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WWE Heat 10/13/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) Mark Jindrak defeated Justin Credible
2.) Lance Storm defeated Johnny Stamboli

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is Mark Jindrak’s “debut” on WWE Heat.

2.) Jindrak backs Credible into a corner and is shoved away by Credible. Credible decides to stall on the floor to avoid Jindrak. Credible knee lifts Jindrak followed by stomp in the corner. Jindrak dropkicks Credible and delivers a hip toss and arm drag. Credible hammers away on Jindrak. Credible runs into a tilt a whirl slam. Credible elbows Jindrak in the corner. Credible crotches Jindrak on the top rope and is in a tree of woe. Credible stomps on Jindrak a few times. Credible chops Jindrak in the corner, but Jindrak fires back with a strike until an eye rake stops him. Credible delivers a knee strike to the back and controls Jindrak with a sleeper on the mat. Jindrak elbows Credible and misses a clothesline. Credible superkicks Jindrak for a near fall. Credible misses a baseball slide dropkick and goes groin first into the ring post. Jindrak decks Credible with a left hand, scoop slam and dropkick. Jindrak drives Credible down with a flapjack for a two count. Credible boots Jindrak in the corner and Jindrak hits a springboard clothesline off the top for a near fall. Jindrak delivers an atomic drop and a neckbreaker for the win. (*. Technically, this isn’t Jindrak’s debut since he did appear on WWE television in 2001, that who would remember that? Anyway, this was rather dull and they didn’t showcase Jindrak very well here. The finish was kind of dull, too.)

3.) Coach is in the ring and introduces Raven for an interview. Coach asks about the masterpiece. Raven claims he’s been essentially held back for two years because other people have a more friendly look. Raven has been treated like an embarrassment. Raven has held back on lashing out in a rage. Raven has resisted the urge to quit WWE. Raven has a statement to make and will reveal that in the next several weeks. Raven calls the fans three dollar tramps and knows they look down at him because he dresses differently. Raven is going to show that he’s not deprived and it’s them instead. Raven ends the interview and walks off.

4.) Storm works over Stamboli in the corner with knee lifts and a clothesline. Stamboli kicks Storm a few times, but Storm delivers another knee lift and a leg drop. Storm tries for a suplex, but Stamboli counters with a suplex. Stamboli misses an elbow drop. Storm beats on Stamboli with forearm strikes on the mat. Storm elbows Stamboli to the mat and goes for a cover managing a two count. Storm controls Stamboli with a neck vice, but doesn’t get a submission. Stamboli tries to fight out and tosses Storm with an overhead suplex. Stamboli connects with a spinning heel kick and clothesline. Stamboli backdrops Storm coming off the ropes. Stamboli splashes Storm in the corner and hits a middle rope bulldog for a near fall. Storm kicks Stamboli, but walks into a tilt a whirl slam. Storm staggers Stamboli with a jawbreaker. Storm connects with a rolling fireman’s carry for a near fall. Storm goes for the half Boston Crab, but Stamboli counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Stamboli kicks Storm and tries for a press slam, but Storm knee lifts Stamboli and delivers a superkick to win the match. (**. Stamboli had some decent offense that Storm helped make look even better. The match was decent enough for what it was and Storm earning a clean win is always good in my book.)

Final Thoughts:
There was a heavier focus on showing clips from RAW, which I don’t know if I’m a big fan of. I’ll consider this an average episode of Heat since they are continuing the Raven storyline and the main event wasn’t too bad.

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