A Journey Through Memphis: November 1986

Get caught up on some Memphis 1986!

CWA TV 11/1/1986
AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto take on John Paul and Ric McCord. Pat Tanaka teams with Tracy Smothers to battle Don Bass and Larry Wright. Jeff Jarrett competes in singles action against The Ninja. A six man tag main event featuring Jerry Lawler!

CWA TV 11/8/1986
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler battles Bubba Monroe. Dream match series is returning to Memphis. The Sheepherders are in Memphis and they are looking for a fight. A $5,000 20-man battle royal. Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka, Tracy Smothers and Billy Travis take on The Animals and Memphis Vice in a huge eight man tag team match.

CWA TV 11/15/1986
Jeff Jarrett and Paul Diamond are the new AWA International Tag Team Champions, but their celebration is cut short by the former champions. Big Bubba explains his actions against Jerry Lawler, whom he won the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships with. Boy Tony battles Tracy Smothers in a singles match. Jeff Jarrett teams with Billy Travis to take on the Sheepherders, but ends up being a crazy, bloody brawl.

CWA TV 11/22/1986
AWA International Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis take on Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto in a title match. Jerry Lawler and Hillbilly Elmer unite to battle Downtown Bruno and his stable.

CWA TV 11/29/1986
Pat Tanaka squares off against The Great Kabuki in the featured match. The Sheepherders voice their displeasure with the management. Paul Diamond issues a challenge to Tojo Yamamoto to finally settle their feud.

About Bob Colling Jr.
29-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Looking forward to covering the Syracuse Mets and seeing the future of the Mets franchise locally!

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