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World Class Championship Wrestling TV 05/08/1982

On this edition of World Class Championship Wrestling, the devious Gary Hart unleashes his prized Great Kabuki on Kevin Von Erich for a battle weeks in the making. Plus, Texas Heavyweight Champion Wild Bill Irwin faces two men in a handicap match, Al Madril takes on the evil Arman Hussein, and more!


Date: 05/08/1982
From: Dallas, Texas


1. The Spoiler vs. “Captain” Frank Dusek

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

2. Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy vs. Ken Mantell & Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

3. Al Madril vs. Arman Hussein

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

4. Wild Bill Irwin vs. Richard Blood & Mike Bond

Rating: 1 out of 5.

5. The Great Kabuki vs. Kevin Von Erich

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


  • Marc Lowrance welcomed us to another exciting episode of World Class television from the world famous Sportatorium. He ran down the card (out of order) and sent us to commercial.
  • Ringside, “Captain” Frank Dusek was giving an interview. He said he made Bill Irwin into what he was today. He was going to find him and take his soul and his Heavyweight Championship. I’m confused with who the babyface is here. We haven’t seen Dusek in weeks and it seemed like Irwin was headed for a face turn himself? Weird… Maybe they’re both just heels that hate each other?
  • The Spoiler vs. “Captain” Frank Dusek: This opening match was set for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Dusek got booed, as I figured. I really don’t want to see him much, let alone as a “good guy”. Spoiler had Dusek staggering around after a flurry of offense. Spoiler was able to turn things around though, with a nice Boston Crab. These guys got through a commercial break, which was also surprising, given how much was announced at the top of the show. Spoiler got most of the offense in before we got a false finish for Dusek and then a quick, real three-count for The Spoiler. Dusek threw a temper tantrum following the match and so was I. I like The Spoiler, but really don’t enjoy Frank Dusek. Hopefully his return to the area is short-lived. Half a star, especially because the returning Dusek basically jobbed out. What was the point?
  • Bugsy McGraw & King Kong Bundy vs. Ken Mantell & Tom “Boogaloo” Shaft: This tag team bout was set for one fall, thirty minute time limit! Damn! Shaft and McGraw started things off, stalemates all around. Same for Bundy and Mantell who squared off next. Slow pace, a lot of walking and talking here, especially with the double referees getting in the way. “Boogaloo” Shaft got a hot tag to take it to Bundy for a few seconds to pop the crowd, I think Tom Shaft is underrated by the promotion. The heels then got the jump on Shaft and worked him over to get a stolen victory. The match was cut pretty short. Had it gone longer and incorporated more brawling, it may have had been solid as a heater match! Unfortunately, on par with the first match for this one, since it never really got going.
  • After commercial, Marc Lowrance was standing by with Gary Hart and the Great Kabuki (who was wearing some sort of Samurai outfit). Marc asked about the mysterious Golden Dragon that was mentioned last week. Hart said he was the closest thing to Kabuki in the world, just as deadly and dangerous. He is the All Asian Heavyweight Champion, and his Sleeper is unlike any in the world. Only Asians are cold-blooded enough to take out Fritz Von Erich, and that is Hart’s plan. Hmm. A little on-the-nose there Gary… A weaker promo here from Hart, he seemed to be grasping at straws. I’m still excited for the Golden Dragon, though.
  • Al Madril vs. Arman Hussein: This grudge match got a one-fall, ten minute time limit. I like Al Madril more and more each time I see him. Hussein worked Madril over enough to get the crowd rallied and loud. He is good at that, I’ll give Arman credit where/when due. He choked Madril over the top rope while the crowd cheered “Go Al, go!”. Madril fired back up and laid in some punches that sounded like a shoot. The two men traded blows and the action spilled out to the floor briefly. Madril picked up the win with a bridging pin, but was attacked by Hussein after the bell. He fought it off and officials kept them apart. There’s solid heat between these two guys, but again, I feel like this one was cut short… A trend this week. I’m giving it a star and a half because I liked where it was going. I think both of these guys have been built up as featured guys at this point, so the match felt a little more important, too.
  • Wild Bill Irwin vs. Richard Blood & Mike Bond: This match was set for handicap rules, two-versus-one, ten minute limit and Irwin must pin BOTH opponents in that time… Interesting. Richard Blood started things off with Wild Bill, tag format being applied here. Mike Bond was in fast, as he and Irwin have had some run-ins as of late. Tags stayed frequent, keeping Irwin constantly having to work a fresher man over. Bond was pinned first, following a relatively week clothesline. Wild Bill made short work of Blood with his signature kneedrop, gaining him the pinfall and match. I was a little disappointed with this one, again just given no time here. I was surprised to see Bond take the first pin, too! Nonetheless, Bill Irwin walks out looking strong as the champ and that’s all that really matters. One star for a solid squash here, albeit rushed.
  • The Great Kabuki vs. Kevin Von Erich: The main event was given a one-fall, forty-five minute time limit. I was pumped for this one, as it seemed all night was rushed along to get to this bout. These two ditched lock-ups and just started going at it, having to be broken up under the bottom rope by the referee only seconds into the match. The crowd was red hot for Fritz on the outside. I kind of expected maybe a Golden Dragon run-in here, after how much they’ve teased him? The match slowed as Kevin kept control, until some of Kabuki’s karate began to get the better of him. The crowd was going nuts for this one the whole time. Each time Kevin rallied, the crowd got louder. He was able to get an Iron Claw on Kabuki’s abdomen for a near fall. A thrust kick from Kabuki caught Kevin Von Erich right in the face that busted his nose open and made me wince. Stiff shots all around here. Fritz and Gary Hart had to be kept apart on the outside and a brawl ensued between the two. King Kong Bundy ran down to ringside and got involved with Kevin on the inside. The bell finally rang with the two-on-one assault on Kevin. Fritz slid in for the save, the match being officially declared a disqualification draw. Fritz inspected his son’s nose as the heels left ringside. Solid main event here, with an extra level of aggression I wasn’t expecting. These two were made to square off and I’m learning that I really tend to favor the promotion’s brawls, especially when the matches warrant it. This match delivered and both guys come off as stars. Speaking of which, keeping a thrown out finish in mind, I’m giving this one a well-earned three and a half!
  • Kevin and Fritz Von Erich were ringside for a few words, Kevin said the broken nose was nothing and that there was plenty more fight in him where that came from! Fritz said he was able to get some of Kabuki but not enough, and that he was already looking forward to getting the rest sometime soon. Heat of the moment interview was effective here. Kevin again beamed right into the camera as a total star, busted face and all, his fighting dad right there with him.
  • Marc Lowrance closed us out here, letting us know that next week we will see a classic replay of a Fritz Von Erich bout and more.


This week flew by in a flash from there very top. Obviously as much television time was saved for the main event as possible, basically all of the other matches suffering because of it. All matches felt pretty rushed, with some lack-luster finishes. So, weak front half, solid back half. I’m interested to see how far the Irwin/Dusek thing is going to go, really hoping they keep “Captain” far away from the belt. I’ve also enjoyed Al Madril’s rise as a babyface star for the territory. Kevin Von Erich still seems to be the most solid of the boys featured on television, and he may just win me over soon as my favorite Von Erich (watch out, Kerry!). Coming off this week,I’m looking forward to see where the H&H Limited/Von Erich feud leads next, Golden Dragon and all.

See you all then!

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