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CWA TV 10/25/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/25/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they let us know what we’ll see on the program. Russell says their is a rule that has to be announced later on.

Opening Contest: Pat Tanaka vs. Keith Eric: Before the bell, Eric attacks Tanaka from behind but is quickly met with a savant kick and Tanaka wins the match with a German suplex.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown talk about Paul Diamond and we have a phone report from home. Diamond says that his brain has been programmed to wrestle for the past several years and now he’s laid out in his bed while those geeks are wrestling. As he’s talking we see footage of Diamond getting his leg broken. Diamond has no money coming in for weeks and has no way to make a living.

Pat Tanaka is standing with Lance Russell for an interview. Tanaka feels like every time he gets in the ring he gets jumped from behind. Tanaka has a match with Ninja signed and it’s a lumberjack match. Tanaka says that Ninja won’t have anywhere to run this time.

Dennis Hall and Dolly Parker come out and they are interviewed. Hall says that it is good to be back in Memphis and had some success in Las Vegas and then they went to Nashville. They are here for the toughest challengers.

Second Contest: Dennis Hall vs. David Haskins: Dolly slaps Haskins and then backs away into the corner. Haskins shoulder blocks Hall and delivers a dropkick a couple of times to send Hall rolling to the floor. Hall sends Haskins into the corner face first and delivers a boot scrape. Haskins tosses Hall across the ring with a hip toss, but Hall appears to hit Haskins with something in his tights to win the match. (1/4*. Thankfully Hall and Dolly are going to be presented as heels.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show and it’s another show with free prizes for fans. Jerry Lawler teams with Jeff and Jerry Jarrett against Tojo, Goto, Sato and Dirty Rhodes in a hospital match. Lawler doesn’t think they are at a disadvantage and says the only way someone can be eliminated is when someone gets busted wide open. Lawler is going to be using anything it takes to bust them up.

Boy Tony has another video to help educate fans and how they can clean themselves up. This week, he’s going to show the fans what to do after getting out of the shower. He shows how to use deodorant and how to spray perfume. He encourages everyone to join him next week.

Tracy Smothers comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Smothers will be involved in a historic match. There will be an experiment regarding losing a title by disqualification. Smothers says that Boy Tony needs to start using what he is teaching. Smothers went to the AWA and they agreed that since the champion can keep the belt on DQ that they are going to make it so the title can lose the title. Smothers doesn’t think Boy Tony is a man and doesn’t care what he is he’s going to beat him. This is going to be a trial run regarding the title being changed on a DQ.

Smothers was supposed to have a match with Ninja, but he gets pulled out of the ring and is met with a two piledrivers on the floor! It’s Tony Falk under a disguise and beats on Smothers. Falk says that Smothers has everyone on his side and he’s smarter than Smothers and everyone. Pat Tanaka came out and brawls with Ninja delivering a savant kick. Jeff Jarrett and a few others enter the ring to check on Smothers. That was a good attack by Boy Tony.

Lance Russell promotes a few shows including Evansville, which is another giveaway show.

Two music videos promoting Jerry Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett is shown. A third one promotes Austin Idol. A fourth one promotes Tommy Rich. A fifth video promotes Jerry Lawler.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Larry Wright: Jarrett takes Wright down to the mat early on and they have a standoff. Wright is taken down again and he quickly reaches the ropes. Jarrett backdrops Wright out of the corner followed by a sloppy looking powerslam. Wright gets control with a few strikes but Jarrett trips Wright to the mat and gets a step over leg lock until Wright reaches the ropes again. Wright is forced to let go of Jarrett’s arm after the referee sees a hair pull. Jarrett delivers an elbow strike and gets a two count as Wright came off the ropes. Wright scoop slams Jarrett and delivers a stomp for a near fall. Jarrett tries to fight back from his knees but Wright stops him with several strikes in the corner. Jarrett hits a standing dropkick and continues to hammer away on Wright but a scoop slam stops his momentum. Wright comes off the middle rope and misses an elbow drop. Jarrett wins the match following a dropkick. (*. I didn’t find this to be all that enjoyable and that’s mostly because Jarrett was limited to what he could possibly do with Wright in there. It’s still a good win for Jarrett.)

Lance Russell interviews Tracy Smothers and says that Boy Tony tried to cripple him tonight. He calls him a Boy George reject. Smothers admits his neck is sore and stiff and promises he’ll get his belt back. He’s going to cripple Boy Tony even if he has to die trying.

Fourth Contest: Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, Akio Sato, & Tarzan Goto vs. Jerry Garmen, Benny Trailer, Randy Bryant & Robert Bryant: Everyone is brawling before the match officially starts and Rhodes controls Trailer with strikes when order is restored. Rhodes backdrops Trailer and forces Garmen to get tagged in and hammers away on him. Bass tags in and Tojo hit Trailer with his kendo stick on the floor. Goto delivers a knee drop to Robert after a slam and continues to beat on him with strikes. Rhodes returns to the match and keeps control with a hammerlock and stomps. The heel team beats on Randy’s left arm for several moments. They seem to be close to breaking his arm and thus a towel is thrown in. That leads to some brawling afterwards involving everyone.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show once again. Remember, it’s a giveaway special show. He talks to Tojo, Goto, Sato and Dirty Rhodes. Rhodes says that Lawler and the Jarrett’s are retarded. He promises that they are going to get hurt in this handicap hospital match. Rhodes explains the rules and how someone needs to be bleeding in order to be eliminated. They are looking forward to the contest that’s for sure.

AWA International Champion Big Bubba is interviewed by Lance Russell. He wants to know what it takes to be in the main event in this area. He always sees guys like Tracy Smothers, Pat Tanaka, Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler in the main events. Bubba is going to be eating shrimp dinners every night. He thinks they will be changing Lawler’s name to “Queen Jerry Lawler.” He’s going to start inflicting pain on people’s bodies and it will start right now.

Main Event: AWA International Champion Big Bubba & Bubba Monroe vs. Excitement Inc. (Ric McCord & John Paul): Bubba starts the match with Paul and tosses him to the mat. McCord and Monroe get tagged in and they lockup with McCord hitting a hip toss. McCord keeps Monroe on the mat for a moment and keeps wrist control. Paul comes off the middle rope to deliver an elbow drop to Monroe’s arm. Monroe comes off the ropes and is backdropped for a two count. McCord hits a neckbreaker but can’t keep him down on the cover attempt. Paul enters and knocks Monroe down to the mat for another two count. Bubba gets tagged back in and he decks McCord with a back elbow followed by a press slam. Bubba drives McCord down with three backbreakers. Monroe returns to the match and keeps control of McCord. Bubba tags back in to deliver a scoop slam and leg drop onto McCord. Monroe returns to the match and delivers a slam but misses a few elbow drops as McCord moves. McCord isn’t able to tag in Paul and Bubba gets tagged back in. Paul gets tagged in and backdrops Monroe. Bubba breaks up the cover as Paul covered Monroe. Monroe sends Paul into the referee and Bubba delivers a slam followed by a leg drop. Monroe has the cover and wins the match. (*. I wish I could say I found any of this compelling, but I simply didn’t. Bubba already complaining about not having main event matches likely means he’ll be put in that spot soon enough and I’m hoping he becomes more entertaining prior to that happening.)

Final Thoughts:
I’m interested in the Rhodes/Lawler feud along with the Tony/Smothers issues on the undercard. I can see Dennis Hall becoming a decent midcard act with his heel routine. Hopefully the feud between Tojo and the Jarrett’s comes to an end soon. It feels like it has just dragged on a little too long at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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