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WCW Saturday Night 10/2/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Sid Vicious defeated Buddy Ryan
2.) Steve Austin defeated Pez Whatley
3.) Yoshi Kwan defeated Bubba Baker
4.) WCW Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys defeated Arn Anderson & Paul Roma to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tonight, we will see a Fall Brawl rematch between the new WCW Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys defending against Arn Anderson & Paul Roma.

2.) Harley Race and Yoshi Kwan start the show with a challenge. Race is offering a challenge to Ric Flair for next week. Race hasn’t forgotten the sucker punch and everything that has happened between them. Kwan snarls like a tiger to end the segment.

3.) NWA World Champion Rick Rude shares some pre-tape comments saying that at the start of his career he has been stalking Flair and admired his career. Rude proved at Fall Brawl that he could be the man after beating the man. Rude wonders if Flair’s fans have stayed by his side or if they have left him. Rude believes he is the undisputed champion.

4.) Steve Austin is interviewed following his victory. Brian Pillman has suffered an ankle injury and Austin says that Pillman is fine. Austin says the rumors that the Hollywood Blonds are going to split up aren’t true. Austin has his eyes on a few things as a singles wrestler and that includes Dustin Rhodes and the WCW United States Championship. Col. Robert Parker comes out and says that he has had his eyes on Austin since he first arrived in WCW. Parker believes Austin would still be a champion if it wasn’t for Pillman weighing him down. Austin puts Pillman over a great tag team partner but Parker wants to make Austin richer with gold. Austin walks away not interested in what Parker is offering. Parker assures us that he isn’t going to give up on someone he wants.

5.) A new match for Halloween Havoc has been announced as NWA World Champion Rick Rude will defend against Ric Flair in a rematch from Fall Brawl. According to Chris Cruise, this is the first time a world championship rematch has been made for the following pay per view from the original encounter.

6.) Ric Flair shares some comments from backstage. Flair has never been able to cope with losing. Flair is going to continue to be the best at what he does, otherwise he won’t do it anymore. Flair puts over Rude as the champion and wants him to go to sleep being the champion. However, at Halloween Havoc he’s going to have to be the man again. Flair has something to get up every morning and that’s to prepare harder for the championship. He’s coming back for the only world championship.

7.) The Shockmaster was recently interviewed in his living room with several children and Tony Schiavone. They are watching the Cartoon Network. Shockmaster is having plenty of fun with the children. Schiavone wants to know the reason for the change of look. It’s because he respects the blue collar worker. Schiavone talks about Shockmaster being clumsy and he agrees with that, but when the bell rings he is in charge. A kid asks for a balloon to be blown up but Shockmaster ends up popping it instead.

8.) Nasty Boys are stalling at the start of the match by yelling at the fans at ringside. Anderson and Sags kick off the title match with Anderson shoulder blocking Sags causing Jerry to roll to the floor. Anderson has a rollup on Sags but only gets a near fall. Knobbs and Roma tag in with Knobbs delivering a few shoulder blocks but Roma hit a power slam and dropkicks Knobbs to the floor. Knobbs returns to the ring and wants Anderson in the ring. Anderson takes the tag and all four men are in the ring standing off. Knobbs works over Anderson in the corner with strikes. Anderson counters with left hands of his own and elbows Knobbs to the canvas. Anderson brings Knobbs to the corner and wraps his leg around the ring post! Anderson trips Knobbs and tags in Roma who jumps down onto the left knee of Knobbs. Roma continues to work over the leg and knee as the show goes to commercial.

Anderson has Sags on the canvas wrenching on his left knee. Knobbs gets tagged in and tosses Anderson to the floor. Anderson sends Sags shoulder first into the ring post but misses a clothesline and hits the post himself. Sags sends Anderson shoulder first into the post again and Knobbs slams Anderson’s arm over the guard railing. Knobbs comes off the apron to axe handle Anderson on the floor. Sags controls Anderson on the canvas with a wrist lock. Knobbs decks Anderson over the back to keep Anderson on the canvas. Knobbs delivers a few elbow drops for a two count. Arn continues to be double teamed in the corner. Sags takes Arn down to the canvas by the arm. Arn kicks Sags on the knee several times but Knobbs comes in and decks Arn for a two count. Knobbs controls Arn with a hammerlock on the canvas. Sags tags back in and knee drops Anderson’s arm. Sags connects with a hammerlock scoop slam and tags Knobbs back in. Knobbs rams Arn shoulder first into the top turnbuckle. Anderson counters a slam attempt by Sags with a reverse DDT! Knobbs tags back in but Roma gets the hot tag and cleans house with slams and a dropkick. The champs are sent into each other in the corner. Arn plants Knobbs with a spine buster! Anderson isn’t the legal man. Roma comes off the top and has Knobbs, but Sags comes in and hits Roma with his boot to allow Knobbs to get the win. (**1/4. It is kind of humorous to see Anderson purposely slowly enter the ring to try and breakup the cover. It’s a standard match with nothing overly exciting taking place but there was some decent action.)

Final Thoughts:
Mostly the feuds from Fall Brawl are gong to be going into the Halloween Havoc pay per view in a singles matter, which I like. At this point it feels like they aren’t putting much promotion into the Vader/Cactus feud largely relying on the past issues to build the event up. It’s amazing to me that Shockmaster was going to be a serious threat and is now a comedy act. Luckily, it will be short-lived.

Thanks for reading.

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