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A Journey Through Memphis: December 1986

The ending of the year in Memphis focuses on tension between former allies and the continued rise of the Downtown Connection.

CWA TV 12/6/1986
Downtown Bruno and Big Bubba have new looks courtesy of Jerry Lawler. Jonathan Boyd isn’t done with Jeff Jarrett and introduces his pet python to the feud. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka take on Tony Burton & The Great Kabuki. Rock N’ Roll RPMs are not happy about the Fabulous Ones returning to the area. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler teams with Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis to take on Memphis Vice and Boy Tony!

CWA TV 12/13/1986
Steve Keirn returns to the area and he confronts the Rock N’ Roll RPMs. Jerry Lawler has comments for the Great Kabuki, who recently cost Lawler a key match against Big Bubba. Downtown Bruno looks to get richer at the expense of Jerry Lawler.

CWA TV 12/20/1986
Boy Tony squares off against Tracy Smothers in singles action. Tommy Rich voices his displeasure and confusion with Jerry Lawler getting constant title matches and not winning. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis defend the titles against Rock N’ Roll RPMs after being bullied into a match!

CWA TV 12/27/1986
Issues seem to be brewing between Rich and Lawler regarding who should be getting title shots. Memphis Vice reveal their mystery partner to take on Downtown Bruno’s stable, and she’s not a wrestler! Lance Russell reveals some new wrestlers coming to the area! Boy Tony continues to get underneath Tracy Smothers skin.

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