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CWA TV 12/27/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 12/27/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show and rundown what we’ll see tonight.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. The Golden Terror: Lawler delivers a big boot early into the match and delivers a vertical suplex. Lawler wins the match following a middle rope fist drop. After the match, Lawler tries to get the mask, but Terror rolls out of the ring.

We see footage from a recent show where Tommy Rich battled Big Bubba in a singles match. Bubba went for a slam, but the referee got knocked down on accident. Rich avoids a big splash and hit a middle rope Thez Press. Downtown Bruno gets in the ring and decks Rich from behind. Bubba I put on top but Lawler enters and kicks Bubba causing the disqualification. The referee saw that but not Bruno’s involvement.

We also see footage of a recent match between Jerry Lawler and Great Kabuki. Lawler pummels Kabuki with right hands in the corner. Jarrett, Tojo, Smothers and others brawl with Burton and Tojo at ringside. Tommy Rich is on the apron arguing with the referee to get him into the match. Lawler collides heads with Rich and Kabuki delivers a strike for the win. Rich didn’t wait around and left ringside quickly. Lawler is beaten down by Kabuki in the ring while other wrestlers brawled at ringside. Lawler recovers to plant Kabuki with a piledriver.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown talk about hearing that Rich hit Lawler with his elbow, but they didn’t see that.

Tommy Rich provides some pre-tape comments and talks about his AWA International Championship match with Big Bubba and claims that Lawler is insecure. Lawler getting involved in his match against Big Bubba was a way to prevent Rich from becoming the next man to get a world title shot. Rich thinks he should get a shot because he beat Harley Race. Lawler has beaten Nick Bockwinkel just one time, but never won the title. Rich is confident that he can beat Bockwinkel.

Downtown Bruno, Big Bubba and Goliath come out and Bruno doesn’t like the name Pittsburgh Connection that Russell continues to say. He says they are the Downtown Connection. Bruno cuts a promo saying that the Memphis Vice know how tough he is now and he wants to hurt them. Bruno will be wrestling them again with the Memphis Vice having a mystery partner. Bruno wants to know who the mystery partner is and Russell says he doesn’t know who the partner is. Bruno wonders if it is Lawler, but Russell has no idea. Bruno wants to know who it is so that they can train properly. Bruno names several wrestlers and says they are all a nickel a dozen. Bruno puts himself over as a great wrestler and is determined to know who the mystery partner is.

Second Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Ed Mattox & Dennis Upton: Goliath and Bubba dominate the match while Bruno is on commentary putting down the enhancement guys. Bubba wins the match following a big splash in under two minutes.

Jerry Bryant and Lou Winston come out and they are there to talk about their mystery partner is. Bryant asks the fans how many think they could beat up Bruno and everyone in the crowd raises their arm. Bryant asks how many fans would want to do it. Bryant says that someone in the crowd will be their tag partner. They find a woman in the crowd and they bring her over to Lance Russell. Her name is Emily Arthur. Bryant promises that nobody will touch her and they just want her to beat up Downtown Bruno. Arthur claims she isn’t a wrestler and only attends the matches. She is a computer operator. Bruno doesn’t want to be responsible for what happens to Arthur. Bruno says that Arthur is going to wish she didn’t get involved with them. Bubba says he and Goliath will get their hands on her, too.

Lance Russell talks about some new talent coming to the area. Soul Train Jones (aka Virgil in WWF) will be coming into the area. He is jacked. Also, Luna Vachon and Lock will be coming to the area. They will be known as Daughters of Darkness.

Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis come out for an interview. They talk about their previous match with RPMs and how they referee didn’t see Jarrett pinning one of the men. Jarrett was the legal man but the referee just made a pin. This week, they will have two referees. Travis believes they will get the titles back.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Rough & Ready: Travis and Jarrett showcase their skills throughout the match and dominate the enhancement guys. Jarrett delivers a nice looking dropkick for the win.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll RPMs vs. Tracy Smothers & John Paul: Lane starts off with Smothers and delivers several strikes. Smothers takes Lane down to the mat a few times and gets a two count. Davis tags tagged in and is hip tossed to the mat by Smothers. Paul gets tagged in and comes down onto Davis arm from the middle rope. Lane tags in and scoop slams Paul to the mat. Davis gets tagged in and works over Paul with a strike and a scoop slam. Paul comes off the ropes with a running clothesline and Smothers gets the hot tag. Smothers cleans house and all four men are in the ring brawling. Boy Tony comes out and nails Smothers with his purse allowing Lane to cover Smothers for the win.

Boy Tony says that he is a winner and wins all his matches now. Tony says that Smothers is a loser and that’s all he is. Downtown Bruno is with Tony and says that Tony is a winner. Bruno denies that Tony even did anything wrong. There will be a back alley street brawl between Tony and Smothers. Bruno says that the clothing that Tony wears is from Boy George and it cost $5,000. Smothers chases them with a steel chair. Smothers doesn’t know what is in that purse and says that he is going to strip Tony naked. Tracy is going to show everyone that Tony isn’t a man. Smothers is going to kick Tony’s ass just like his mother should have when Tony “turned a fag.” Russell quickly says we gotta go to break.

Don Bass comes into the scene with Buddy Wayne and they are teaming now. Tojo and Goto are there too and they talk about an I Quit match with Paul Diamond. Tojo says that the Japanese never give up.

Main Event: Don Bass, Buddy Wayne, Boy Tony & Tarzan Goto vs. Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka, & Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston): There’s about three minutes left in the show, so this isn’t going to be a long match by any means. Wayne and Diamond start the match until Bass comes in and delivers a few shots on Diamond. Diamond and Goto trade strikes in the middle of the ring trading chops. Well, all eight men are in the ring brawling within twenty-seconds of the match starting. The match gets thrown out by the official.

Final Thoughts:
Downtown Bruno isn’t as good as JD Costello became in the heel manager role, at least to this point. The segment with Memphis Vice having a random female as their partner wasn’t all that entertaining, but it drives home the point of how weak Bruno is. I’m interested in a possible Tommy Rich/Jerry Lawler feud as that sounds far more promising than the feud Lawler had with Big Bubba.

Thanks for reading.

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