CWA TV 10/3/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/3/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and tell everyone who we will see this week. Big Bubba has issued a challenge to Rocky Johnson for another dance off.

Opening Contest: Wiled Eyed Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) vs. Rough & Ready: As expected, Smothers and Armstrong dominate the match. They hit a double dropkick and a few other double team moves. Smothers holds Rough and Armstrong hits a top rope dropkick to win the match. (NR. The finish was kind of sloppy and it seemed like the crowd wasn’t very supportive of these guys.)

Lance Russell interviews Smothers and Armstrong. Russell puts over their teamwork. Armstrong notes they had a good run in Florida and they are here to prove their worth and they will make it their home. Armstrong calls Brickhouse a goofball instead of a Prince. They had been screwed by him at the Coliseum. Smothers says they had Badd Company beaten but got hit with a chair. They will get revenge.

Second Contest: Paul Diamond vs. Greg Jones & David Wilson: Tanaka is out there with Diamond, but this appears to be a handicap match. Diamond wins following a front suplex, which looked pretty good.

Lance Russell interviews Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka. Diamond says the fans were cheering for them and he can’t blame them for that. They are taking credit for people watching the show. Diamond reminds us that this isn’t Florida and that Florida is the minor leagues. Tanaka complains about Smothers hitting him in the eye and promises to kill Smothers when he gets the chance. Tanaka’s eye was swollen.

Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler make their way out to be interviewed. Dundee says there’s no arena big enough for their issues with Brickhouse Brown and his men. They are determined to get rid of the three punks. Lawler gives a word of warning to Brown, Bass and Fergie. Last week was just the beginning. Lawler promises to be on them like white on rice every time they see them.

Third Contest: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Keith Roberson & Keith Erich: Lawler gets the win following a top rope fist drop to end the enhancement match.

The Commission makes their way out to cut a promo. Bass says they are ready for a fight at any point. Brickhouse says he got his men out to the hood to get the basics done. Fergie chimes in and mentions the other guys with steel chairs. Fergie says they won’t get away from them this time. Lawler and Dundee make their way out with a chair and a shovel.

Fourth Contest: Don Bass & Carl Fergie vs. Freezer Thompson & Ed Mattox: Fergie finishes the match with a powerslam. These two worked well together.

AWA World Champion Curt Hennig will be returning to the area and we get a highlight package of his work in the AWA.

The Nasty Boys make their way out to cut a promo. Knobbs says that nobody has ever knocked him out with one punch and knows that RPMs had something on their hand. They are coming after the RPMs. Sags says they are coming after the RPMs hard to get the titles back.

Fifth Contest: CWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Blue Knight: Jarrett wins the match very quickly following a dropkick.

Big Bubba makes his way out for another dancing segment. Bubba says that Rocky Johnson isn’t a soul man. Bubba has the mind of a elephant and he never forgets. Bubba believes that the Johnson gave free tickets to fans to vote for him. Rocky Johnson makes his way out to confront Bubba. Johnson says that Bubba can’t admit defeat and he doesn’t backdown from challenges. Bubba has his own music that Johnson can dance to. Bubba does his dance and is followed by Johnson. Bubba attacks Johnson hitting Rocky with the stereo during his dance to avoid losing. Dundee and Billy Travis come out to check on Johnson. Rocky is helped to the back and appears to be bleeding from the top of his head.

Main Event: Big Bubba, Brickhouse Brown & AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rock & Roll RPMs vs. Billy Travis, Rocky Johnson & Nasty Boys: Well, Johnson is not out there for the main event as he originally was supposed to be. Travis and Lane kickoff the match with Travis hitting a hip toss causing Lane to complain of a trunk pull. Knobbs enters to elbow strike Davis coming off the ropes alongside Travis. Knobbs powerslams Davis and knocks him into the corner. Bubba tags into the match to battle Knobbs. Bubba decks Knobbs with a clothesline to maintain control of the contest. Sags gets tagged in and powerslams Lane as the match time is running out, according to Russell. The match breaks apart causing all six men to brawl. Brickhouse never once got into the ring and remained on the floor. The match ends in a draw.

Final Thoughts:
Not a whole lot going on this week as they were mostly just touching up on the angles they already have going on.

Thanks for reading.

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