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WCW Saturday Night 12/3/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Gary McAlister
2.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Gary Jackson
3.) Alex Wright defeated Mark Kyle
4.) Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater defeated Scott Studd & Bobby Baker
5.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Bobby Eaton to retain the title
6.) Honkytonk Man defeated Rob Morgan
7.) Vader defeated Johnny Gilbert
8.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Lt. James Earl Wright
9.) Nasty Boys defeated Harlem Heat by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) This is a Fan Interactive Night for the fans to pick the main event. There will be a red and blue locker rooms to separate the faces and heels. At the end of the night, the voted guys in the locker room will meet in the main event.

2.) Footage from WCW Main Event from two weeks, which was live, had the same interactive stipulation. There was some madness that took place. This episode of Saturday Night is live, obviously.

3.) Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan are on commentary. Bischoff has a major announcement and that is… Randy Savage is here! Bobby Heenan doesn’t believe it because he is a broadcast journalist and he would know about it. Randy’s voice can be heard saying he’s here, and the announcers ignore it until the end which was comically poorly done.

4.) Tony is with the heels backstage while Gene is with he faces. There is a lot of madness going on as Sherri Martel went into the blue locker room and slapped Brian Knobbs. There are policemen in the red locker room trying to maintain order. It appears that they want to have a Harlem Heat/Nasty Boys match with the focus being on those teams. Pretty Wonderful and the Faces of Fear are also in the red locker room. In the blue locker room there is Sting, Stars & Stripes, Dave Sullivan and the Armstrong Brothers. It’s a tag team style voting system.

5.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart had some pre-taped comments. Hart hypes up the Starrcade main event taking place in Nashville. Hogan says that the pay per view will go down as the biggest night in WCW’s history. He knew the whole course of WCW would change when he defeated Ric Flair. Hogan puts over WCW as the only place that’s happening in wrestling now. Hogan says that their friendship would have lasted for ever had it not been twisted. Hogan recalls seeing him and Butcher painted on a tank and realized that there was a smaller Butcher with an axe and it was planned all along. Hogan has decided that at Nashville, Tennessee he’ll destroy Butcher.

6.) Mark Kyle is Killer Kyle who was working in Smoky Mountain Wrestling at the time. It is good to see those guys get work on national TV.

7.) This is the return of Dick Slater to WCW as he is now associated with the Studd Stable and appears to be the new tag partner for Bunkhouse Buck on a regular basis. They are interviewed after the match and it’s said that Slater is replacing Terry Funk. Apparently, Slater is a relative of Terry Funk. Parker is going to be bringing somebody into WCW but won’t let Gene know.

8.) Eaton puts a headlock on Badd but Badd quickly gets out and monkey flips Eaton followed by a few dropkicks. Badd keeps Eaton the canvas with a headlock and is nearly rolled up by Eaton. Eaton blocks a hip toss by delivering a shot to the midsection. Badd comes back with a head scissors and arm drag. Badd drop toe holds Eaton and controls Eaton on the canvas. Eaton rolls over and clearly had Johnny’s shoulders down but the referee doesn’t make the count. Eaton misses a back elbow but settles for a spine buster, which looked like it was going to be an atomic drop. Eaton comes off the top to hit a forearm shot. Eaton slams Badd and goes to the top rope. Eaton hits the Alabama Jam but Badd gets his boot on the bottom rope! Eaton kicks Badd in the ribs a few times before putting Badd on the top rope. Eaton nails Badd with a right hand and attempts a superplex but Badd knocks him off. Badd comes off the top hitting a sloppy sunset flip and wins the match. (*1/4. The finish was really sloppy and I’ve never liked that finisher, really.)

9.) Gene is with the good guys backstage where the Nasty Boys yell about Harlem Heat and Sherri Martel saying they’re going to get their butts kicked. Sags wants to go over there now but they don’t. Sting chimes in and says that Harlem Heat is getting into a nasty situation and he’s been there himself.

10.) Tony Schiavone is with the bad guys. We hear from Pretty Wonderful who think Stars and Stripes took away phones to prevent people from calling them into the match. Paul Orndorff knows they are the best tag team in WCW and they should be in the main event. They want the tag titles tonight. Butcher chimes in and also talks about the Titanic comparing that to Hulk Hogan. That’s not very original or new for the feud.

11.) Vader and Harley Race are interviewed following Vader’s easy victory. Vader will be wrestling Jim Duggan at Starrcade for the WCW United States Championship. He talks about some of the things Duggan had accomplished including being a former football player. Duggan will be a former champion after Starrcade. He’s coming to cause pain along with winning the WCW United States Championship. He formally accepts Duggan’s challenge, which had already been announced. Race says that Duggan shouldn’t make any plans for Starrcade because the monster has been awaken and he’s extremely mad.

12.) Gene is with Stars and Stripes who are happy to be WCW Tag Team Champions and they won’t back down from any challenge tonight. Sting is fired up and he wants to get his hands on Kevin Sullivan and Butcher.

13.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed following his victory. Gene mentions that Dustin got in a confrontation with a fan. Dustin says he has seen him around for the past few months and apologizes for it getting out of hand. Dustin says he is going to snapback at someone sooner or later if they keep snapping at him. Dustin mentions that people have tried to take him out of action but they have all failed to do so.

14.) Randy Savage makes his WCW debut to be interviewed by Gene Okerlund. Savage wants everyone to freak out since he’s here in WCW. Savage says a lot of people think he can go ballistic at any moment, and it’s true! However, he is here in WCW for on reason. He is here to confront one man and that is WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan. Savage asks Gene if he knows a man named Hulk Hogan. Savage is surprised to hear he is the WCW World Champion. Savage believes he is the number one wrestler in the universe and Hogan is number two. Savage wants Hogan to come out here but he’s not there. Savage would like to know when he can meet Hulk Hogan. Gene tells Savage that Hogan will be at Starrcade on December 27th in Nashville, Tennessee. Savage announces he will be at Starrcade and he will have contact with Hogan at some point in the night. He may either shake Hogan’s hand or slap him in the face! He has a date with destiny at Starrcade!

15.) Nasty Boys run into the ring and they start to brawl with Harlem Heat knocking them to the floor. The fans are pumped for this matchup heavily behind the Nasty Boys. Booker and Knobbs legally start the match with Knobbs getting several strikes and clotheslines. Sags gets tagged in and Booker gets sent into the ropes where he is shoulder blocked and the same happens to Stevei Ray knocking Harlem Heat to the floor. Stevie gets tagged in and works over Sags with strikes but Sags comes back with a clothesline in the corner. Sags delivers a knee drop on Stevie and tags in Knobbs. Nasty Boys double team Stevie and then pummel Booker in the corner sending Harlem Heat to the floor again. All four men are brawling on the outside until Knobbs sends Ray back into the ring. Knobbs nails Stevie with an elbow shot as Sags sends Booker down the steps on the floor. Stevie continues to be worked over by the Nasty Boys. Booker is back and nails Knobbs with an axe handle off the middle rope. Stevie delivers several knee strikes on Knobbs. Harlem Heat knock Knobbs to the floor and Sherri eye rakes him. Booker comes from behind to deck Knobbs to the floor. Booker hits a flying forearm smash on Knobbs before tagging in Stevie. Ray connects with a big boot and several more strikes in the corner. Stevie comes off the ropes to deliver a forearm shot. Booker backs Knobbs against the ropes and connects with a scissors kick moments later for a two count. Knobbs hammers away on Booker with right hands and tries to reach Sags but is prevented from tagging out. Knobbs comes off the ropes and drops Booker with an axe handle shot. Booker plants Knobbs with a side slam and tags in Ray. Knobbs boots Ray and runs over him with a clothesline. Ray chokes Knobbs against the ropes and tags Booker back in. Ray power slams Knobbs and Booker heads to the top rope missing a somersault leg drop! Knobbs gets to his feet and tags in Sags. Sags cleans house with strikes and clotheslines Ray. Sags slams Booker before hitting a double shoulder block to send Ray to the floor. Sags was going for a pump handle but changed his mind. Knobbs plants Booker with a running power slam. Sherri Martel sprays something until Sags eyes which was apparently perfume and the referee calls for the disqualification. (**. A decent tag team main event with the obvious angle advancement finish. Since these guys are meeting on pay per view it wouldn’t make much sense to give away a clean finish on TV just a few weeks away from the big event.)

16.) Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan close the show hyping up Starrcade which will feature Randy Savage and whether or not he’ll shake Hogan’s hand or slap him in the face. The Nasty Boys come over and Brian Knobbs says he’s coming for Harlem Heat.

Final Thoughts:
I seem to enjoy the interactive themed episodes, but I’m not sure if the voting is necessarily legit. There was a lot going on this week since it was live and the debut of Randy Savage is something I’ll always approve of. After a few lackluster episodes this was refreshing and worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.

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