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CWA TV 10/18/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/18/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they promote what we’ll be seen. Boy Tony is the Mid-American Champion and he’ll be in action. Also, AWA International Champion Big Bubba will be in action.

Lance Russell brings out Sputnik Monroe for an interview. Sputnik comes out and says he’s been like Coca-Cola and has been everywhere. He has brought someone to CWA and that man is Bubba Monroe. Monroe comes out and Sputnik considers him to be sex appeal. His nickname is “The Brawler”. He makes his in-ring debut this week.

Opening Contest: Bubba Monroe vs. Jim Jamison: Jamison starts off with a few arm drags to get the early momentum and that leads to a standoff. Monroe hip tosses Jamison across the ring and delivers a few shots in the corner. Monroe hooks Jamison to hit a suplex and a scoop slam. Monroe delivers a strike to the midsection to drop Jamison in the corner. Monroe scoop slams Jamison again for a two count. Monroe keeps Jamison on the mat with a hammerlock and delivers a few knee drops. Monroe atomic drops Jamison and wins the match. (1/4*. I didn’t see anything from Monroe to be all that interesting or good. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen an atomic drop win a match.)

Lance Russell interviews AWA Mid-American Champion Boy Tony. Tony says that one picture is worth a thousand words. He did exactly what he said he would do and he plans to be champion for a long time.

Second Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Boy Tony vs. Mike Murphy: Tony attacks with a boot and strikes in the corner. Murphy delivers a running knee strike in the corner but Tony delivers a right hand and elbow strike. Tony comes off the middle rope with a stomp. Tony has a front face lock on Murphy but can’t get a submission with the hold. Tony hits a powerslam and comes off the ropes to hit an elbow drop for the win. (1/2*. I’m digging the Boy Tony character and I think this could be a great character for CWA. Again, the transformation is insane and probably doesn’t get enough credit for incredible character transformation.)

We get a video of Boy Tony talking in the shower and says that he’s trying his best in passing out soap. He is trying to cleanup all the dirty wrestling fans in the South. Tony decides he’s going to show the fans how to properly use soap in the shower. Tony knows that a lot of people don’t have running water and that creek water would work as well. He proceeds to demonstrate how soap works on the body.

Lance Russell interviews Jeff Jarrett, Tommy Rich and Jerry Jarrett were they will be wrestling Tojo Yamamoto, Sato and Goto in a six man tag match where the losing team gets ten lashes. Jeff can’t wait to get to Evansville and deliver the lashes to Tojo. AWA Southern Champion Jerry Lawler will be defending against Dirty Rhodes. Lawler was suspended for two weeks for using a glass bottle. Lawler is going to get revenge on Dirty Rhodes for what he did and the bottle was just the beginning.

AWA International Champion Big Bubba comes out and is interviewed by Lance Russell. Bubba says that he told everyone that he was going to be champion and he is. He doesn’t care who it is he will take on all the competition. He doesn’t plan on being a closet champion and it’s going to take a big man to take the title from him. Russell tells Bubba that people will come after that title.

Third Contest: AWA International Champion Big Bubba vs. Randy & Robert Bryant: Bubba tosses both men down as they attempted to grab his arms. Bubba delivers a scoop slam to Randy. Bubba continues with a knee lift and a leg drop after a scoop slam. Bubba comes off the ropes with a big splash to win the match. (1/4*. Mostly boring squash match for Bubba.)

A music video promoting Jeff Jarrett is shown.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show and it’s a Giveaway night. There will be free watches, dolls, portable TVs, air rifles, cassette players and there is no additional cost. There will be six matches featuring the two matches mentioned earlier.

Fourth Contest: Akio Sato, Tarzan Goto & The Ninja vs. David Haskins, Pat Tanaka & Tracy Smothers: Sato scoop slams Smothers, but Smothers comes back with a scoop slam of his own and he’s fired up. Sato gets a shot in against the ropes, and Tanaka gets tagged in. Tanaka scoop slams Sato and Goto gets involved but gets decked by Tanaka. Goto delivers a headbutt to stop Tanaka’s momentum and they trade a few strikes. Goto gets worked over by Haskins after he gets tagged in. Ninja tags in and scoop slams Haskins before tagging out to Sato. Haskins almost gets a win with an inside cradle. Goto prevents a tag from being made and beats on Haskins. Ninja tags in and works over Haskins with strikes. Sato returns to the match and continues to fight Haskins. Smothers tries to get involved but doesn’t enter the ring. Smothers gets the hot tag and Tanaka enters as well leading to all six men brawling in the ring. Haskins gets dumped to the floor but the referee didn’t see him get tossed over the top. Tojo jabs Tanaka with the kendo stick and Ninja hammers away on Tanaka. Tojo and Ninja beat on Tanaka with the kendo stick to officially cause the disqualification. Tanaka fights back with kicks and clears the ring with the kendo stick. Tanaka chases the heels on the floor to run them off from the ringside area. (*. This was just angle advancement for the issues between Tojo’s group and the likes of Smothers and Tanaka.)

Paul Diamond has his leg taped up while in bed and shares his thoughts on what happened to him recently when Tojo and his men broke his leg. Diamond has decided to go home and see his family in Canada. It’s been almost two years since he’s seen his family. Diamond has to look his family in the eyes and tell them that “three Japanese geeks have broken my leg.” Now, he’ll need their help with money because he’s not making money now. Diamond wants them to think about the pain he’s enduring and the longer he’s out the longer he’s going to be pissed about it. They’ll have to go to their family and tell them they lost.

Pat Tanaka comes out and says he has a match signed with the Ninja and he’s going to beat him with the kendo stick.

Fifth Contest: Dirty Rhodes & Don Bass vs. Excitement Inc. (Ric McCord & John Paul): Bass and Paul start the match with both men trading hammerlocks. Bass takes Paul down to the mat but neither man can get a long amount of offense. McCord gets tagged in and tries his luck with Rhodes. Rhodes yanks McCord down to the mat by his hair. McCord continues to be worked over by the heels and arm drags Rhodes. McCord avoids a right hand from Rhodes in the corner and he’s ready to trade hands. Rhodes backs McCord in his corner and accidentally knee lifts Bass off the apron to the floor. Bass tags in and beats on Paul with a few strikes. Bass delivers a knee lift to drop Paul. McCord gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. All four men are in the ring brawling until Rhodes gets knocked to the floor. Larry Wright trips McCord off the middle rope and Bass gets the cheap pin to win the match. After the match, the referee reverses the decision and all five men begin to brawl in the ring. McCord and Paul get beat up by Rhodes with a chain around his knuckles. McCord has been busted open as the locker room empties to make the save. (1/2*. Just a segment to get the trio more heat and I’m still interested in them and what they could do in a feud with Jerry Lawler. I’d probably go see Lawler vs. Dirty Rhodes, honestly.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show on Wednesday. He also talks to Dirty Rhodes who says that did what they promised to do to Tommy Rich. Rhodes claims that Lawler isn’t a king anymore and he’s going to take the AWA Southern Championship from Lawler. Tojo, Goto, Sato and Ninja enter the scene to cut a promo on the six man tag match. Tojo promises to beat them up and each man is going to get ten lashes with the kendo stick.

Dennis Hall shares some pre-tape comments saying that the last few years he was on the West Coast. He has been in a few movies over the years and he has some both good and bad news. Hall says he’s no longer available and brings in Dolly Parker. Hall is going to say how he got together, and Dolly takes the microphone. She went to the wrestling show and knew that Hall was the man she needed to be with. Hall puts Dolly over saying she’s better than Dolly Parton. Hall says that Dolly is always going to be by his side. Dolly keeps calling him “Den-Den” and she says that she didn’t mind giving up her career so that Dennis could reach the top. Dennis gets a kiss from Dolly. I really hope they are being presented as annoying heels.

Main Event: Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston) vs. Tracy Smothers & Willam “The Freezer” Thompson: Winston and Thompson start the match with Thompson tossing Winston and Bryant across the ring with arm drags. Thompson arm drags Winston across the ring again upon his return to the ring. Bryant tags into the match and works over Thompson with a top wrist lock. Time is running out in the match as Bryant controls with an arm bar. Russell doesn’t think there will be a decision in the match since they are running out of time. Thompson continues to be worked over as there is thirty-seconds left in the match. The bell sounds and all four men brawl in the ring as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:
Boy Tony is easily the most entertaining character in CWA at the moment. I can’t praise the transformation enough. I’m really interested to see if Dirty Rhodes gets a run with the AWA Southern Championship. It seems like there’s enough heat attached to the feud with Lawler that he could have a run for the remainder of the year.

Thanks for reading.

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