World Class Championship Wrestling TV 02/20/1982

On this edition of World Class Championship Wrestling, a special encore presentation of Kerry Von Erich battling The Great Kabuki lights up the Lone Star State. Plus, Ivan Putski in action, Al Madril goes one-on-one with Captain Frank Dusek, and more!


Date: 02/20/1982
From: Dallas, Texas


1. Carlos Zapata vs. Tony Torres

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

2. The Great Kabuki vs. Richard Blood

Rating: 1 out of 5.

3. The Great Kabuki vs. Kerry Von Erich (Encore Presentation)

Rating: 2 out of 5.

4. Ivan Putski vs. Jack Taylor

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

5. Al Madril vs. Captain Frank Dusek

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.


  • Gene Goodson welcomed us in who was joined by David Von Erich! David was happy to be here and Gene ran down the card.
  • Carlos Zapata vs. Tony Torres: These two were scheduled to lock up in a singles match with a ten minute time limit. I like Zapata more and more, not sure why. He looks just like Fidel Castro! We relied on strikes for most of the beginning and Carlos bit Tony at one point. David called it “uncalled for”. Torres nearly surprised Zapata with a small package out of nowhere. He was able to flurry some offense in following this, peppering in some offense. Zapata put Torres away with a swinging neckbreaker. A solid effort from both me, a full star and a half in my book!
  • Gene was then standing by with Kevin and Kerry Von Erich. He said the Von Erich brothers were looking to coming to a town near you, he mentioned one of the best percs of the business were all the pretty young women all over the place. He says their challenge is to rid the business of guys like Hart, because there’s just no place for them. Kerry then gave a quick shoutout to a girl named Margaret who wrote a love letter to him and a letter to his whole family. He thanks her and the many like her all over the state and country for their support of the Von Erich family! Gene closed this one out by putting over World Class. Hey! An interview where Kerry was stronger on the stick, imagine that!
  • The Great Kabuki vs. Richard Blood: These two were set to square off in a singles match with a ten minute time limit. David was looking forward to seeing Kabuki. Same here. Blood went right after Kabuki with a set of flying head scissors and some solid arm drags. Kabuki hit a sidekick to stop the momentum dead and it was him who took control. Kabuki laid more strikes in and held Blood in a couple of muscle holds. Kabuki set a flurry in the corner and dropped from the second rope a few times with a few throat thrusts. Kabuki got the three count after three consecutive those throat thrusts and we got a mouth foaming aftermath from Blood after the three count. A solid showing for Kabuki, nononsense, a full star as well!
  • The Great Kabuki vs. Kerry Von Erich: This was a replay of their January 9th battle on WCCW television. I rated it two stars during that viewing. The full review and breakdown for this match can be found HERE. 
  • We were back live, as Gene and David gave some quick thoughts about the match just played.
  • Ivan Putski vs. Jack Taylor: This match was scheduled as a singles match for a ten minute time limit. Putski was over. Richard Blood is reported to have a cracked sternum compliments of the Great Kabuki for their match earlier tonight. Jack Taylor surprised Putski with a few good shots before bailing to the floor. Putski got fired up and started rifling strikes and a few tosses around the ring. Taylor got dropped with a running double axe handle on an irish whip. The crowd were definitely into it. Nothing really happened here, so it’s getting a dud rating from me.
  • Next, Gene was standing by with Arman Hussein. Hussein said that the reason World Class is the best of the wrestling business is because all the stars are here. He brought up guys like The Great Kabuki and himself and that whenever World Class is in your town, don’t miss it! The mic was then turned over to Gary Hart who was also standing by. Hart a few words for those with the last name Von Erich. Gary Hart clarified that the reason he was bald is because he lost his hair in a hair-versus-hair match while managing someone else. He promised Kabuki would bring down the house of the Von Erichs and said he doesn’t make idle threats. Not as strong as the Hart promo we saw a couple of weeks ago, but I always pay attention when he’s talking, that’s for sure!
  • Al Madril vs. Captain Frank Dusek: These guys were to meet in a singles match with a ten minute time limit. Dusek was accompanied by Wild Bill Irwin. Al Madril was ready for a battle here as the former Texas Heavyweight champion. A feeling out process was underway as we lost lights in the arena were lowered twice. Maybe a power surge or a signal that they’d be off the air soon? Dusek was sent to the flood by Madril but he was back in pretty quick. Madril kept Dusek on the mat with a headlock. Suddenly, following a irish whip, Madril collapsed from an apparent knee injury. After a few minutes, the official called for the bell due to this injury. David flew down to the ring when Bill Irwin entered the ring to do some extra damage. Frank Dusek and Bill Irwin were sent to the floor quick thanks to David Von Erich. The two heels regrouped on the outside and David removed his big belt to keep them on the floor. He helped the officials get Al Madril to the back. With a really lame finish and not enough time to get going, this one was a flop as well.
  • Gene Goodson and David Von Erich closed out the show, wishing they had more time in this hour to bring the fans at home more exciting action.


Besides the pretty good Kerry/Kabuki match that we got as a replay tonight, it wasn’t a super great show. The first two matches started us off solid, but things kind of went downhill from there. You can tell most, if not all, of the heat in the territory at this time is the Von Erichs and Gary Hart’s man, The Great Kabuki. I am pretty bummed that again, there’s a week of television lost to time and space prior to this one here. Regardless, we’re back next week, despite no featured matches announced! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us…

See you all then!

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