WCW Saturday Night 12/10/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Alex Wright defeated Mark Starr
2.) Honkytonk Man defeated Alex Davis
3.) Nasty Boys defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Chic Donovan
4.) Harlem Heat defeated The Fantastics
5.) Dave Sullivan defeated George South
6.) Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche defeated Barry Houston & Scott Sandlin
7.) Bunkhouse Buck defeated Brian Armstrong
8.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Vader by disqualification to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony, Bobby and Gene open the show and they talk about WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and the betrayal he suffered when The Butcher turned on him. Heenan doesn’t care about Hogan having a broken heart. He hopes that Butcher gets the job done. “You know why he showed up to the hospital first? Do dig in his pockets!” – Heenan said regarding Hogan visiting Butcher in the hospital first after his accident several years ago that nearly ended Butcher’s career.

2.) Honkytonk Man gets interviewed following his easy victory. Honky doesn’t care where his TV Title match with Johnny B. Badd is happening at, because it’s the last time he wrestles Johnny. Honky is mad that Johnny is still wearing his championship and he has to have it. Honky wants Johnny to get the championship ready for him. He’s going to get the belt at Starrcade.

3.) The Nasty Boys are interviewed following their squash match. They will be wrestling Harlem Heat at Starrcade. Gene accidentally calls Sags Knobbs as Sags tells us that Sherri Martel made a big mistake and she will be visiting Nastyville. Sags suggests Harlem Heat get ready for a fight. Knobbs chimes in and says they like a street fight and tells Sherri she’s gotten herself into a hell of a jam at Starrcade. Knobbs threatens to knock Sherri’s face off.

4.) Fulton and Booker kick off the tag match. Booker backs Fulton against the ropes and taunts him. Fulton dropkicks Booker when he turns his back and avoids Booker afterward. Booker shoves Fulton down to the canvas out of a lockup position. Fulton avoids Booker in the corner and gets shoved down to the mat where Fulton bails to the floor and hits the guard railing. Booker huddles into his corner to get direction from Sherri. Tommy Rogers tags in and Booker delivers a few shots in the corner to drop Rogers. Rogers attempts a springboard cross body but gets caught and Booker hit a backbreaker. Fulton enters to dropkick Rogers onto Booker for a near fall. Rogers knee lifts Booker and tags Fulton back into the contest. Fulton comes off the middle rope with a right hand but Booker cuts him off with a right hand. Stevie Ray tags in and beats on Fulton with strikes knocking him down to the mat. Stevie keeps control of Fulton with a headlock. Stevie shoulder blocks Fulton and Sherri delivers a cheap shot from the floor. Stevie shoulder blocks Fulton and taunts the fans. Fulton kicks Stevie but is unable to shoulder block Ray and settles for a dropkick. Rogers dropkicks Ray too and they deliver a double dropkick on Booker. The Fantastics double team Stevie in the ring as Rogers legally tags in. Rogers hit a top rope double axe handle. Ray knee lifts Rogers and Booker tags in working over Rogers with strikes. Booker holds onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick attempt from Rogers.

Rogers holds onto the ropes to block a DDT attempt by Booker, but Stevie clotheslines Rogers from the apron. Booker sends Rogers over the top to the floor and Stevie nails Tommy with a bicycle kick. Booker scoop slams Rogers and tags in Stevie to keep advantage of the contest. Stevie chokes Rogers on the canvas. Stevie keeps Rogers on the mat with an arm bar looking for a submission. Rogers fights his way out of the hold and tries to tag in Fulton but is prevented from doing so. Booker tags back in and stomps on Rogers. Rogers tries to fight back but Booker just pummels him with strikes in the corner. Stevie tags back into the match and puts Rogers on his shoulders. Booker comes off the top but misses a clothesline and Rogers nearly pins Stevie! Rogers avoids a leg drop and tags in Fulton for the hot tag. Fulton cleans house with strikes but a double boot stops him. Fulton comes off the ropes to hit a dropkick on both men. Fulton avoids Stevie in the corner and the Fantastics monkey flip Stevie out of the corner. Fantastics dropkick Stevie but Sherri gets on the apron. Booker axe handles Fulton while the referee is distracted and Stevie gets the pin. (**1/2. A solid tag match and I find my self really enjoying the Fantastics. I know they are here just to put over heel tag teams, but they are their works is really good.)

5.) Harley Race and Vader make their way out to be interviewed by Gene Okerlund. Race says that Jim Duggan’s career will be coming to an end. That’s because he has angered Vader. Vader says that Duggan stuck his nose in the wrong place. Vader believes that Duggan is fixing to be a former WCW US Champion just like he’s a former All-American and former football player.

6.) Kevin Sullivan and The Butcher are interviewed following their easy victory. Butcher cuts a promo on WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan. He finds it ironic that he will be the man to succeed Hogan and be the man to end Hulkamania once and for all. Kevin Sullivan talks about Mr. T and his destiny. Sullivan believes they will dominate professional wrestling after Starrcade. Sullivan is confident that Butcher will win the WCW World Championship. Sullivan says that Sting would have been a future WCW World Champion but he’s running into a natural disaster in Avalanche. Sullivan also talks about battling Mr. T at Starrcade.

7.) We see footage of Col. Robert Parker and Meng arriving to a police station to bail someone out. He’s there to bail out the Blacktop Bully. Parker says he’ll pay whatever it takes to get his man out. The bail is $75,000 and that’s not a problem for Parker. Parker thought he said $7,500 so he was kind of surprised to hear that. Parker wants to know what he did to get arrested. Apparently, Blacktop was speeding and then assaulted several officers. The officer gives Parker 30 seconds to speak to Blacktop Bully. Parker has a job for Blacktop Bully to do for him and he’s going to get him out of jail. Blacktop doesn’t know if he can trust Parker. Parker has to leave and Bully doesn’t believe that Parker is going to bail him out.

8.) Duggan and Vader lockup with Vader shoving Duggan away to show his clear power advantage. Duggan comes off the ropes looking for a shoulder block but Vader doesn’t budge. Vader attempts a short arm clothesline but Duggan doesn’t budge. Duggan backs Vader into the corner and pummels him with a series of right hand shots. Vader attempts a big splash but misses and Duggan comes off the ropes with a few clotheslines but Vader doesn’t go down. Duggan ducks a few clotheslines and takes Vader down with a cross body. Duggan decks Vader over the top to the floor with a clothesline. Vader is regrouping with Harley Race on the floor. Duggan hammers away on Vader with right hands and ends up clotheslining both Race and Vader on the floor! Vader gets back into the ring and Duggan delivers several right hands. Duggan pulls off Vader’s headgear and continues to pummel him with right hands. Duggan sends Vader into the ropes and connects with a scoop slam! Duggan comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop for a two count. Duggan signals for the running shoulder tackle but Vader cuts him off with a full body blow. Vader beats on Duggan in the corner with several body shots. Duggan fights out of the corner with punches but Vader cuts him off with a power slam. Vader goes to the middle rope and hits a big splash! Vader goes for the cover but Duggan kicks out at two. Vader goes to the middle rope again and hits a second big splash for a near fall. Race chokes Duggan over the middle rope whole the referee is distracted by Vader. Vader sends Duggan into the ropes to deliver another full body strike. Vader taunts the crowd as he has control of the contest. The fans are still heavily behind Duggan.

Vader puts Duggan in a tree of woe in the corner and delivers several right hands to the midsection. Race distracts the referee to allow Vader to step on Duggan’s throat in the corner. Duggan has grabbed his 2×4 and hits Vader in the midsection with it as Vader attempted a splash! Duggan battles back with a series of strikes after blocking a few punch attempts. Duggan pummels Vader in the corner and delivers a headbutt. Vader is sent chest first into the corner and Duggan drives Vader down with a back suplex. Duggan drops Vader with a running clothesline. Race gets punched off the apron and that causes a disqualification. Vader delivers a few big splashes on Duggan to lay him out. Vader also plants Duggan with a reverse power bomb. (***. This was a far better TV match that I was expecting between these two. Their styles work very well together and I enjoyed this main event. Obviously there wasn’t going to be clean finish before the PPV.)

9.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Sting are interviewed alongside Jimmy Hart to close the program. Hogan says that with all the Stingers and Hulksters aligned then they will be the strongest group ever. Hogan is confident that Sting and himself will be victorious at Starrcade. Sting says the only problem they’re going to have is finding a big enough casket for Avalanche. Sting assures us that he’s not taking the match lightly but he’s always at his best when he has butterflies. Hogan is going to lay Butcher to rest in the same hole that Sting slams Avalanche through.

Final Thoughts:
This was a strong episode of Saturday Night as we’re a couple weeks away from Starrcade. TV quality feature matches and they touched upon the big matches the event. It’s simple and it was effective here.

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