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WWF Heat 2/6/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Detroit, MI

1.) Too Cool defeated Joey Abs & Rodney
2.) Christian defeated Funaki
3.) the Big Bossman defeated WWF European Champion Val Venis by disqualification
4.) Hardy Boys defeated The Headbangers
5.) Albert defeated Viscera

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show opens with Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs meeting with the Acolytes to seemingly try and buy their protection for their match tonight against Too Cool. Bradshaw tells them to leave through the door instead of just to the side. Albert arrives as well and closes the door upon Faarooq’s request. Albert wants to know what the APA means. Bradshaw explains that they will protect people and beat people up for some money. Albert sits down and discusses an idea with them. Bradshaw says, “everyone can be bought.”

2.) Abs and Rodney go on the quick attack hammering away on Too Cool. Too Cool send them into opposite corners and ram them groin first into the ring posts. Pete Gas is on commentary and thinks the APA is on their side. Too Cool delivers elbow drops on Rodney. Abs decks Hotty with a clothesline. Abs hammers away on Hotty in the corner before tagging out to Rodney. Rodney keeps working over Hotty with stomps and a scoop slam. Rodney comes off the ropes delivering an elbow drop. Rodney hammers away on Hotty and Abs tags in to get a few shots in, as well. Abs hits a springboard splash out of the corner onto Hotty for a two count. Hotty and Abs collide on clothesline attempts. Sexay and Rodney get tagged in. Sexay cleans house with strikes and clotheslines. Abs eye rakes Sexay but Sexay plants both Posse members with a DDT. Hotty enters and bulldogs Rodney. Hotty goes for the Worm and hits Rodney with it. Pete Gas leaves commentary since he’s sick of the nonsense and pulls Hotty to the floor. Abs works over Sexay in the ring. Rikshi runs down and sends Pete Gas into the ring steps. Rodney and Abs want the APA to come out but they aren’t coming. Rikishi takes out Abs sending him into the ring steps, too. Hotty takes Rodney over with an exploder suplex. Sexay comes off the top with the Hip Hop Drop for the win. (*1/4. As expected, it’s not a great match, but I oddly enjoy the Posse and their inability to win a match.)

3.) Christian controls Funaki with a headlock and a shoulder block at the start of the match. Christian takes Funaki over with a trifecta of suplexs with the last one being a front slam for a two count. Funaki fights out of a headlock and sends Christian to the floor. Funaki ends up on the apron where Christian yanks Funaki face first onto the apron and hits a springboard cross body over the top to the floor. Christian rolls Funaki back into the ring and gets a two count. Funaki fights back with a bulldog and a quick dropkick. Funaki works over Christian in the corner and avoids a spear causing Christian to hit the ring post. Funaki comes off the middle rope to hit a diamond dust for a two count. Funaki connects with a snap suplex and a back elbow strike for a two count. Funaki boots Christian in the corner and attempts a tornado DDT but Christian countered with an atomic drop. Christian plants Funaki with a reverse DDT. Christian continues with a spinning heel kick and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Christian backdrops Funaki to the apron but Funaki yanks Christian down by his hair. Funaki attempts another diamond dust but Christian avoids it and hits the Un-Prettier for the win. (**. A solid match between these two. Funaki is capable of being enjoyable in the ring when given a chance.)

4.) Bossman misses a right hand and Venis works over Bossman with right hands in the corner. Bossman gets a few right hands in and chokes the champ in the corner. Venis ducks a clothesline and shoulder blocks Bossman through the ropes to the floor. Bossman pulls Venis to the floor and rams Venis face first into the railing. Venis sends Bossman shoulder first into the ring post. Bossman continues to work over Venis with strikes. Venis hits a fisherman suplex on Bossman but only manages a two count. Bossman plants Venis with a DDT for a two count. Here comes the APA and they attack Bossman. The announcers suggest that Albert paid them money to do this. Albert comes down to ringside and tells Venis to leave. APA plant Bossman with a back suplex/neck breaker combo. Albert gets a microphone and tells Bossman he’s trash. Albert delivers a kick to Bossman’s ribs before leaving.

5.) Backstage, Coach talks to Big Bossman about the attack he just had happened to him. Bossman thinks what Albert did sucks, but he likes what Albert did. He thinks that Albert is finally getting what killer instinct is all about.

6.) Backstage, Coach talked to Dudley Boys and wants to know what justifies their actions in the WWF recently. D-Von says they don’t have to explain their actions to anyone. Bubba threatens to hit Coach with the 3D or put him through a table. They wouldn’t have to justify it because they do whatever they want. Bubba says that Terri shouldn’t have ever gotten in their way. A wrestling ring is no place for a woman. They will bring pain to the UK and they know they’ve pushed the envelope a little too much for the UK. When they come to the UK, the entire country is going to runaway in fear.

7.) Headbangers cut a promo before their match saying they offer their deepest sympathy to Terri, but then says NOT. Mosh knows that Terri has been eyeballing their cones and says she is lucky it wasn’t them that put her through the table.

8.) Matt and Mosh start off the tag team contest. Matt sends Mosh into the corner but is met with a shoulder block. Matt elbows Mosh followed by an arm drag. Mosh decks Matt with a few right hands but runs into a big boot. Matt comes off the top hitting a moonsault for a near fall. Jeff gets tagged in and elbows Mosh followed by a standing swanton and Matt hit a fist drop. Thrasher gets tagged in but misses a clothesline allowing Jeff to nearly win with a cross body. Jeff dropkicks Mosh off the apron and works over Thrasher with strikes. Jeff hits Poetry in Motion in the corner but Mosh decks Jeff from the apron. Mosh drops Jeff throat first across the top rope and connects with a springboard clothesline to knock Jeff off the apron. Thrasher gets tagged in and the Headbangers drive Jeff gut first down to the mat with a flapjack. Thrasher misses a clothesline and Jeff has a sunset flip only for the referee to be distracted by Mosh. Thrasher clotheslines Jeff and tags in Mosh. Mosh leaps over Thrasher and splashes Jeff over the top rope. Mosh chokes Jeff over the middle rope for a few moments. Jeff dropkicks Mosh after being lifted into the air. Matt gets the tag after Jeff kicks Mosh away. Thrasher tags in as well but Matt cleans house. Matt comes off the middle rope to leg drop Thrasher for a two count. Mosh drives Matt down with an inverted Death Valley Driver for a two count. Jeff and Mosh brawl on the floor while Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Thrasher. Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb off the top and pins Thrasher. (**. A competitive match and it held my interest. That’s all I ask for from Heat matches, really.)

9.) Albert tries to lockup with Viscera and backs the big man into the corner but neither man gets any advantage. Viscera rams Albert back first into the corner followed by a back splash. Viscera hip tosses Albert out of the corner. Albert goes for a scoop slam but Viscera is too large and lands on top for a near fall. Viscera plants Albert with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Albert goes for a sunset flip but Viscera blocks it looking for a sit down splash. Albert moves out of the way and shoulder blocks Viscera in the corner. Albert splashes Viscera in the corner. Viscera stops Albert with a belly to belly suplex. Big Bossman makes his way down to the ring with a nightstick. Albert boots Viscera in the corner but is met with a Samoan Drop. Bossman decks Viscera from the floor and Albert gets the win with a bicycle kick. (1/2*. Nobody cared about this and I couldn’t believe there was another match after the tag match. The Bossman/Albert angle is getting too much airtime.)

Final Thoughts:
A rather subpar episode of Heat as I really just want the Bossman/Albert to end already.

Thanks for reading.


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