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CWA TV 1/3/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 1/3/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they highlight what will be on the show this week.

Emily Arthur comes out and talks about having her first match recently and says she was a little nervous being involved in a match with Downtown Bruno. She says that Bruno is the poorest example of a what a man is. She thinks it is funny that Bruno would runaway from her as soon as she got into the ring.

Downtown Bruno comes out and Lance Russell suggests that Arthur leaves. Bruno isn’t happy about getting his interview time cut into. He has been in the business for seven years and started off putting the rings up. Goliath is with him, but he doesn’t say anything. Bruno has a t-shirt that calls Lawler a punk and says that Lawler should watch his step.

Opening Contest: Goliath vs. John Paul & Dennis Upton in a handicap match: Paul actually gets the early advantage taking Goliath down with a few arm drags at the start. Goliath powerslams Upton to gain the advantage. Downtown Bruno is supposed be involved, but he’s not dressed to compete. Bruno choked Upton until Paul chased him. Goliath wins following a big splash. After the match, Bruno gets a microphone and asks the fans who saw him dominate that wrestling match. Bruno dismisses Arthur since she’s been involved for one day while he’s been in the business for seven years.

Lance Russell promotes a local Evansville show. Paul Diamond takes on Tarzan Goto in an I Quit match. Tracy Smothers takes on Boy Tony in a loser wears panties match. Downtown Bruno cut a promo saying that Soul Train Jones will suffer against Goliath. We hear from Soul Train Jones who says that Goliath will have a long, long fall. There was the song “Living In America” playing for some reason. Downtown Bruno cut a promo again being an impartial referee for a tag match between the RPMs and the team of Jarrett and Travis. They have used Bruno quite a bit.

Second Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Keith Eric: Lawler gets out of a headlock with a back suplex and wins the match. Apparently, Lawler can win matches with the most basic moves.

Soul Train Jones (eventually known as Virgil in the WWF), makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. He’s happy to be here and considers CWA to be the best. Jones says he works hard and knows that everyone does. He’s here to stop Downtown Bruno and he finished Bruno off in the North. Jones calls Boy Tony “Boy It” and he’s going to make him a man, like he should be. Jones shows off his muscles and says he’s the real deal. Just because Goliath is big doesn’t make him bad and he’s going to cut his fat off, so he says. Jones decides to flex his chest. Jones is not good on the microphone… at all.

Tommy Rich shares some pre-tape comments and says that Jerry Lawler isn’t more of a champion than anyone else. Rich reminds us that he’s beaten Harley Race and considers to be clumsy and that’s all. Rich is going to have the home field advantage against Lawler this time.

Downtown Bruno is out yet again and talks with Lance Russell. Boy Tony comes out and joins the segment. Bruno calls Tracy Smothers a steroid freak who has been torturing Boy Tony. Bruno is tired of Smothers trying to make Boy Tony look bad. They show a pair of panties that Smothers would be wearing when he loses to Tony. Tracy Smothers and his partners for the next match enter the ring and are cheered.

Third Contest: Tracy Smothers, Billy Travis, Paul Diamond & Jeff Jarrett vs. Boy Tony, Tojo Yamamoto, Tony Burton & Jonathan Boyd: Tony and Jarrett start the match. Jarrett arm drags Tony a few times to get the early advantage. Diamond tags in and Burton tags in as well. Burton gets a few strikes in but Diamond takes Burton over with a double under hook suplex. Smothers gets tagged in and comes of the middle rope to deliver a strike. Burton slams Smothers but misses a splash attempt. Smothers dropkicks Burton, but Boyd enters the match to try his luck. Burton tags in Tony and Smothers fights both men off ramming them into each other. Travis tags in and Tony gets knocked down to the mat. Travis slams Tony followed by a knee drop. Tojo tags into the match and chops Travis against the ropes. Burton tags back in and is rammed face first into the corner. All eight men are in the ring brawling at this point. The referee ends up throwing the match out and everyone is disqualified. After the match, Smothers is trying to strip Boy Tony, but Tony is able to runaway. (*. The usual routine for these matches, so it wasn’t surprising or anything. I’m not sure I understand why Smothers would want to strip Boy Tony of his clothing, but whatever.)

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rock and Roll RPMs make their way down to talk about their match with Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett. They will be having a match with two referees and they claim Jarrett and Travis are cheaters. They think they came to the wrong area to be wrestling cheaters. They want to choose a referee to be on their side since Jarrett and Travis have Frank Morrell. It is revealed that Downtown Bruno will be their special referee. Bruno says that he has been a referee for them previously in Pittsburgh and they won the match. Bruno assures us that he will count the pin if RPMs are being pinned and acts out a rather slow count.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer: RPMs dominate the match and win the contest after Lane slammed Trailer over Davis’ knee for the win.

Lance Russell interviews Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis. Jarrett says he’s never seen so many lies told than what the RPMs just did. Jarrett threatens to knock Bruno’s head off his shoulders if he messes around with them. Billy Travis isn’t happy they don’t have the titles and they will take the belts back and get their money, too.

Jerry Lawler cuts a promo with Lance Russell to promote the Evansville show. Lawler says that he and Tommy Rich are having a disagreement over who the best man is. Lawler says that friendship can be tossed out the window when it comes to getting in the ring. Lawler reminds us that Rich cost Lawler a match against Great Kabuki. Lawler considers Rich to be roadblock in the way of getting his hands on Nick Bockwinkel.

Main Event: Memphis Vice (Lou Winston & Jerry Bryant) & Pat Tanaka vs. Don Bass, Larry Wright & Buddy Wayne: Bryant slams Wayne early on, but Wright gets tagged in and is slammed as well. Bass gets tagged in and Bryant slams him too. Winston tags in and gets worked over by Bass with a top wrist lock for a few moments. Wayne gets worked over in his corner as Tanaka gets tagged in. Tanaka chops Wayne to the mat. Wayne tags in and Tanaka delivers a scoop slam for a two count. Wright tags in and trades a few strikes with Winston. Bryant dropkicks Bass for a two count. Wayne enters and hammers away on Bryant. Wright scoop slams Bryant followed by a knee drop. The time limit expires and the match ends. Wright, Wayne and Bass were much more entertaining when they were masked wrestlers.

Final Thoughts:
Downtown Bruno was on the show way too much and Soul Train Jones didn’t have a good debut. The main angle appears to be Lawler and Rich, which I’m fine with, really. RPMs seem to be growing on me a little bit, so I’ll keep my hopes up on that team. I’d consider this a poor episode to start off 1987.

Thanks for reading.

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