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WCCW Star Wars: Superbowl of Wrestling 06/04/1982

In front of over 6,000 fans in Texas Stadium, the legendary Fritz Von Erich faces one last mammoth challenge in King Kong Bundy, falls count anywhere! The awesome André the Giant makes a visit to World Class to take on all comers in a bodyslam challenge battle royale, will anybody be able to slam the big man? Plus, Kerry Von Erich takes on Harley Race, Great Kabuki & Magic Dragon in tag action against Kevin & David Von Erich, and so much more!

World Class Championship Wrestling TV 05/29/1982

With only days until the huge Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show in Texas Stadium, tonight the war wages on between the Von Erichs and H&H Limited. The big man, King Kong Bundy, squares off with “The Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich! Fan-favorite Al Madril faces the feared Great Kabuki. Also featuring Texas Heavyweight Champion Wild Bill Irwin, and much more!

World Class Championship Wrestling TV 05/15/1982

Tonight, The Spoiler and Al Madril challenge American Tag Team Champions King Kong Bundy and Bugsy McGraw in the main event of the evening. A special presentation of Fritz Von Erich’s first match is also featured. Plus, the much-anticipated debut of H&H Limited’s newest weapon, the Magic Dragon!

World Class Championship Wrestling TV 05/08/1982

On this edition of World Class Championship Wrestling, the devious Gary Hart unleashes his prized Great Kabuki on Kevin Von Erich for a battle weeks in the making. Plus, Texas Heavyweight Champion Wild Bill Irwin faces two men in a handicap match, Al Madril takes on the evil Arman Hussein, and more!