WCW Saturday Night 11/26/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Nasty Boys defeated Ron Oakes & John Stevens
2.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Bobby Walker
3.) Brad Armstrong defeated Rip Rogers
4.) Dustin Rhodes defeated George South
5.) The Fantastics defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Tom Burton
6.) The Butcher defeated Larry Santo
7.) Harlem Heat defeated Scott Sandlin & Joey Maggs
8.) Sting defeated Denny Brown
9.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Steve Austin

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony, Bobby and Gene talk about the show which will have a rematch between Duggan and Austin for the WCW US Championship. Heenan says that Austin will be having Thanksgiving tonight as he will stuff a turkey tonight with a 2×4.

2.) Nasty Boys are interviewed following their victory. They’ll be wrestling Harlem Heat at Starrcade. Sags insults Sherri Martel for being ugly as the surprise they’ve been talking about. Sags says they are going to wipe her smile off her stinking face. Knobbs thinks it is time Sherri has had a makeover and is going to welcome her to Pity City. Knobbs says they beat guys up like Harlem Heat in Central Park. At Starrcade, they are going to show them what respect is all about. Harlem Heat is going to find out what nasty is all about.

3.) Lord Steven Regal watched Jean Paul Levesque’s match and shook his hands. He is interviewed by Gene Okerlund afterward. Regal puts over Levesque for being an amazing talent. He has found someone he can associate himself with and not be embarrassed about them. Regal will not let the US system drag him down anymore. He will rise about better than ever. He thinks that Levesque is a fine associate to have by his side.

4.) There is a fan with a trucker hat who is yelling at Dustin Rhodes in the crowd. Of course, this is a wrestler and is Barry Darsow. After the match, Dustin confronts Darsow and is pulled away by officials. The fan pushes Dustin and is arrested. He’s not intimidated by Dustin as he is escorted out of the arena.

5.) Footage from Clash of the Champions is shown where Jim Duggan saved Dustin Rhodes from a post match beating at the hands of Vader and Harley Race. This has led to the title match between Duggan and Vader at Starrcade. Later in the show, Vader came out and attacked Duggan during his match with Austin. This would explain the rematch for tonight to maybe get a clear cut winner. Butcher put a sleeper hold on Hogan at the end of the show to give him some momentum heading into Starrcade.

6.) Kevin Sullivan and Avalanche are interviewed after Butcher’s victory. Kevin says that the fans are chanting for a dead man in Hulk Hogan. Kevin believes that Hogan is close to extinction and that lasts forever. Kevin notes that Butcher put Hogan to sleep at the Clash and he knows what was going through Hogan’s mind when he was passed out. It was fear that Hulkamania wouldn’t last forever. The grave was dug for Hulkamania. Kevin thinks that Avalanche will get rid of Sting at Starrcade. Avalanche has to give credit to Sting for taking nearly everything but not the Avalanche splash. At Starrcade, Avalanche says that the avalanche will come down on Sting when he’s down on the mat.

7.) Harlem Heat and Sherri Martel are interviewed following their victory. Sherri gives credit to Harlem Heat for getting the courage to put the heat on Nasty Boys. Sherri doesn’t think they need her to win matches. Stevie Ray thinks the Nasty Boys need to stop crying and take their beating like men. They are big and bad enough to take them out and they can’t handle it. Booker T asks if they have ever seen a volcano erupt. They are going to leave them buried and lifeless.

8.) Harley Race is in the corner of Steve Austin for the main event against WCW US Champion Jim Duggan.

9.) Austin backs Duggan into the corner and delivers a few right hands and stomps to get the early advantage. Austin misses a clothesline and Duggan runs over Austin with a few clotheslines followed by a scoop slam. Austin rolls to the floor to regroup. Austin wants to shake hands upon returning to the ring but Duggan isn’t interested in that. Duggan ends up blocking a kick to the gut but Austin nearly wins a rollup. Austin attempts a sunset flip but Duggan blocks it. Harley Race gets on the apron and distracts Duggan allowing Austin to ram Duggan into the corner and chokes the champion on the canvas. Austin delivers shoulder rams to Duggan in the corner and drops him with a strike followed by a knee drop. Austin goes for the cover but Duggan kicks out at two. Austin keeps control of Duggan on the mat with a chin lock. Austin continues to pummel Duggan with strikes. Austin has Duggan over the apron and delivers an elbow strike to knock Duggan off the apron to the floor. Austin drives Duggan back first into the ring apron. Duggan hammers away on Austin with several strikes. Duggan shoulder blocks Austin but is soon tossed to the floor by Austin. Austin quickly follows to the floor but gets sent back first into the apron and Duggan drops Austin with a clothesline. They return to the ring thanks to Duggan hitting a suplex from the apron into the ring. Austin gets to his feet first and comes off the middle rope but is met with a right hand to the midsection. Duggan misses an elbow drop as Austin gets some advice from Race.

Duggan sends Austin into the ropes and locks in a sleeper but Austin breaks out of it with a jawbreaker. Austin takes Duggan down to the mat and heads to the middle rope hitting a forearm drop. Austin hammers away on the champ before heading to the top rope. Austin leaps off missing a knee drop! Duggan starts to get a second wind and punches Austin several times. Duggan power slams Austin and signals for the clothesline. Duggan runs over Austin with a shoulder tackle a few times, instead. Duggan goes to run the ropes but Harley Race pulls down the top rope and Duggan crashes to the floor. Race attacks Duggan and attempts a piledriver but Duggan backdrops him! Vader runs down and attacks Duggan from behind. Vader rams Duggan into the ring post but misses a splash and hits the post! Duggan has his 2×4 when Sting comes out and has Duggan’s back leading to a standoff. Duggan and Sting shake hands. (*1/2. Aside from Fall Brawl, has there been a clean finish for these guys? This was pretty basic, but decent enough. The aftermath was entertaining.)

10.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan is interviewed to close the program. Duggan thanks Sting for helping him out. Duggan tells Austin he still has the championship that Austin wants. Duggan can’t stand Vader and says that Vader scares a lot of people, but not him. He wants Vader in the ring and he doesn’t care when it is. He thinks that Vader isn’t not a man but rather a backstabber. I don’t understand this challenge considering it was already announced for Starrcade.

Final Thoughts:
Starrcade is shaping up to have arguably the weakest main event in the history of the pay per view with Hogan/Butcher. The remainder of the card doesn’t seem to be too bad, really. The angles for them just don’t interest me. Sting/Avalanche could be good, perhaps. Mr. T/Kevin Sullivan is probably just a way to get some media attention. The tag team champions aren’t even a focus proving that Bagwell and Patriot are transitional champions. This week was okay and continued several feuds. I just crave better storylines and more compelling TV.

Thanks for reading.

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