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World Class Championship Wrestling TV 07/10/1982

On this edition of World Class Championship Wrestling, Kevin & Kerry Von Erich take on H&H Limited’s crown jewels, The Great Kabuki & Magic Dragon, for the All Asia Tag Championship! Also, the debut of The Superfly, Al Madril in action, and more!

World Class Championship Wrestling TV 06/26/1982

Returning to the World-Famous Sportatorium for some World Class Championship Wrestling action does not disappoint when fan-favorite Al Madril takes on Texas Heavyweight Champion Wild Bill Irwin! Plus, Kevin Von Erich steps in the ring with Arman Hussein in an attempt to shut him up once and for all!

World Class Championship Wrestling TV 06/05/1982

Following Fritz’s historic retirement show in Texas Stadium just one night ago, tonight, the action in Dallas keeps on rolling. Kevin Von Erich takes on King Kong Bundy in the main event. Also, the legendary José Lothario returns to the Sportatorium to take on “Captain” Frank Dusek, and much more!