title. Jarrett is calling the match a grudge match because Hart beat up Randy Hales and Eddie Marlin. Jarrett believes it is payback this week. Jarrett has other commitments with the AWA to defend the championship for the AWA in Las Vegas. Jarrett will be going there in June. Jarrett won the 1986 Rookie of the Year. Jarrett is presented a trophy. Naturally, Jack Hart comes out and confronts Jarrett not agreeing with this decision. Hart believes he deserves a title shot before Jarrett goes to Las Vegas. Hart calls Jarrett a redneck who should be milking cows and calls his entire family a joke. Hart wants to get the trophy, but backs away when Jarrett gets a chair. Hart bails to the backstage are and Jarrett heads off with his trophy.

Lance Russell is with Jerry Jarrett at the commentary table. Jerry notes that Randy Hales and Eddie Marlin do a great job with the company. Jerry talks about Jeff winning the award in the AWA. Jerry is proud of Jeff for winning the award. Jerry notes that the list of wrestlers that have gone through the area is incredible. Jerry essentially takes credit for Hulk Hogan being known as Hulk in the area. Jerry also promotes the development of a new wrestling school. Downtown Bruno comes out and confronts Jerry Jarrett. Bruno says that Jerry won’t talk to him and wants to know what’s up with that. Moondog Spot is pacing around the commentary table. Bruno wants to know why Spot won’t get a title shot. Jerry has nothing to do with the contracts. Jerry tries to leave but Bruno stops him, twice. Jerry shoves Bruno and gets attacked at ringside by Spot with his bone. Jeff Jarrett comes out to run off Spot and Randy Hales comes out to check on Jerry. Spot comes out again and beats on Jeff with his bone some more. Spot beats on Jeff with his bone at the commentary table. Billy Travis and Mark Starr run into the scene to runoff Spot from the scene.

Third Contest: Moondog Spot vs. Ron Nations: Jeff Jarrett runs into the ring and causes a disqualification rather quickly.

Jeff Jarrett has been talking to Randy Hales saying that he wants the title on the line. Lance Russell is in the scene seeing what they’re talking about. Hales looks like he’s giving in. It would appear the match will indeed occur. Jack Hart must be pissed.

Fourth Contest: Billy Travis & Mark Starr vs. Big Bubba & Goliath: Bubba works over Travis to start the match and tags in Goliath. Goliath scoop slams Travis a few times to keep control of the match. Diamond decks Goliath with a chair from the top, and that causes a quick disqualification. Bubba is going after Bruno before checking on Goliath.

Downtown Bruno sends Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka into the ring to take out Travis and Starr.

Main Event: Billy Travis & Mark Starr vs. AWA International Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka: Diamond misses a clothesline on Travis, and Travis delivers a clothesline. Travis knocks Diamond to the mat for a near fall. Travis arm drags Diamond to the mat and keeps arm control. Diamond breaks free and tags in Tanaka, who is met with an arm drag. Travis gets a two count after a back elbow and scoop slams Tanaka followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. All four men are in the ring brawling at this point. Starr and Tanaka trade blows on the floor while Travis rams Diamond into the corner and they also go to the floor, too. They end up being counted out.

Final Thoughts:
The booking of Moondog Spot has been done fairly well. I’m not sure why he can get a title shot, but Jack Hart has a hard time getting one. I mean, obviously on the program Spot attacking Jerry justifies the development. Jeff Jarrett was on this show quite a bit, and maybe a little too much. Action wise, the show was not very good with there being a lot of non-finishes and not much action taking place. I can let that pass because there needs to be some angle dominate episodes and that was the case here.

Thanks for reading.

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