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Rebooking The WWF: Week 6, 1995

WWF RAW 2/6/1995
1. The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Bushwhackers in 4:09 when Del Ray pinned Butch following a top rope moonsault. After the match, the Heavenly Bodies made it clear they wanted a shot at the tag titles.
2. Duke Droese defeated Greg Lange in 2:11 following a spinning spine buster. During the match, IRS shared some pre-tape comments saying that he is going to hit Droese hard enough with his steel briefcase to knock some sense into Droese to go to school and realize that smelling like trash is disgusting.
3. Kings Court w/ John Bradshaw: Jerry Lawler introduces a “fake tough guy Texan” John Bradshaw to be interviewed. Lawler reminds Bradshaw that last week Sid Vicious drove him through a table with a power bomb and Bradshaw couldn’t get to his feet. “How tough are you really, Bradshaw?” Bradshaw tells Lawler that he’ll never backdown from a fight and he isn’t going to backdown from Ted DiBiase and Sid Vicious. If Vicious wants to bring tables into their war, then Bradshaw will bring tables, ladders, ring steps, ring posts it doesn’t matter, he’ll use it. Bradshaw tells Lawler that he is the toughest man in the WWF and now that these wrestlers want to use objects, then they all should watch out for what he is capable of doing with a weapon in hand. Bradshaw tells us that Sid Vicious and DiBiase won’t keep him down and the lariat is coming to knock Sid’s head off his shoulders!
4. Scott Steiner defeated Mike Thomas by disqualification in 4:04 when Rick Steiner attacked Scott Steiner with the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Rick left his brother laying in the ring following a death valley driver.
5. WWF World Champion King Yokozuna defeated Duane Gill in 2:15 following the Bonzai Drop. After the match, Yokozuna grabbed a Diesel t-shirt and put it on Gill before hitting another Bonzai Drop.
6. Lex Luger Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Lex Luger backstage, since Luger didn’t want to grace the live audience with his presence. Luger, still wearing Phantom of the Opera type mask for a disfigured face (which isn’t actually disfigured), claims that despite his unfortunate injuries to his face, the women continue to scream his name and that’s why Shawn Michaels is jealous of him. It has nothing to do with Luger eliminating Michaels from the Rumble or any of their recent issues, it’s because Luger will always be the better looking man and the more accomplished wrestler. Ross asks if Luger will compete against Michaels in the ring and Luger laughs saying “I’ll need a tuneup for when I regain the WWF World Championship, JR.” Luger tells Ross it is time for him to get a facial and excuses Ross from speaking to him any further.
7. Brian Lee defeated Rick Martel in 6:14 following a top rope knee drop.
8. Jeff Jarrett Interview/Confrontation with Razor Ramon: Vince McMahon conducts an interview with Jeff Jarrett regarding his feud with Razor Ramon. Jarrett doesn’t think Ramon has any machismo and questions his toughness just because he is from Miami. Jarrett asks if McMahon has ever been on the streets in Tennessee, that’s where the real tough men come from. Jarrett continues saying that the Dynasty is still going to take over the WWF and Razor Ramon is just a minor speed bump. At this point, Ramon makes his way to the ring and grabs the microphone from McMahon. Ramon tells Jarrett that the Bad Guy is here and ready for a fight. No more of the guitar shots to the head or double teams, it’s time to square up and fight man to man. Jarrett backs off and tells Ramon that he’s smarter than Ramon as Arn Anderson and Scott Norton make their way down to the ring. However, Diesel comes running down to the ring and stands next to Ramon to have Ramon’s back causing the Dynasty to bail and head to the backstage area.
9. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Randy Savage in a lumberjack match in 10:36 following a top rope diving head butt. Late in the match, Savage attempted an elbow drop, but was knocked off the rope by Doink the Clown, who laughed on the floor after doing it.
10. The Undertaker & Paul Bearer Interview: An interview takes place with The Undertaker working on a coffin as Paul Bearer speaks. Bearer says that Ric Flair made the biggest mistake getting involved in the Undertaker’s business at the Royal Rumble. Bearer says that the Dynasty shall crumble at the hands of the Undertaker.
11. Hunter Hearst Helmsley Attacks Mr. Perfect: Vince McMahon is in the ring to bring out Mr. Perfect for an interview, but as Perfect walks down the aisle, Hunter Hearst Helmsley attacks from behind hitting a chop block. Helmsley pummels Perfect with right hands before eventually hitting a Pedigree on the floor! Hunter yells at Perfect that his career is over with. Vince McMahon and other officials check on Perfect.
12. Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart by disqualification in 12:56 when Chris Benoit hit Bret over the back with a steel chair while Bret had the Sharpshooter on Owen. After the match, Benoit stood with a chair and was confronted by Owen who grabbed the chair from Benoit. As Bret struggled to his feet, Owen whacked Bret over the head with the steel chair and repeatedly rammed the chair into the midsection of his older brother. Owen tossed the chair down and looked at Benoit who had an evil grin. Owen ends up shaking hands with Benoit as The British Bulldog ran down to the ring to chase the duo from the ring and save Bret from anything further.
13. Diesel & Razor Ramon defeated Arn Anderson & Scott Norton by disqualification in 10:43 when Jeff Jarrett got involved hitting Ramon over the head with a guitar.
14. Ron Simmons & Hulk Hogan Confrontation: Vince McMahon calls out Hulk Hogan for an interview to close the program. McMahon recalls Hogan coming up short against WWF World Champion Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble, but also the recent comments made by Ron Simmons. Hogan knows he disappointed the fans, but if he sat here and gave up he’d be letting them down again. Hogan says that Hulkamania isn’t ever going to die and he’ll continue to fight his way to the top. As for Simmons, Hogan suggests that Simmons hasn’t gotten top spots in this company because he hasn’t beaten any of the top guys in the company, himself included. Hogan doesn’t know what the Movement’s issue is with the company, but now that his name has been thrown out there, the Movement has his attention. Ron Simmons makes his way down to the ring to confront Hogan. Simmons tells Hogan that the purpose of the Movement is for everyone recognize that himself, Tatanka and Carlos Vega are all champions and his men have proven that by being the WWF World Tag Team Champions. Simmons says it was a fluke he didn’t win the Royal Rumble and his requests for a championship match have been denied, while Hogan seemingly gets one if he just asks. That isn’t right. Simmons believes that Hogan’s time has come and passed and it is time for the Movement to get paid and have their fame. And, they are going to take it. Simmons is glad to have Hogan in the ring because he wants to take out the biggest name in wrestling history, and he wants to do it at the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. McMahon wonders why Simmons would think Hogan would want to fight him. Simmons says because only a man backs down from a fight if they are afraid. Simmons knows that McMahon doesn’t want him to be the champion, so he will force his way to be the champion. Simmons wants to take out the golden boy, Hulk Hogan. Hogan looks at McMahon and tells Simmons that he isn’t afraid, and if Simmons wants to take a shot at Hulkamania and try to end it…. then you are on, brother. Hogan tells Simmons that he doesn’t want to hear any whining when Hulkamania runs wild on you! The show comes to a close as Simmons and Hogan have an up close face to face confrontation.

WWF Superstars 2/11/1995
1. Jeff Jarrett defeated Sionne in 3:23 following a jumping DDT.
2. Razor Ramon defeated Jim Brady in 2:19 following the Razors Edge.
3. The British Bulldog defeated Tim Horner in 2:41 following a running power slam
4. WWF World Tag Team Champions Tatanka & Carlos Vega defeated The Headshrinkers in 8:05 when Vega pinned Samu following a spinning heel kick


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