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CWA TV 1/10/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 1/10/1987
From: Memphis, TN

It would appear that a full show version of this show does not exist. The copy that I have has the first twenty-minutes cut off. So, if you happen to have a full copy of the show, or know what happened earlier in the show, please let me know. Thanks!

We see highlights from the Mid-South Coliseum where Tommy Rich battled Jerry Lawler in a singles match. Rich works over Lawler sending him into the ring post shoulder first and hammers away on Lawler on the floor nearly sending Lawler over the railing into the crowd. Lawler fights back and sends Rich into the post face first. Both men have been bloodied and they continue to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. The referee ended up calling for the bell due to Tommy Rich having a bad cut on his head. Rich shoved the referee down and didn’t like that call.

Lance Russell promotes a local card in Evansville. The AWA Southern Tag Team Championships have been held up.

Back to the arena, Lance Russell interviews the Rock & Roll RPMs to talk about the title situation. Tommy Lane is fed up about getting screwed every time they have the geeks beat. There was a double pin at the last show and Davis thinks the Memphis officials are saving their friends, Jarrett and Travis. There will be rematch with no disqualification and there will be no way to end the match. Davis says they are here to stay and the belts will be coming back to where they belong.

Opening Contest: Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. Robert Bryant & John Paul: Paul gets a clothesline on Davis and tags in Bryant causing his team to lose advantage quickly. Bryant is slammed over Davis knee and the RPMs win the match.

Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis come out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Jarrett says that the RPMs think they cry to their family members. They don’t and they are going to win the championships in the no disqualification match. Travis says they have been in the business for four years combined and they are going to knock the RPMs out to win the titles.

Emily Arthur talks with Lance Russell regarding her issues with Downtown Bruno. Arthur doesn’t understand where Bruno gets the idea where she works at 7/11. She likes the idea of winning $500. Arthur credits Memphis Vice for showing her moves and she believes she can pin Bruno.

Second Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath v. Mike Murphy & Jim Jamison: As expected, Big Bubba and Goliath control the majority of the match. Bubba won the match with a Samoan Drop.

Nick Bockwinkel provides some pre-tape comments to promote his upcoming match with Jerry Lawler. Bockwinkel says he’s been a heavyweight champion four times. He doesn’t know who Lawler knows on the committee to get another shot. The thread gets thinner each time he retains the title against Lawler. He doesn’t like that Lawler stabbed his friends, Rich & Idol, in the back to get the shot.

Downtown Bruno and Boy Tony are interviewed by Lance Russell. Tony has a match with Tracy Smothers saying that the loser will have to be the valet for the winner. Tony says that Smothers would have to do their laundry, dishes and dress like a woman if they wanted him to.

Main Event: Tarzan Goto, Tojo Yamamoto & Tony Burton vs. Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis & Pat Tanaka: Goto and Jarrett start the match with Jarrett hitting a hip toss early on. Jarrett avoids a chop in the corner and Goto hit Tojo on accident. Tanaka tags in and gets eye raked by Goto. Burton tags in and keeps control on Tanaka with a headlock. Tanaka drops Burton with a back elbow strike and a scoop slam. Travis tags in and shoulder blocks Burton before avoiding a leapfrog to deliver a right hand and slam for a two count. Tanaka chops Burton as he comes off the ropes. Goto heel kicks Travis in the corner to stop his momentum. Travis comes off the ropes with a leaping elbow strike. We go to commercial and thus the match is over.

Lance Russell lets us know that he misread the time and the match could have gone on for another minute. Russell provides credit to Randy Hales for doing the commentary on the taped matches they had on the program.

Final Thoughts:
For what was seen on the episode, I found myself interested in what they did. I like the focus on Lawler/Bockwinkel/Idol/Rich as it is important to have your bigger stars involved on television a little more regularly. The Boy Tony/Tracy Smothers feud is entertaining on the undercard and the stipulation to have one guy be the valet for the other for one day is interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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