Rebooking The WWF: Week 25, 1994

Fallout from KOTR with the first ever two-hour episode of RAW! Read more of this post

Rebooking The WWF: King Of The Ring 1994

Who will prevail as the newest king of the WWF? Who will go to SummerSlam challenging for the WWF World Championship? Who will even be the champion? These answers and much more answered at the King of the Ring! Read more of this post

Rebooking The WWF: Week 19, 1994 (MSG Event)

The latest week of Rebooking The WWF features a special MSG live event that saw Bret Hart square off against his rival, Ted DiBiase, inside a steel cage! Plus, King of the Rig qualifying matches! Read more of this post

New Japan World Gems #3: Super Delfin Vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger

The next installment of the New Japan World Gems series has arrived! For number three, we head back to June of 1994, for the final match of the inaugural Best of the Super Juniors tournament. These two masked Puroresu legends would face off to find out who the best junior wrestler in the world really was! In a series that is intended to get you more out of your New Japan World subscription than just the monthly shows of today, this singles match between NJPW’s Liger and Michinoku Pro’s Delfin pulled me right in! Read more of this post

A Look Back At: The 1994 PWI 500 Rankings


The fourth installment of the PWI 500 saw perhaps the best top ten in terms of star power to date. The likes of Hogan, Flair, Austin, Sting, Vader and others were named to the top ten, but where? For the first time in PWI 500s brief history, a wrestler managed to be number one for two years in a row. Maybe he truly is the best there will be. Read more of this post

Reliving A Feud #25: Lex Luger Vs. Tatanka WWF ’94


Upon his arrival to the World Wrestling Federation in early 1992, Tatanka had always done the right thing and that led to a winning streak that lasted nearly two years. However, during that run, he never won championships. Read more of this post

Reliving A Feud #11: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart In WWF ’93 – ’96

Bret vs. Owem

Bret vs. Owem

There are always fights between family members. However, they aren’t typically aired on television. Actually, in 2013 family fights are a staple of your nightly television viewing plans. That may be the case now, but back in the early 1990’s family fights were rather private. There was no longer any privacy for one family… the Hart Family. It all started in November 1993. Read more of this post