WCW Saturday Night 11/19/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Chick Donovan
2.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Todd Morton
3.) Alex Wright defeated Tom Burton
4.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Barry Houston
5.) The Fantastics defeated Mark Starr & Frankie Lancaster
6.) The Honktonk Man defeated Scott Sandlin
7.) Avalanche defeated Alex Davis & George South in a handicap match
8.) Harlem Heat defeated Larry Santo & John Stevens
9.) WCW Tag Team Champions Stars & Stripes defeated Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony, Bobby and Gene talk about Clash of the Champions that took place on Wednesday. At the event, Butcher put Hogan to sleep with a sleeper hold and Heenan loved it. We will be hearing from Hogan tonight. Stars & Stripes defend the tag titles against Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck tonight, as well.

2.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan is interviewed following his victory. Duggan will be wrestling Steve Austin one more time next week on the show. Duggan talks about Austin whining and crying about losing the title to him. Duggan believes he’ll still be champion after next week. At Starrcade, Duggan will be wrestling Vader for the championship. Duggan threatens Harley Race with his 2×4. We see footage from the Clash where Duggan saved Dustin Rhodes from a post match beating. Duggan isn’t afraid of Vader.

3.) Lord Steven Regal watched Jean Paul Levesque compete in singles competition before going backstage. These two have some kind of alliance.

4.) This is the return of the Fantastics competing in a WCW ring. Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers won the match following a top rope swanton bomb by Rogers while Fulton held him in the air in the corner. I find myself enjoying their style which is different then the brawling nature the tag team division has at this point.

5.) Honkytonk Man is interviewed after his match. He whacked Johnny B. Badd with a guitar over the head at the Clash of the Champions. Honky believes that Johnny was asking for it. Honky is going to be wrestling Johnny at Starrcade and tells us that he needs the WCW Television Championship. Honky doesn’t think that Johnny will show up because he’s afraid of him.

6.) Harlem Heat and Sherri Martel are interviewed following their victory. Gene talks about Starrcade which will see them wrestle the Nasty Boys. Sherri says that it takes a woman to stir u the heat. Sherri asks the Nasty Boys how does it feel to have some fire up their butt. Stevie Ray says everyone wanted to know the secret and now they know it. The Nasty Boys got a taste of what they’ve got. Booker T believes they are going to be going straight up to the top now with Sherri managing them.

7.) Looks like the main event will be getting plenty of time here. Buck and Patriot kick off the main event with Buck taking Patriot down to the canvas with a headlock. Patriot fights out of the headlock and puts one on Buck for a few moments. Buck yanks Patriot down by his mask but the headlock just gets put on again. Buck comes off the ropes and is hip tossed. Patriot dropkicks Buck and Anderson gets tagged in. Anderson backs Patriot into the corner and delivers a few shoulder rams in the corner. Anderson gets sent into the corner but back elbows Patriot to gain control of the contest. Anderson focuses his attack on the left knee but is kicked through the middle rope to the floor. Patriot punches Arn on the apron but Arn stops Patriot with a knee strike and is still brought in with a suplex for a two count. Patriot plants Anderson with a side slam for a two count. Patriot tags in Bagwell and he gets double teamed quickly in the wrong corner. Buck enters and eye rakes Bagwell in the corner. Bagwell boots Buck in the corner and takes him down with a couple of arm drags. Bagwell delivers a leg drop to the left arm but Buck is able to reach out and tags in Anderson. Bagwell counters a hammerlock and scoop slams Arn for a two count. Bagwell comes off the ropes but us met with a knee lift from Buck. Anderson chokes Bagwell while the referee was distracted. Buck kicks Bagwell in the midsection and puts him in a chin lock. Arn rams Bagwell into the corner but Bagwell fights back with several strikes and tags in the Patriot. Patriot cleans house with strikes. Patriot has Anderson in a bear hug but Buck kicks Patriot on his knee and that causes Patriot to collapse to the mat. Anderson stomps on Patriot to keep control of the contest.

Anderson and Buck ram Patriot back first into the corner. Buck works over Patriot with several stomps. Anderson chokes the Patriot while the referee was distracted by Buck. Buck slams Patriot and delivers a boot to the face. Buck puts an abdominal stretch on Patriot. Buck reaches out and Anderson helps him get a cheap advantage. Buck delivers several strikes to the ribs of Patriot and Arn tags in to clobber Patriot with strikes. Anderson gets a two count after a snap mare takedown. Patriot is able to trap Anderson into a body scissors but Anderson counters with a Boston Crab! Buck enters without a legal tag but the referee didn’t see that as Bagwell was distracting him. Buck drops Patriot after several right hands for a two count. Patriot ducks a left hand from Anderson and locks in a sleeper hold on Anderson! Arn breaks the hold with a jaw breaker. Buck tags in and delivers an elbow shot to Patriot’s head. Arn tags in and is met with a few left hands from Patriot. Anderson stops Patriot with an elbow strike for another two count. They begin to trade strikes on the canvas until Anderson puts a front face lock on Patriot. Patriot breaks the hold with an atomic drop but Anderson traps Patriot’s leg to prevent him from tagging out. Buck enters and pummels Bagwell on the apron. Bagwell enters the ring illegally and cleans house with a power slam and clothesline. Buck gets sent down with a full nelson slam by Patriot. Buck gets an illegal object and decks Patriot but Bagwell makes the save on the cover. Patriot gets a rollup on Buck after Buck collided with Anderson and manages to get the three count! (**. I wasn’t expecting an actual clean finish here, but that was a decent tag title match and a big win for Patriot and Bagwell.)

8.) Gene Okerlund interviews the Faces of Fear to end the program. Butcher believes it is his destiny to be the WCW World Champion. It’s his time to be the champion and he’s waited his whole life for this opportunity. At Starrcade, Hogan will cease to exist. Butcher says the Faces of Fear will dominate the world. Avalanche says that Sting has done a lot of talking since he’s entered WCW. At Starrcade, all the talk is over and his avalanche warning is coming right after Sting. Kevin Sullivan tells the story about the Titanic. Kevin says that Hulkamania will run into its iceberg for his demise. That iceberg will be at Starrcade in the form of the Butcher.

Final Thoughts:
Nothing really stick out to me presently for the television product. They have gone full blown 80s WWF, but it’s not nearly as interesting since it’s been played out. The guys that were threats to Hogan back then failed so why would I think anything would change years later? They are advancing things and the feature matches continue to be average. The TV product needs a spark.

Thanks for reading.

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