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Rebooking The WWF: Week 25, 1994

Fallout from KOTR with the first ever two-hour episode of RAW!

WWF RAW 6/20/1994 (first two-hour edition of the show)
1. the Kamikaze Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated The Heavenly Bodies in 8:05 when Kid pinned Del Ray after a moonsault.
2. Carlos Vega defeated Sean Franklin in 2:44 following a middle rope spinning heel kick. During the bout, Razor Ramon cut a promo on Vega saying that Ramon is ready for a war and that Vega is going to be ready to face a motivated and pissed off Bad Guy!
3. Ric Flair Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Ric Flair about his open challenge tonight. Flair first decides to brag about what he has done recently. He first beat Hogan at Mania X and just last night he was part of the reason that Randy Savage dream of one last run as WWF World Champion came to a crashing hault. Flair tells Ross that no matter who accepts his challenge tonight, they will be in for a surprise!
4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Greg Peterson in 2:56 following the Pedigree. During the match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley cut a promo on Ron Simmons, the American Loser, in his mind. Hunter also noted that the rocker lifestyle that Marty Jannetty lives continues to disgust himself and Bob Backlund.
5. John Bradshaw Vignette: The vignette begins to a rugged man sitting at a bar with a beer in his hand, looking miserable. The man is talking about his 9-5 job and how much he dislikes it. He proceeds to grab his bottle and smashes it over a patron’s head. “I wanna fight.” The man looks up and sees the WWF and begins to smile. “This is what I want. John Bradshaw, a fighter.” Coming soon.
6. Men on a Mission defeated Tim York & Joseph Sweet in 2:14 when Mabel pinned Sweet after a big splash.
7. Ludvig Borga defeated AJ Fatal in 2:16 following a shoulder breaker.
8. Kings Court w/ King Yokozuna: Jerry Lawler welcomes everyone to the show and promotes how King Yokozuna won the tournament last night and is his guest this week. Mr. Fuji, Johnny Polo and King Yoko make their way down to the ring to a course of boos. Polo puts over Yokozuna for going through the WWF and becoming the king that he always knew he was. Now, Yokozuna just has to wait a short period of time before he is rightfully the WWF World Champion. Polo tells the Undertaker that he may be some kind of supernatural creature but Yokozuna is a monster and will not defeated. Polo says that his group of men will be taking out the Undertaker before the showdown and that will begin tonight with Quebecer Jacques. Polo tells everyone that the Undertaker won’t even make it to SummerSlam! The trio of men raise their arms with Polo signaling that the championship will be Yoko’s.
9. Ron Simmons defeated Hank Riggs in 1:07 following a spine buster.
10. The British Bulldog defeated Barry Stevens in 2:33 following a running powerslam. During the match, Ted DiBiase shared a pre-tape promo saying that he is ready to meet Bulldog in the ring. DiBiase knows that with Diana’s support, he will put the dog to sleep once and for all.
11. Rick Martel Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel and Tamara. McMahon notes that Martel lost to Scott Steiner last night and as a result, it was been announced that Scott Steiner is the new number one contender. Martel doesn’t agree with the decision and says that Steiner is forever a tag team wrestler. Martel says he has the best looking woman in the world and he will be the WWF Intercontinental Championship for a long time to come. Tamara and Martel kiss while leaving Ross with a perplexed look.
12. WWF World Champion the Undertaker defeated Quebecer Jacques in 4:16 following a tombstone piledriver. After the match, Paul Bearer revealed that the Undertaker will make all of Johnny Polo’s men rest in peace, ending with Yokozuna at SummerSlam!
13. Sparky Plugg Update: We get an update regarding the condition of Sparky Plug. Jim Ross tells us that early reports is that the brakes on Plugg’s car appear to have been faulty and it will be looked into more. According to the crew chief, it “looked like as if they were cut.” More on these developments in the coming weeks.
14. Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair by DQ in 6:16 after the masked man entered the ring and attacked Savage along with Flair. Hulk Hogan ran down to the ring to make the save. At this time, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton run down to the ring and attack Hogan and Savage! Hogan tried to fight off Jarrett, and did so, but Norton clubbed Hogan over the back and allowed the heels to work over them. Flair, the maskedman, Norton and Jarrett stood over the babyfaces as the first ever two hour RAWcame to an end.

WWF Superstars 6/25/1994
1. Scott Steiner defeated Fred Johnson in 2:35 following the Frankensteiner. After the match, Jim Ross interviewed Scott Steiner who said that he may have come up short at the KOTR, but now that he is the number one contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, he will be putting all his focus on winning the gold not only for himself but for his injured brother Rick Steiner too!
2. IRS defeated Craig Hanson in 2:13 following a leaping lariat.
3. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow is laughing because Lex Luger loss his title match against the Undertaker at KOTR and no one has seen him since being rolled into the casket. Bigelow reminds everyone that Luger cost him his shot at the title a couple of months ago and Bigelow is out to get revenge on Luger for costing him that victory. Bigelow tells the fans that if Luger ever gets the courage to comeback to the WWF, there will be a beast from the east looking to extinguish Luger’s career!
4. Crush defeated Frank Stevens in 2:05 following the Kona Vice.
5. Men on a Mission defeated Sage Timmons & Barry Horowitz in 2:09 when Mabel pinned Horowitz after a splash.
6. Shawn Michaels/Diesel Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the WWF World Tag Team Champions. Michaels and Diesel are clearly quite happy with themselves as they are still the WWF World Tag Team Champions after KOTR. Michaels notes that and asks Ross who is there left for them to beat. There isn’t any team in the WWF that can hold a candle to them and there aren’t any threats to their championships. As Michaels continues to ramble and put themselves over, Samu and Fatu appear through the crowd and stand behind the champs in the ring. The crowd is liking this and the Headshrinkers spin the champs around before hitting double superkicks sending Michaels to the floor and staggering Diesel. The Headshrinkers clothesline Diesel over the top to the floor and stand tall in the ring while the champs are on the floor confused as to what the hell just happened to them. It looks like we have new challengers for the gold!
7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Samu in 6:18 when Martel used the ropes for leverage to get the win.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/26/1994
1. The Heavenly Bodies defeated Greg Patterson & Mike Sharpe in 3:08 when Del Ray pinned Sharpe after a moonsault.
2. Jerry Lawler defeated Mike Matthews in 2:44 following a piledriver.
3. Bret Hart Video: A video promoting Bret Hart is aired as it highlights Bret’s run as WWF World Champion, and his troubles with losing the belt to Luger and the issues he had with DiBiase for most of ’93 and some of ’94. Now, Bret is looking for redemption and we will find out what he is looking to do this Monday on RAW!
4. Marty Jannetty Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Marty Jannetty regarding that Hunter Hearst Helmsley said about him on RAW. Marty says that Hunter thinks he is the best person in America and that everyone should be like him. Jannetty tells Ross that while he has made mistakes with his lifestyle, he has had fun and still managed to have a successful career in the WWF. Marty considers himself to be one of the best singles wrestlers and if Hunter wants to find that out the hard way, he will be more than happy to show him!
5. Owen Hart defeated Eric Hudson in 2:18 following a spinning heel kick. During the bout, Chris Benoit cut a promo on Owen challenging him to a best two out of three falls match at the MSG house show on July 16th. Benoit wants to prove he is the best once and for all by beating Owen twice in one night!
6. Ted DiBiase defeated Tatanka in 7:15 with the Million $ Dream.

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