WCW Saturday Night 11/12/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Bobby Hayes
2.) Steve Austin defeated Joey Barrett
3.) Stars & Stripes defeated David Young & Joe Cruz
4.) Honkytonk Man defeated Pez Whatley
5.) Harlem Heat defeated Mark Starr & Frankie Lancaster
6.) Alex Wright defeated Chris Nelson
7.) Vader defeated Flash Flanagan
8.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated John Stevens
9.) Sting & Dave Sullivan defeated Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed following his victory. He’ll be wrestling Vader at the Clash of the Champions. He thinks that the Clash will the greatest night of his career. It’s an opportunity to be the number one contender to the WCW World Championship. Dustin admits that Vader is the most powerful man in WCW. Dustin believes that Vader has overlooked him and hasn’t stayed focused on him. Dustin says he’ll knock Vader’s head off his shoulders if he thinks he’ll easily beat him. Dustin finishes off saying he’ll be the number one contender after the Clash.

2.) Steve Austin is interviewed after his victory. He’ll be wrestling WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan at the Clash of the Champions. Austin thanks the promoters for the tuneup match before the Clash and says his opponent knew he had no chance but still came after him. Austin recalls having Duggan on his knees begging him to finish him off. Austin has a surprise for Duggan at the Clash of the Champions. Austin has something up his sleeve and Duggan has hell to pay.

3.) Stars & Stripes are interviewed after their victory. They will be challenging WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful at the Clash of the Champions. Bagwell notes that the champions have given them title matches several times. However, originally they wouldn’t give them a title match at the Clash, but they found a way to get the title shot. Patriot reveals that he is putting his mask on the line to get a title match with Pretty Wonderful. They are confident they will win the tag titles.

4.) Honkytonk Man decides to sing a little bit after his victory and he’s interviewed by Gene Okerlund. Honky has a lot of things to say and he feel good about going to the Clash. He’ll be wrestling WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd at the event. Honky didn’t know that there was a time limit in a WCW TV Championship match. Honky is giving Johnny the chance to fight him at the Clash one more chance. He is going to get what he wants and that’s the WCW TV Championship.

5.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan comes out for an interview with Gene Okerlund. Of course, he has Jimmy Hart by his side, too. Hogan says he was devastated by what happened at Halloween Havoc when Butcher turned on him. Hogan will get Avalanche out of the way and he’ll get even with Butcher afterward. Jimmy Hart chimes in and talks about Butcher’s health issue three years ago and can’t believe that Butcher would turn on his friend. Hogan takes credit for pushing Butcher in the gym when everyone doubted him. Hogan knows that things will get called right down the middle with Mr. T. The power of Hulkamania will crush the Faces of Fear.

6.) Vader and Harley Race are interviewed after Vader’s easy victory. Vader wants to know who the number one contender is and Gene tells him it’s Vader. Vader thus wants to know why Hulk Hogan isn’t fighting him at Clash of the Champions. Vader knows he’s going to have a war with Dustin Rhodes at the Clash. He says that Dustin is going to need it all to survive in the ring. Vader is putting the match on Hogan’s shoulders.

7.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan is interviewed following his victory. Duggan talks about Austin having a surprise at Clash of the Champions and he doesn’t appear to be all that worried about it. Duggan will have his surprise, the 2×4.

8.) Pre-tape comments from the Faces of Fear is aired. Butcher says that Hogan is going to get a closeup view of them at the Clash. He knows Hogan better than anyone else. He knows what Hogan is going to do before Hogan even knows what to do. Kevin Sullivan chimes in and says that Hogan knew he was in trouble when he saw Butcher under the hood. Sullivan says Hogan will be by himself at the Clash. Avalanche chimes in and says he is going right towards Sting in the match tonight. He’s coming to break some bones.

9.) Sting and Dave run into the ring and Kevin bails to the floor while Avalanche stayed in the ring but they didn’t fight. Kevin and Sting start the match with Kevin hammering away on Sting with several strikes before sending Sting back first into the boot of Avalanche in the corner. Sting fights back with several strikes to knock Kevin down. Sting runs over Kevin with a clothesline and gouges the eyes of Kevin before tagging in Dave. Dave mounts Kevin with a series of right hands but gets nailed by Avalanche on the apron. Avalanche stomps on Dave, who also has his ribs taped just like Sting. Dave also has his face painted like Sting. Avalanche scoop slams Dave before coming off the ropes to hit an elbow drop. Kevin gets tagged back into the match and Avalanche slams Dave before Kevin delivered a double stomp for a two count. Kevin comes off the middle rope to hit Dave with an axe handle. Kevin sends Dave over the top to the floor and taunts Sting. This distraction allows Avalanche to drive Dave gut first into the apron. Kevin baseball slides Dave off the apron to the floor. Dave elbows Kevin away and rams him head first into the corner several times. Kevin drop too holds Dave to keep him down and tags in Avalanche who delivers a shot to the injured ribs. Avalanche continues by hitting a big splash on Dave. Avalanche drops Dave with a headbutt to the ribs and drives his knee into the injured ribs. Dave fights back with head rams to the gut of Avalanche but is stopped.

Kevin tags back in and chops Dave in the corner. Kevin continues to pummel Dave with strikes in the corner to the ribs but Avalanche gets tagged back in. Avalanche grabs Dave and delivers a back breaker. Avalanche chokes Dave on the canvas for a few moments. Avalanche knee lifts Dave and Kevin tags back in. Dave boots a charging Kevin in the corner and makes his way towards Sting managing to make the tag. Sting jumps into the ring and kicks Kevin. Sting backdrops Kevin as Butcher came over and put Dave in the sleeper hold. Sting hits the Stinger Splash and goes for the Scorpion Death Lock. Avalanche enters and Sting lets go to clothesline Avalanche. Sting heads to the top and clotheslines Avalanche, but Avalanche doesn’t fall down. Avalanche catches Sting on a splash in the corner managing to hit a slam. Butcher comes in and puts a sleeper on Sting but here comes Hogan to make the save as the heels bail from the ring. (*1/4. I mean this wasn’t anything good. It was very simplistic and just a formula tag match. Plus, how seriously can I take heels when they can’t beat guys with busted up ribs?)

10.) Hulk Hogan, Sting, Dave Sullivan and Jimmy Hart are interviewed to close the program. Hogan says they will prove they are the strongest force in wrestling at the Clash of the Champions. Dave assures Hogan he can handle the task at the Clash. Hogan has taped up ribs, too. All three of these guys have busted ribs. Sting says the difference between him and Butcher is that he’s by Hogan’s side and he always will be. All hell will break loose at the Clash. Hogan finishes off with his trademark phrase.

Final Thoughts:

This was just a hype show for the Clash of the Champions, which was to be expected. I didn’t feel more interested in the Clash of the Champions special event. WCW has become drastically different compared to what it was six or seven months ago.

Thanks for reading.

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