World Class Championship Wrestling TV 07/17/1982

Tonight, fan-favorite Al Madril challenges Wild Bill Irwin for the Texas Heavyweight Championship in the main event! Also in action, H&H Limited’s The Superfly and Magic Dragon. Plus, Brian Adidas takes on “Captain” Frank Dusek, and much more!


Date: 07/17/1982
From: Dallas, Texas


1. Roberto Renesto vs. Magic Dragon

Rating: 1 out of 5.

2. “Captain” Frank Dusek vs. Brian Adidas

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

3. The Superfly vs. Larry Dwyer

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

4. Al Madril vs. Wild Bill Irwin

Rating: 2 out of 5.


  • Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi welcomed us to the Sportatorium. They promoted the main event for the evening.
  • Roberto Renesto vs. Magic Dragon: This one was set for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Roberto demanded Arman leave the ring as the bell rang. Dragon immediately applied an armpit hold, putting the breaks on this one before it could even really get started. Dragon continued with some martial arts strikes and a few more nerve holds. During this match, Bill and Jay mentioned that Ric Flair had a $10,000 bounty for the first person to hurt Kerry Von Erich ahead of their match next month. Supposedly, The Great Kabuki has expressed interest in the offer. Moments later, Magic Dragon finished Renesto with his rolling sleeper leglock submission. Nothing special here. I do think alone, Magic Dragon’s faults shine more than ever. He should exclusively tag with Kabuki and that’s really it.
  • “Captain” Frank Dusek vs. Brian Adidas: The next match was also scheduled for one fall, ten minute limit. Some amatuer wrestling started us out here, neither man gaining an inch. Adidas began to rally on Dusek, chaining together strikes headlock takeovers, and hip tosses. A backbreaker stopped Adidas cold. Dusek attempted. afew submissions holds, to no success. Adidas was working to a finish when the time limit was called, ending the match in a draw. The referee awarded the match to Adidas, only adding to the heat David Manning had with Frank Dusek. After the match, Dusek ripped his shirt off and Manning hit him with a dropkick! the two were broken up by other officials. Solid match here, with a somewhat predictable finish. I guess we’re building to a match between Dusek and Manning? Odd...
  • A quick promo from Wild Bill Irwin was played going into commercial. He mentioned that if Al Madril was worth the Texas Heavyweight Championship, he would’ve won it from him the first time. He says this is the second or third time he has challenged him. Irwin says Madril will never win it from him! Not much substance here, just a quick spot promoting the main event. I think we’re going to see a new champ tonight!
  • The Superfly vs. Larry Dwyer: Before the match was officiated, Bugsy McGraw taunted Arman Hussein and The Superfly with a barrel of weapons as he danced around. This match was scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Superfly worked Dwyer over with some heavy strikes. Larry Dwyer mounted almost no offense here, as chokes and strikes continued. A second rope splash flattened Dwyer for the finish here. After the match, Superfly attempted a beatdown, but Bugsy came in for the save and fended off the big man. I am not a Superfly fan… This was a lame squash that was dragged out a bit too long.
  • Another interview going into commercial break was featured here, this time with Al Madril. He said that he had his match with Wild Bill coming up next and he was going to be the Texas Heavyweight Champion again. He will beat Bill Irwin tonight. I kind of like that both men were given a quick shot at each other before the main event. This show has done a good job of promoting its main event of the evening.
  • Back from commercial, Bill Mercer sat with Al Madril in his apartment. He says when he does get home, he likes to listen to music, sit by the pool, and relax. A tapestry behind Al featured Elvis Presley. Al says he has admired Elvis Presley a lot, he did things his way and Al says he is doing the same. He says he has almost all of his records and is just as much a fan as anyone else. I wish World Class would do more of these kind. of”get to know” segments, as this was a side of Al that fans don’t get to see regularly.
  • Back in the arena, Bill was standing by with David Manning, the referee who has had his fair share of problems with “Captain” Frank Dusek. He called Dusek a poor sport. He has been turned in to NWA by Frank Dusek and that puts a blemish on his record with the association. He mentioned his amatuer wrestling days, and how he recently worked with a local wrestling school. This was definitely a way to credit David Manning as someone who could handle themselves. They HAVE to building toward a blow off here…
  • Al Madril vs. Wild Bill Irwin: The main event tonight was set for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Kind of surprising for a championship bout! Al rained down with some fists and bounced Bill from pillar to post to start us off here. Al Madril kept in control, throwing Irwin to the floor and bouncing his forehead off of the ring apron. Momentum swung and it was Irwin that dealt punishment for the next several minutes. The battle again spilled to ringside as Wild Bill used the ring as its posts as weapons, busting Al wide open. Al Madril slapped on a figure-four leglock on the outside, the referee being forced to call for the bell due to a countout. Al had Irwin screaming that he quit. After the bell was rung again, the two duked it out for a minute and Wild Bill was provided his championship on the way out. We’ve seen better from these two men, but it was a solid contest while it lasted. I fully expect them to have a big match next month at the next Wrestling Star Was event.
  • Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi closed us out with a recap of tonights action.


Beyond the main event and maybe the Dusek / Adidas match, tonight lacked action. I do still say that as far as on a week-to-week, consistently featured basis, Al Madril and Wild Bill Irwin have the most interesting feud going in World Class currently. They work well together and complement each other’s styles. The Von Erich’s appearances have been rather few and far between lately. I am hoping to see a lot more of them going into the big show next month. Who knows what to expect from next week’s episode!

See you all then!

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