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CWA TV 10/11/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/11/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. Brown runs down what we will see on the show.

Lance Russell talks to Tojo, Sato, Goto and Ninja. Tojo is very happy that Paul Diamond has a broken leg. Russell wants to see Tojo learn respect instead of breaking limbs. Tojo points out his fractured arm. Tojo will not forger what they did to his arm. Tojo tells Russell to get his hammer and fight him. He calls Russell a dog and Goto chimes in Japanese to back Russell off of the stage. Russell wants Tojo to back his men off and they eventually go towards the ring.

Opening Contest: AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs. Randy & Robert Bryant: Goto gets backdropped early on but the Bryant’s aren’t able to keep momentum in their favor for a long period of time in the early moments. Sato gets slammed and met with a few elbow drops. Sato regains control with a chop and tags in Goto. Sato comes off the ropes to deliver a knee strike as Goto held the opponent and they win the match. (1/4*. A standard enhancement match for the champions.)

Paul Diamond shared some comments from his bed with his leg wrapped up. Diamond can’t believe he is in bed with a broken leg. He was thinking he’d be advancing his career but now he’s stuck with a cast. Diamond is looking at roughly nine weeks before he can return to action. Diamond says six weeks before the cast comes off will be the longest six weeks. He can’t stop thinking about what he’s going to do to Tojo when he returns. Diamond is putting X’s on the calendar as he gets closer to his return. He’s going to make sure they go through the same pain he has gone through.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Dirty Rhodes & Don Bass defend against Excitement Inc. Dirty Rhodes and his buddies enter the scene pissed off about not being able to wear his hat and having to return $10,000 he won last week. Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett and Tommy Rich will be taking on Sato, Goto and Tojo in a six man tag match.Tojo says that Jeff is hiding behind his daddy and Tommy Rich. Goto chimes in again and cuts a promo in Japanese.

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka vs. Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston): Jarrett and Bryant start the match with Bryant taking Jarrett down to the mat. Bryant arm drags Jarrett to keep control of the match. Winston gets In the ring and works over Jarrett’s left arm. Jeff takes Winston down to the mat and controls Winston’s left arm. Sato and Goto come down to the ring and attack their rivals yet again. Sato and Goto use a chair and kendo stick. Eddie Marlin saves Jarrett from suffering the same injury as Paul Diamond but gets hit with a chair and is knocked to the mat. Marlin is getting stripped of his clothing by Sato and Goto. Goto comes off the top to knee drop Marlin’s leg! Jerry Lawler gets in the ring and cleans house with a kendo stick. Marlin has been laid out and appears to have injured his leg, similar to Paul Diamond. Lawler calls them “rotten slant eyed Japs” to come back out here. (*. This was all angle because the feud must continue.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show, which will feature a tournament to crown a new AWA International Champion. There will be five matches for the tournament.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Nikita Mulkavich: Nikita attacked Lawler before the bell and elbows Lawler to the mat before missing an elbow drop. Lawler fights back with right hands and a snapmare. Lawler comes off the middle rope to deliver a fist drop for the win.

They show a music video promoting Jerry Lawler.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass & Larry Wright vs. Jerry Garmen, Jim Jamison & David Johnson: Bass starts the match working over Garmen before tagging in Wright. Garmen is able to tag in Jamison, but he doesn’t have much luck. Rhodes hammers away on Jamison in the corner several times. Jamison has been busted open thanks to Rhodes punching him so many times. Rhodes elbow strikes Jamison to the mat and continues to beat on him in the corner. Bass enters and continues to work over Jamison with a clothesline. Rhodes slams Jamison to the mat and wins the match. (1/2*. Just a way to give the trio some momentum, which they don’t need since they are certainly over.)

Lance Russell chats with Rhodes, Bass and Wright. Rhodes is angry about the coke bottle hitting him thanks to Jerry Lawler. Rhodes says it’s a lie that he ran him off the road and claims that everyone knows Lawler is a bad driver. Rhodes thinks that Lawler was driving drunk. Rhodes wonders if the glass had gotten in his eyes or into his skull. Rhodes promises that Lawler will go down. Rhodes stomps on Lawler’s crown. That brings out Lawler to run them off. Russell says that Rhodes has no respect for people or possessions.

Jerry Lawler says they ruined the crown for the fans because he was going to give that away. Lawler tells Rhodes that he can’t stomp on him and settles for stomping on something that can’t fight back. He’ll stomp on Rhodes when he gets him in the ring.

Lance Russell talks about new wrestlers coming into CWA and he introduces Big Bubba (Fred Ottman). Bubba has a 600 pound bench press and 25 inch arm. He came off a tour and he’s here for the toughest challengers. He says the next time he’s in the studio he’ll be the AWA International Champion.

Fifth Contest: Big Bubba vs. David Haskins: This would be Bubba’s CWA TV debut. Bubba tosses Haskins to the mat a few times coming out of a lockup position. Bubba tosses Haskins across the ring by his arm. Bubba picks Haskins up into the air and tosses him into the corner. Bubba continues to beat on Haskins with a press slam. Bubba delivers a leg drop a couple of times. Bubba pulls Haskins up on the pin attempt and delivers another scoop slam after missing a clothesline. Bubba clotheslines Haskins and comes off the ropes to hit a big splash for the win. (1/4*. I wouldn’t consider this an impressive debut or anything. However, considering his size he’ll likely get heavy promotion.)

We see a video of Boy Tony, who was previously known as Tony Falk. He says that Falk died at a rock concert. That’s when Boy Tony was born. Boy Tony wins nine out of ten matches. Tony went to a concert seeing Boy George and claims that George stopped the show and pointed him out as being a great wrestler. George told Tony that he needs to stop copying everyone else and be himself. So, Tony has now been dressing and walking how he wants to. From this day forward he’ll be known as Boy Tony. Tony says that he’s been great friends with Boy George and has helped him with his recent concerts. His special project is known as Fan Aid. He’s going to teach fans on how to use shampoos and other hygiene products. He’ll have a hygiene tip of the week. His first tip of the week is showing fans how to properly brush their teeth. He says your gums might start to bleed, but they’ll get use to it. Tony wants everyone to join him next week for another hygiene tip. Honestly, I never would have guessed that was Tony Falk if it wasn’t mentioned. An incredible makeover.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show coming up. He talks to Ric McCord and John Paul taking on Dirty Rhodes and Don Bass. They are coming after the $10,000 they stole from them and they are coming for the titles. Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett come into the scene to talk about the six man tag they have where they team with Tommy Rich. Jeff talks about the strap on the pole match and how Tojo had a strap of his own. Jeff promises to give a beating of his life. Jerry says it is time to get even and they aren’t going to get out of this beating.

Main Event: Excitement Inc. (Ric McCord & John Paul) vs. Keith Eric & The Invader: McCord and Paul control Eric early on with quick tags. Paul delivers a slam and then press slams McCord onto Invader for the win. Well, since there is still time in the show they decide to make this an expiration of time match. McCord is picked up by Paul and he dropkicks Invader. McCord delivers a corkscrew elbow drop for a near fall. Invader continues to kick out of pin attempts. McCord takes Invader over with a double under hook suplex. Paul almost pins Invader with a clothesline but McCord comes in to deliver a double dropkick. McCord plants Invader with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count as Eric gets involved. Paul wins the match pinning Invader. (1/4*. The match wasn’t very good and needless to say.. McCord and Paul aren’t all that exciting in the ring. They had a lot of trouble putting the Invader away with their pin attempts, which should hurt them in getting over with the fans I’d have to think.)

Final Thoughts:
They touched on the major feuds going on, but for the most part it was just an average TV show this week. Boy Tony looks like it could be a terrific character and refreshing for CWA TV.

Thanks for reading.

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