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WCW Saturday Night 11/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated George South
2.) Harlem Heat defeated Joey Maggs & Bobby Hayes
3.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Tom Burton
4.) Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche defeated Bill Payne & George South
5.) Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck defeated Brian Armstrong & Scott Sandlin
6.) Dave Sullivan defeated Tony Vincent
7.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Mike Wenner
8.) WCW Tag Team Champions Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma defeated Stars & Stripes to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan and Mean Gene are on commentary and they talk about the current happenings involving WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and the Faces of Fear. Mr. T will be appearing at the Clash of the Champions. Heenan wants them to do whatever it takes to demolish Hogan as they have his full permission to do anything.

2.) We hear comments from WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan, Dave Sullivan and Sting who say they are going to have to get the job done and Hogan won’t get in Mr. T’s face anymore so he calls it straight down the line. Sting has his ribs taped up heavily as he threatens to say it is time for some payback. They believe they have the number of Avalanche, Butcher and Kevin Sullivan and it’s going down at the Clash of the Champions.

3.) Footage from last weeks show is aired where Sting and Dave Sullivan were destroyed by the Faces of Fear.

4.) Mean Gene introduces the Butcher, Kevin Sullivan and Avalanche for an interview. Butcher says that what Sting got last week is just a small sample of what he’s going to get. Butcher says all three men are going to feel it soon enough. Avalanche chimes in says that Sting has felt his power as has Dave Sullivan. Kevin Sullivan believes that Hulk Hogan has stolen his lifeblood from him in the form of his brother Dave. They will do anything to destroy Hulkamania.

5.) After their squash match victory, the Faces of Fear taunt Hulk Hogan by doing his trademark taunts.

6.) Dusty Rhodes and his son Dustin Rhodes make their way out to be interviewed by Mean Gene. Dustin talks about how Col. Robert Parker wants Dusty Rhodes in the ring. Dustin says that Dusty came out of retirement to take care of business at Fall Brawl. Dustin warns Parker saying that they’ll only get them in the ring with a steel cage. Dusty addresses the comments and says that he’s not in shape to compete but believes he is in his prime. Dusty says that Arn Anderson and Bunkhouse Buck took a bit of his soul when they jumped on Dustin. Dusty tells them that if they want a piece of him they are ready to go to battle.

7.) Col. Robert Parker, Bunkhouse Buck and Arn Anderson are interviewed. Parker appears to be rather nervous about the Rhodes family. Parker says there will be more than just physical damage there will be emotional damage too. Buck believes they will be sick of each other by the time they get done with them. Anderson talks about cages and how a rabid animal gets locked in a cage. When a person becomes a criminal they get locked in a cage. Anderson tells us that it will be criminal what they do to Dustin Rhodes. Arn recalls breaking Dusty Rhodes leg last time they were in a cage together. I mean, they were in War Games match last month and Dusty didn’t break his leg… so Arn must be referencing the 80s here.

8.) Roma and Patriot kick off the tag team main event with Roma taunting Patriot and then backing away. Roma cheap shots Patriot in the corner and delivers a few strikes in the midsection. Roma avoids Patriot in the corner but gets slammed down anyway. Patriot continues with a hip toss and arm drag to keep Roma on the canvas. Patriot controls Roma with a wrist lock and tags in Bagwell. Bagwell connects with a leg drop across the left arm a few times. Bagwell tags in Patriot and Roma gets snapmared down. Patriot delivers a few falling headbutts and plays to the crowd. Bagwell comes off the top to hit an axe handle on Roma. Roma knee lifts Bagwell and delivers a few overhand strikes. Orndorff gets tagged in and stomps away on Bagwell. Orndorff is sent into the ropes and Bagwell hits a dropkick followed by right hands. Orndorff staggers around and is decked by Patriot on the apron. Bagwell hammers away on Orndorff ramming him into the corner and hits a monkey flip out of the corner. Patriot tags in and Roma is tagged in as well but Roma is worked over by the challengers with a double hip toss. Bagwell comes off the ropes hitting a big splash for a two count. Orndorff and Patriot brawl in the ring with Patriot dropping him with strikes. Bagwell tags Patriot back into the match and he kicks Roma before controlling the arm. Patriot comes off the ropes and is met with a knee lift from Roma. Roma leaps off the top hitting a missile dropkick and he’s quite proud of himself running around the ring and taunts Bagwell. Patriot kicks Roma followed by several left hands to get momentum back before tagging in Bagwell.

The challengers drop Roma with a double back elbow shot and nearly win the match. Patriot legally enters and yanks on the left arm of Roma several times. Roma eye rakes Patriot and tags in Orndorff. Orndorff takes Patriot down and delivers a forearm drop coming off the ropes. Orndorff attempts a suplex but Patriot counters with a suplex of his own. Roma gets tagged in quickly and works over Patriot with forearm strikes to the lower back. Patriot nearly wins the match with a backslide. Orndorff tags in and tries to get Patriot’s mask off but Bagwell prevents that from happening. Patriot tries to fight back but Orndorff pulls him down to the canvas. Roma nails Patriot with several knee strikes to the back. Bagwell is distracting the referee as Patriot continues to be worked over in the corner. Roma drives Patriot down with a backbreaker for a two count. Roma is arguing with the referee for the slow count. Orndorff tags in and Patriot nearly wins with a rollup. Orndorff sends Patriot into the corner and they collide. Bagwell is on the apron ready for a tag. Roma prevents Patriot from tagging out delivering a few elbow drops. Roma ends up missing an elbow drop. Roma delivers a few more strikes on Patriot to keep control of the contest. Orndorff gets tagged in and Patriot continues to be manhandled in the corner. Orndorff takes Patriot down and comes off the top rope but Patriot gets a knee up to stop him. Bagwell gets the hot tag and cleans house on the champs with right hands. Bagwell dropkicks both champions. Bagwell nails Orndorff with a running knee lift. Bagwell ducks a wild right hand from Roma and decks him with a forearm shot. Bagwell hits a fisherman suplex on Roma for a two count. Patriot enters and all four men are brawling. Patriot misses a dropkick as Orndorff holds onto the ropes. All four men are brawling but the referee gets knocked down as Patriot hit a cross body on Roma. Orndorff is on top of Bagwell and the referee ends up making the count counting Orndorff’s pin. Wait a minute, the referee is calling this match a time limit draw. (**1/4. Apparently, each pin attempt had a legal man and an illegal man. These teams have fought quite a bit and the action is usually pretty solid with this being the same deal. The finish doesn’t make me more interested in a rematch, though.)

9.) Harley Race and Vader come out for an interview. Vader will be wrestling Dustin Rhodes at the Clash of the Champions. Vader puts over some of things that Dustin has done and says they are going to have a hell of a fight at the Clash. He’s coming to the Clash to inflict pain. Vader reminds us that he’s the number one contender and thinks that WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan has lost his desire to be number one. Vader suggests Hogan go back to Hollywood and be the rest of the sissies.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not sure why the Rhodes/Studd Stable cage match wouldn’t be taking place at the Clash of the Champions event. That seems like a pretty big deal of a match to just have on the house show market. This week was an average episode with a decent main event. There isn’t really an angle that’s keeping my interest at this time, though.

Thanks for reading.

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