CWA TV 6/27/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 6/27/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown promote what we’ll see on the program this week. They promote a battle royal where the winner will win $3,200. Don Bass will be challenging Jerry Lawler for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Opening Contest: 16-man, $3,200 Battle Royal: Jeff Jarrett is able to eliminate Moondog Spot, but of course Spot pulls Jarrett out and that leads to a brawl on the floor. Spot sends Jarrett into the commentary table, but Jarrett delivers a chair shot. The final four is Dundee, Diamond and Tanaka are the final three for the battle royal. Dundee fights off both men with elbow strikes and is beaten down by strikes to the mat. Tanaka delivers a savant kick and pummels Dundee with right hands on the mat. Dundee is worked over with strikes for several moments. Dundee is able to able to eliminate both Tanaka and Diamond to win $3,200 after backdropping Diamond to the floor. After the match, Dundee is attacked by both Diamond and Tanaka. Diamond tosses the money to Downtown Bruno. (NR. The crowd popped for Dundee managing to win the match. It was just your typical battle royal.)

Lance Russell interviews Don Bass. Bass has been out of action for a little while and Bass says he has a recording contract. Bass wants his match with Jerry Lawler right now. Russell has never heard Don Bass to be a singer. Bass gets offended that Russell would suggest that he can’t sing. Bass is determined to take the AWA Southern Championship from Lawler.

Second Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Don Bass: Bass works overs Lawler with a right hand, but Lawler returns the right hand. Bass takes Lawler down to the mat by pulling Lawler’s hair. Bass pulls Lawler down to the mat by yanking King’s tights. Bass appears to be reaching into his tights for something, but the referee keeps getting in the way. Lawler decks Bass with a right hand as Bass keeps his hand in his tights. Bass seemingly uses the illegal object to get out of a test of strength. Bass back elbows Lawler leading to a near fall. Bass knee lifts Lawler to the mat for a two count. Lawler gets a second wind and hammers away on Bass. Bass shoves Lawler and the referee goes down. Brickhouse Brown comes out and clotheslines Lawler allowing Bass to cover Lawler and win the title! Jerry Calhoun is confused and takes the belt from Bass after listening to the crowd and the commentators. Lawler tries to attack Brickhouse, but Bass holds Lawler to allow Brickhouse to get strikes in. Bill Dundee comes out and makes the save. (*. I was really thinking there was a title change, which would have been cool to see on TV. I think it’s good to have Lawler feuding with multiple people as I don’t think Brickhouse on his own is a good fit for this type of feud. I’m more interested in Don Bass just based off this appearance and he was enjoyable in Fire & Flame last year.)

Jeff Jarrett comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Jarrett lost the AWA Mid-American Championship to Moondog Spot. Of course, Jarrett is going to be getting a rematch with Big Bubba in his corner.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Keith Roberson: Jarrett manages to win the match following a standing dropkick.

Downtown Bruno comes out with AWA Mid-American Champion Moondog Spot. Bruno hypes up Moondog and mentions they have beaten Jarrett in every kind of match. Bruno knows that Jarrett can’t beat Moondog.

Fourth Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Moondog Spot vs. Jim Jamison: Spot doesn’t waste much time at all to defeat Jamison. Spot wins the match following a shoulder breaker.

Downtown Bruno and Earthquake Ferris are interviewed by Lance Russell. Ferris says that Bruno is paying him a lot of money to beat up a lot of people. Ferris likes to hurt people.

Fifth Contest: Earthquake Ferris vs. Ed Mattox: Ferris wins the match following a big splash coming off the ropes. After the match, Big Bubba attacks Ferris from behind and they brawl in the ring until several wrestlers come out to break them apart. Ferris breaks free and goes after Bubba in the corner. Bubba breaks free to go after Ferris. Some of the bigger named wrestlers come out to help keep them apart.

Big Bubba is interviewed by Lance Russell. Bubba says he’s going to show Ferris what real pain is all about and he’s going to punch his “fat skull.”

Main Event: Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. The Thunderbird & Keith Eric: Dundee and Johnson win the match with double sleeper holds, which is a rare sight to see.

We get a video highlighting the Lawler/Bass match that involved Brickhouse Brown. Lawler is still the AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.

Final Thoughts:
The angles seem to be taking a tip downward after such a great feud involving Lawler, Idol and Rich. The segment between Lawler and Bass was fun, but outside of that there wasn’t much going on here.

Thanks for reading.