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CWA TV 11/29/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/29/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show. Tonight, there will be a match between Pat Tanaka and the Great Kabuki, which will be the featured match. Tojo Yamamoto lost the tar and feathered match to Paul Diamond, which they make note of.

Opening Contest: The Sheepherders (Boyd & Big Foot) vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer: As you’d expect, the Sheepherders dominate the entire match wasting no time working over Garmen and Trailer. They win the match after Garmen runs into both men and is then pinned. (DUD. They certainly lack anything flashy offense wise.)

Lance Russell interviews The Sheepherders and Boyd talks about how they have never lost a match in the center of the ring. Boyd says this is all about Eddie Marlin, Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis and Billy’s best friend Frank Morrell. Boyd claims that them losing the match was nothing but a setup against them. Boyd dismisses the notion that Jeff and Travis could beat them in a tag match. Eddie Marlin comes out and says that Boyd made a mistake and lost the belts because of it. Boyd denies crying and tells Marlin they are the best tag team. Boyd thinks that Marlin is protecting Jeff Jarrett, which Marlin denies. Boyd insists that Marlin is protecting Jeff Jarrett’s. Boyd wants Marlin to admit that Jeff Jarrett is his grandson. Marlin can’t deny any of the claims that Boyd is making. Boyd notes that Marlin has taken their money and they had to pay for the damages to the studio when they attacked Jeff and Travis. Marlin then had Morrell as the referee to screw them over as champions. Boyd is accusing everyone to be part of a conspiracy. Boyd is going to get great pleasure destroying Jeff Jarrett’s face. Marlin insists that he isn’t protecting his grandson. Boyd wants a stipulation because he knows that they will win. Boyd wants the loser of the fall to leave the CWA for one year. He then promises to break Billy’s arm or leg. Boyd assures Marlin that they will pin Jeff Jarrett to kick him out of the area for a year. Marlin doesn’t sign off on that and Boyd knew that he was being protected.

Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis come out and confront the Sheepherders. Jarrett tells Boyd that nobody is protecting them and they have proved how tough they are. Jarrett accepts the match stipulation and Marlin is trying to calm the situation. Marlin reminds Travis that he had been in that match before and he’d never do it again. Jarrett and Travis walk away having accepted the match. Marlin doesn’t put a fight up and the match is signed.

Second Contest: Billy Travis, Jeff Jarrett, Tracy Smothers & Paul Diamond vs. Boy Tony, The Headhunters (Keith Roberson & Mike James) & Dennis Hall: Jarrett backdrops Tony and Hall enters the match but is knocked down by Travis and Jarrett. Smothers gets tagged in and gets arm dragged by Hall. Smothers monkey flips Hall out of the corner followed by a standing dropkick. Diamond gets tagged in and Hall is backdropped. Roberson enters the match and tries his luck with Diamond and doesn’t get any offense. Tony tags in and Smothers comes off the middle rope with an axe handle. James enters and Smothers keeps control of the left arm before tagging in Jarrett. Jarrett dropkicks James for the win. (1/4*. Well, they tried to get everyone in the match even if it was for a second. I’m hoping that Boy Tony is not already getting forgotten about.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show where Tojo Yamamoto has all his heels in action against various guys. Ninja takes on Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond battles the Great Kabuki. He’s also confident that Goto and Sato will retain the titles. Downtown Bruno is interviewed and he has Big Bubba with him, who has a mask on now. Bruno has the left side of his face taped up due to a fireball. Bruno believes that his man will take out Lawler. Their upcoming match is best two out of three falls.

Third Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Keith Eric & Robert Bryant: Bubba doesn’t have a mask on for the match, but he did in the previous segment. I’m not sure what the point of the mask is. Lance Russell knows that Keith Eric and Robert Bryant have no shot in this match. Bubba comes off the ropes to hit a big splash on Eric for the easy win.

Lance Russell brings out the new World Super Heavyweight Champion, Hillbilly Elmer. He has to defend the title and he will do so against Goliath. He’s speechless but he loves the championship and is confident he can beat Goliath again. Elmer is taking on all challengers and isn’t going to lose it any time soon.

Lance Russell brings out the Rock N’ Roll RPM’s for an interview. They talk about the Rock N’ Roll Express and how they’ve been around a little longer than Morton and Gibson. Russell is surprised to here that information. Russell mentions the Fabulous Ones and Tommy Lane claims to still be first team of rock and roll. They will be battling Sato and Goto. Davis calls them slanted eye geeks and they promise they will go down.

Fourth Contest: The Rock N’ Roll RPM’s (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. Jim Jamison & Mike Murphy: RPM’s have very little issue taking care of Jamison and Murphy. Jamison dealt with the early offense before tagging out to Murphy. Jamison is pinned after a double backbreaker. (1/4*. The only positive I can take from this is that the RPM’s had a promo that appeared to hint at a heel turn.)

Lance Russell brings out Tojo Yamamoto, the Ninja and the Great Kabuki for an interview. Tojo threatens to hit Russell with his stick because Russell brings up Tojo losing the tar and feathered match. Tojo is going to make sure that Paul Diamond gets eliminated.

Fifth Contest: The Great Kabuki vs. Pat Tanaka: Tanaka goes right Kabuki with strikes, but Kabuki doesn’t go down and drops Tanaka with a standing savant kick. Kabuki spits out a green mist and delivers another kick and strike to keep Tanaka on the mat. Kabuki delivers another savant kick and bites Tanaka on the mat. Kabuki continues with a spinning heel kick. Tanaka tries to fight back with right hands, but Kabuki stops him with an eye rake. Kabuki savant kicks Tanaka into the corner and delivers another kick to the face. Tanaka fights back with strikes on Kabuki and a jumping forearm strike. Tanaka goes to the top rope and tries for a diving headbutt. However, Kabuki spits mist into Tanaka’s eyes and loses the match by disqualification. (*1/2. I’d like to see these guys in a longer match. They obviously similar styles and they could appear to have some solid matches if given the proper amount of time.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show. Pat Tanaka is putting his hair on the line to take on Ninja, who will be putting his mask on the line. Tanaka is not going to lose his hair no matter what Tojo tries to do to him. Jerry Lawler had a pre-tape promo regarding Big Bubba. Lawler laughs at Bubba taking credit for wanting a two out of three falls match. Lawler loves these kind of matches and he’ll be able to beat Bubba two straight. Lawler is going to show why Bubba is wearing a mask, too.

Lance Russell brings out Paul Diamond for an interview. Pat Tanaka was supposed to be there, but he was just injured. Diamond knows that Tojo won’t stop at anything to hurt people. Diamond says their issues have come down to a bounty match. Diamond didn’t like being on the shelf for six weeks and he doesn’t plan to be back on the shelf.

Main Event: AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs. John Paul & Tony Parks: Goto and Paul start the match with Goto having control early on until a backdrop stops his momentum. Goto headbutts Parks and sends Parks to the apron where Tojo delivers a few shots with the stick. Parks scoop slams Sato and Paul enters the match and decks Goto on the apron. Paul hits a dropkick for a two count. Parks tags back in but Goto delivers a backbreaker and Sato returns to the match. Sato chokes Parks on the mat for a few moments. Paul decks Sato in the corner but Goto sends Paul chest first into the corner. The champs hit a top rope knee drop/backbreaker combo to win the match.

There is a second fall in the expiration of time match. Paul gets control on Sato with a headlock but Sato quickly gets the advantage with strikes. Paul backdrops Sato for a two count. Parks comes off the middle rope to double axe handle Sato. Goto strikes Parks a few times and Parks can’t get out of the wrong corner. Parks continues to be worked over by Sato and can’t tag in Paul despite several attempts. Parks avoids a splash in the corner and Paul gets the tag. Paul cleans house with strikes. Paul has a pin, but Tojo enters and uses his stick to whack Paul over the back for a disqualification. Tojo does the same for Parks. Paul Diamond runs into the ring and makes the save.

Final Thoughts:
The feud between the Sheepherders/Jarrett/Travis has me slighted interested in future matches. I thought Boyd did a good job on the microphone and could carry that team in that regard. But, again, there isn’t one major angle that’s keeping my interest nor is there anything I’m overly interested. Maybe they’re holding off on another big angle for the new year… I can only hope for that.

Thanks for reading.

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