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CWA TV 12/20/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 12/20/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they rundown what we’ll see tonight.

Boy Tony comes out with Downtown Bruno with him to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Bruno says he should have sent his facial hair to Jerry Lawler so that he could fill in his lack of facial hair. Russell says perhaps Big Bubba could use it for his head! Bruno puts over Boy Tony as one of the best wrestlers in the world today. Bruno announces that he is now managing Tony. Tony will be wrestling Tracy Smothers tonight on the show and Bruno thinks it will be the easiest match for Tony.

Opening Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Boy Tony: Smothers backs Tony into a corner but backs away, which causes Tony to complain of a hair pull. Tony hammers away on Smothers in the corner but Smothers comes back with a monkey flip and a dropkick to send Tony to the floor. Smothers has a rollup but Bruno distracts the referee leading to a near fall. Tony runs the ropes but is met with an elbow strike by Smothers. Smothers backdrops Tony as the referee continues to be distracted by Bruno. Bruno is on the apron and Tony gets a spray from his purse to spray Smothers and has a cover. Tony has a handful of tights, as well. The referee takes forever to get back in the ring. Tony keeps the cover and gets a three count. (*. For the brief match that we got, I thought it was enjoyable. I like the idea of Tony getting some momentum, though I don’t think he needs a guy like Bruno to be his promo. The finish protects Smothers and likely sets up a match between the two at the next big show.)

Jerry Lawler chats with Lance Russell during a segment to promote local shows. Lawler thanks the fans and also plugs his furniture store. They’ll be back on January 7th and Lawler promises some fireworks when they return. Russell suggests that Lawler provide a ticket discount when someone buys furniture. This was just a plug for his store, essentially.

Second Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Jim Jamison & Mike Murphy: Bubba and Goliath don’t have any issue with taking out the enhancement guys this week. They toss them around for a few moments and showcase their strength throughout. Goliath splashes Jamison, but pulls him up on the pin attempt. Bubba wins the match following a big splash.

Third Contest: The Great Kabuki vs. Ed Mattox: Mattox gets a few arm drags, but that doesn’t last long as Kabuki delivers a spinning back kick to drop Mattox. Kabuki comes off the middle rope with an overhand chop but Mattox fights back with a few strikes briefly. Kabuki boots Mattox in the corner and delivers a middle rope strike for the win.

Tojo Yamamoto is interviewed by Lance Russell. Tojo wants footage to be shown of Lawler getting beaten by Kabuki. Russell tells Tojo that Lawler won the match by disqualification and thus gets the World Championship match. Tojo denies that happened and denies any involvement. He says that Kabuki will show that he’s the best wrestler today.

Tommy Rich comes out and is interviewed by Lance Russell. Rich says he’s doing good, but not the best right now. Rich asks if he heard that Jerry Lawler is getting a world championship match. Rich says he was looking for Eddie Marlin and says he always says what he feels. Rich had the understanding that he’d have a shot at Nick Bockwinkel when he comes into town. Rich notes that Lawler has wrestled Bockwinkel a dozen times but hasn’t ever won it. Rich mentions several times that he was won the world championship previously. Rich is just confused that Lawler continues to get title shots and has never won the belt.

Fourth Contest: Tommy Rich vs. Keith Eric: Eric gets a few moments of offense dropping Rich to the mat with a strike. Rich stops Eric with strikes for a two count. Rich nails Eric with the Thez Press and wins the match.

A music video promoting Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis is shown.

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis are interviewed by Lance Russell. They talk about not backing down from any challenge. They have a match coming up with the RPMs and Jarrett knows that nobody is believing that. Jarrett doesn’t think RPMs deserve a title shot and there are other teams that do. Of course, that brings out the RPMs to respond to the claims. RPMs shove the champs and issue a challenge to them for a match right now. The champs didn’t bring their ring gear, but the RPMs bully them into a match. RPMs start to backtrack when the champs get in the ring and they ask if they want to do this. Once the titles are on the line they get in the ring.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Rock N’ Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane): Jarrett and Travis hammer away on the challengers and they hit stereo sunset flips for a two count. RPMs get decked by the champs and the crowd is fired up for this. Jarrett hip tosses Lane after running the ropes. Jarrett comes off the ropes with a crossbody to drop Davis, but Davis gets to his corner shortly afterward. Travis tags in and quickly tags back out as Jarrett comes off the middle rope. The champs are making quick tags while keeping control of the match. Lane enters and drives Jarrett down with a backbreaker. Davis returns to the match and continues to work over Jarrett with strikes and a scoop slam. Lane keeps a chin lock on Jarrett but can’t keep him on the mat for too long. Jarrett tries to come off the ropes, but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Lane cuts off Jarrett with an eye rake in the corner. Jarrett misses a splash and hits the corner. Davis plants Jarrett with a back suplex. Jarrett is trapped in the wrong corner and tries to tag in Travis, but can’t reach his corner.

Jarrett gets to his feet an tries to elbow free from Lane, but is brought down to the mat. Jarrett kicks Lane and tags in Travis. Travis hammers away on the challengers and Jarrett gets involved, too. All four men are brawling in the ring. Travis has a rollup on Lane. Jarrett distracts the referee and Davis decks Travis with a chain from his trunks and Lane pins Travis. We have new tag team champions! (**. The crowd was electric for the match, there was no questioning that. I like the title switch as the RPMs are a team that thrive with hatred from fans. Travis and Jarrett are better suited chasing the titles anyway.)

Final Thoughts:
A pretty good episode for CWA this week. Boy Tony/Tracy Smothers gets some advancement and I’m glad to see Tommy Rich back on television. He adds some much needed star power. The tag title switch was the right move and something I can get behind. Travis and Jarrett chasing after the titles should be entertaining.

Thanks for reading.

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