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WCW Saturday Night 12/17/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Nasty Boys defeated Bobby Hayes & David Young
2.) Bunkhouse Buck defeated Mark Thorn
3.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Scott Armstrong
4.) Alex Wright defeated Ron Oakes
5.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Ian Weston
6.) Harlem Heat defeated Gary Jackson & Allen Horne
7.) Avalanche defeated Doug Allen & Tommy Stevenson in a handicap match
8.) Honkytonk Man defeated Scott Studd
9.) Vader defeated Dustin Rhodes by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony, Bobby and Gene open up the show and Heenan thinks that Dusty Rhodes is going to carrying his lifeless son out of the arena after Dustin battles Vader in the main event. They don’t know what Randy Savage is going to do at Starrcade. Gene also made fun of Col. Robert Parker for failing to bail out the Blacktop Bully.

2.) The Nasty Boys are interviewed following their victory. Sags says the last thing they are going to do is use wrestling moves at Starrcade against Harlem Heat. It’s going to be a fight there. Sags is going to ram Christmas presents down their throat. Knobbs says again he will smack her around if she gets involved with their match. Knobbs suggests that Pity City will be in Sherri’s future, too.

3.) Col. Robert Parker and Meng have returned to the prison with their hope to get Blacktop Bully out of there. Blacktop’s cell is full of cigarettes and he’s blaming Dustin Rhodes for being in the cell. Blacktop is asking for Col. Robert to bail him out since he didn’t start it. We see a briefcase full of cash to get Blacktop out of the prison. Blacktop gets his clothing and his personal belongings. A female who is part of the government is trying to get answers from Parker but he’s not interested in talking to her. Blacktop is surprised to see his truck and promises to pay back Parker however he can. Parker tells Blacktop he’ll be worth gold when he’s done with him.

4.) Col. Robert Parker is interviewed after Bunkhouse Buck’s victory. Parker believes that Blacktop Bully is a fine piece of talent thinks he’s been wrongly prosecuted. Parker is going to have Blacktop Bully next week on the program to compete in a singles match.

5.) Lord Steven Regal is interviewed following Levesque’s match. Regal says that he as appalled by the quality of wrestlers in America for years but has now come across someone he can see talent in Levesque. Regal says that manners mean everything and that doesn’t happen in America. He believes that if Americans had manners than the country would be so awful.

6.) Harlem Heat with Sherri Martel are interviewed regarding their match with the Nasty Boys at Starrcade. Sherri believes that her men have been severely overlooked by WCW officials. Sherri reminds us that in ten days that Harlem Heat will give them something so hot that the Nasty Boys won’t be able to take it off. Stevie Ray suggests they not try to runaway from them when it gets real hot. Stevie can’t stand the fans in Nashville. Booker T chimes in saying that they thought that the Nasty Boys had enough, but clearly they didn’t. Booker believes they will be the number one tag team after Starrcade.

7.) The Faces of Fear are interviewed after Avalanche got an easy victory. Butcher is ten days away from challenging WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan at Starrcade. Butcher thinks that Hogan must be remembering when Avalanche crushed him and his ribs must be hurting. Butcher thinks anyone who thinks he was in Hogan’s shadow is a fool. Butcher believes it is his destiny to be WCW World Champion. Avalanche talks about Sting being so loved by the fans. When he gets his hands on Sting he’ll be a shooting star who gets smothered. Kevin Sullivan discusses Mr. T and says they are coming to Nashville and Mr. T is going to be an eye witness to history. Kevin declares that Hulkamania is coming to an end and he’ll be the first one in the ring to celebrate it.

8.) Dustin mounts Vader at the start of the match hammering away on Vader with rights and lefts. Dustin tosses Harley Race into the corner and he falls to the floor. Dustin comes off the apron to hit a cross body onto both men and delivers more strikes on both men before getting back into the ring. That was an explosive start to the main event. Vader gets into the ring and Dustin takes Vader over with a snap suplex. Dustin hammers away on Vader with right hands in the corner to drop Vader in the corner. Vader attempts a splash in the corner but Dustin catches him and hits a power slam. Dustin attempts a sunset flip but Vader sits down onto Dustin. Vader comes off the ropes to hit a big splash for a two count. Vader nails Dustin with a clothesline and Race is rooting his man on to finish off Dustin. Vader heads to the middle rope and hits a big splash on Dustin for a near fall. Vader goes to the middle rope but Dustin gets up and kicks Vader a few times on the knee and continues to strike Vader. Dustin comes off the ropes and is met with a body strike from Vader. Vader works over Dustin in the corner with several body shots. Vader connects with a vertical suplex to keep control on Dustin. Dustin fights out of the corner with right hands followed by a few clotheslines but Vader doesn’t go down. Dustin nails Vader with an elbow strike and heads to the top rope. Dustin attempts a cross body but is met with a power slam as Vader caught him in midair. Vader drives Dustin down to the mat with a reverse power bomb. Vader tosses Dustin over the top to the floor.

Harley Race nails Dustin with a knee lift on the floor. Vader goes to the floor and turns Dustin inside out with a clothesline. Vader sends Dustin gut first into the ring apron. Vader attempts a power bomb on the floor but Jim Duggan comes out with a 2×4 and swings at Vader but misses. He does whack Race with it as the heels decide to bail from ringside. (***1/4. The cheap finish was disappointing, but this was a really good match. They work extremely well together and they probably should have worked more together during this era. I would have put Vader over clean here. There’s not really a reason to not put him over. )

9.) Sting comes out for an interview with Gene Okerlund. Sting says he’s had a chip on his shoulder and says that Avalanche has tried to get him out of WCW. Sting is in the mood for giving and happiness since it’s the Christmas season. He can do that by getting rid of Avalanche at Starrcade. Sting says that there isn’t anyone that will be able to get rid of him.

10.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart provide some pre-tape comments to hype up Starrcade. Jimmy Hart wants Hogan to promise him something and wants Hogan to leave him a piece of Butcher. Hogan says he’ll snap Butcher when he gets him in the ring. Hogan tells Jimmy that he’ll have to wait his turn since several other people want a piece of the Butcher. Hogan says that he has Jimmy Hart watching out for the Faces of Fear. Hogan wants Butcher and the Faces of Fear to be ready for him to fight dirty, more so than he has ever done before. Hogan assures us that Hulkamania will live forever after Starrcade. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania destroys you?

Final Thoughts:
Dustin/Vader was a quality match, which didn’t surprise me. They did a fine job of adding some hype to the matches, but the promos are just getting repetitive at this point. The development of Blacktop Bully was enjoyable, too. I thought it was a solid program this week.

Thanks for reading.

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