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CWA TV 12/19/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 12/19/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they promote what we’ll see on the show this week. Russell explains that wrestlers put a dollar in for each pound they weigh and the promotion matches it leading to a prize pool. The prize is around $8,300. The match is a battle royal.

Opening Contest: Manny Fernandez vs. Mr. Class: Despite having a match advantage for the CWA World Championship, Fernandez didn’t walkout as champion and lost to Jerry Lawler. Fernandez wins the match following a leaping forearm smash.

Manny Fernandez goes over to Lance Russell. Fernandez is pissed about Jerry Lawler walking around saying he’s the CWA World Champion. Fernandez calls Jeff Jarrett a pansy. We see Jarrett weighing in for the prize pool that Russell mentioned. Fernandez says that not much will be left of Jarrett in a battle royal. Fernandez promises to be the CWA World Champion.

Jeff Jarrett comes out to talk to Lance Russell. Jarrett had two matches and says he got beat in both matches, but feels good. Jarrett lost to Jerry Lawler and Curt Hennig. Jarrett feels good about the night despite losing both contests. He will remember that night for the rest of his life. Jarrett notes that Lawler beat him fair and square while Hennig had some help. So, Lawler is the tougher opponent. Jarrett notes that this week he’s wrestling Manny Fernandez. Jarrett is looking forward to wrestling Fernandez and pinning him. Jarrett wants to prove that he was worthy of having an AWA World Championship match.

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Nasty Boys vs. Keith Roberson & The Executioners: Jarrett and Nasty Boys take care of business this week in a six man tag match. All six men end up in the ring, which usually happens in these matches. Jarrett wins the match after hitting a dropkick on Roberson.

The Nasty Boys come back out to talk with Lance Russell. They wrestled the Midnight Rockers recently and they think they surprised the Rockers. Knobbs says they have partied together and fought together in bars. They think the Rockers have been taking advantage of them for many years. Russell says they have people weighing in backstage and it’s the Midnight Rockers. Guleen is with them. They get them in a match and they get them in the battle royal. Their friendship was tossed out when some goof with money shows up. Mark Guleen and the Midnight Rockers make their way out to confront the Nasty Boys. Guleen doesn’t want them to speak about his team anymore. Marty Jannetty says that friendship doesn’t pay the bills. Michaels says that they taught the Nasty Boys everything they know. Michaels calls them jokes in wrestling. They shove each other and they are broken up by Randy Hales and Eddie Marlin. Jannetty says that they did everything for them and the respect they get is that. Guleen confirms they have signed the contract and the money has changed hands. Michaels gives Russell a ten dollar bill. Michaels mocks the Nasty’s about shaking in their boots. Michaels doesn’t think there is a team in the world that can touch them. They also take credit for the Nasty Boys getting any women.

Third Contest: Jimmy Jack Funk vs. David Wilson: Funk puts Wilson away quickly with the spinning powerslam.

Lance Russell chats with Jimmy Jack Funk and Funk says that’s how he takes care of sissies. His finishing move is the Texas Twister, apparently. Funk calls Lawler, Jarrett, Travis and Dundee all sissies. Funk says he talked to Terry and Dory and they said he’s not getting the respect he deserves. Funk promises to hurt someone every time he enters the ring.

Randy Hales went to Bill Dundee’s home and they talked about Dundee’s wrestling school. Dundee says when he started there was no wrestling school. Dundee wanted to give back to the business and made a wrestling school. Dundee brought Hales to the wrestling school and Dundee shows the guys what to do and how to do a hip toss. They give a phone number for anyone to call.

Lance Russell is now with Bill Dundee. Dundee is just trying to give back to the business. Going to the wrestling school is how you can get into the business. Dundee notes that everyone gets hurt. Dundee is wrestling Teijho Khan, and Khan comes out with Guleen. Guleen insults Dundee calling him a hillbilly singer. Dundee has been trying to figure out Guleen accent and doesn’t think Guleen is really who he says he is. Guleen wants Dundee to get in the ring with Khan right now. Dundee hopes that Guleen leaves when he beats Khan. Guleen hits Dundee from behind. Khan hits Dundee on the apron several times and beats on Dundee with strikes. Khan chokes Dundee on the mat for a few moments. Hector Guerrero has come out and slowly enters the ring after taking his clothes off. Guerrero gets Khan off of Dundee. Guerrero calms Khan down and proceeds to deck Dundee with a clothesline. Guerrero and Khan double team Dundee. Billy Travis leads a group of men to run the heels off.

Hector Guerrero talks with Lance Russell. Guerrero continues to insult the fans about being stupid due to swelling of the brain. He’s in action next.

Fourth Contest: Hector Guerrero vs. Ken Raper: Guerrero wins the match with a bridging German suplex. After the match, Guerrero calls everyone a chicken. He had a rubber chicken with him.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Midnight Rockers vs. Billy Travis & John Paul: This is an expiration of time match, but they note that the show is running out of time. Jannetty and Paul start the main event. Jannetty punches Paul against the ropes and takes Paul down with a drop toe hold to keep control of the contest. Jannetty backs Paul into the corner and delivers a back elbow strike. Jannetty keeps control with strikes. Guleen decks Paul from the floor and the referee warns Guleen. Travis enters the match to try his luck with Michaels. Travis hip tosses both Michaels and Jannetty causing the Rockers to bail to the floor to regroup. Paul returns to the match and works on Michaels for a moment. Jannetty tags in and the Rockers hit a double DDT on Paul. Jannetty has the cover and pins Paul. (*1/2. A fine closing match for the short period of time they had. The Rockers bumped really well throughout for their opponents.)

Sawyer Brown will be bringing in a couple of wrestlers into the Memphis area. The Bruise Brothers will be coming into the area. They were a little disappointed by the Bruise Brothers using brass knuckles on the RPMs. But, they are coming in and they are going to be wrestling in Memphis. They want the fans to support the Bruise Brothers because they are true wrestlers. They are going to be ringside from time to time to watch the Bruise Brothers.

Lance Russell brings out Ron and Don Harris for an interview to close the show. Russell wants to talk about the RPMs match. They were surprised by how the RPMs don’t follow the rules. They are excited to be in professional wrestling and they are looking to do the best they can every time. They hope the fans get behind them. Russell puts them over for being athletes, which will help their careers.

Final Thoughts:
Nasty Boys/Rockers segment was fine enough and is an interesting tag match to look forward to. I think I’m over the Hector Guerrero run here in Memphis. Manny Fernandez should stick around, but Guerrero is too repetitive and is getting stale. Bruise Brothers have a drastically different look than what I’m accustomed to seeing. A productive week for TV for Memphis this week.

Thanks for reading.

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