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A Journey Through Memphis: October 1986

It may be the fall, but the feuds in Memphis are still getting heated.

CWA TV 10/4/1986
Tommy Rich returns to the CWA. Jerry Lawler has unmasked Fire, Flame and Torch. Jerry Jarrett seriously injures Tojo Yamamoto. Jeff Jarrett teams with Pat Tanaka to battle Memphis Vice. Several major feuds for the fall begin this week.

CWA TV 10/11/1986
Paul Diamond shares comments from his bed with a broken leg. Jeff Jarrett teams with Pat Tanaka to take on Memphis Vice in a rematch from last week. AWA Southern Champion Jerry Lawler competes in singles action. Big Bubba makes his television debut. Boy Tony vignettes begin.

CWA TV 10/18/1986
A couple of new champions have been crowned. Sputnik Munroe has a new wrestler to invade the CWA. Dirty Rhodes teams with Don Bass to take on Excitement Inc. Dennis Hall is coming back to Memphis with Dolly.

CWA TV 10/25/1986
Dennis Hall makes his TV return with Dolly. Boy Tony vignettes continue. Tony continues to cause issues with Tracy Smothers. Jeff Jarrett competes in singles action against Larry Wright. Dirty Rhodes is determined to end Jerry Lawler once and for all.

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