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WCW Saturday Night 12/24/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Alex Wright defeated George South
2.) Honkytonk Man defeated Mike Thorn
3.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Kenny Kendall
4.) Blacktop Bully defeated Larry Santo
5.) Harlem Heat defeated Davey Rich & Rob Morgan
6.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated The Terrorist
7.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Gary McAlister
8.) Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche defeated Gary Jackson & Bobby Baker

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Three days away from Starrcade 1994! It’s kind of weird that Starrcade took place on a Tuesday, but they probably weren’t going to hold it on Christmas Day.

2.) Tony, Bobby and Gene are on commentary and they promote Starrcade saying it’s the biggest event they’ve ever been apart of. You know, until Superbrawl V, I’m sure. Heenan says that Santa Claus kicked Hogan in the teeth and sided with Butcher for Starrcade.

3.) Alex Wright gets interview time following his victory this week. Wright will be wrestling at Starrcade against Jean Paul Levesque. Wright wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Ever since he was a young kid he wanted to be a pro wrestler in America. However, now Jean Paul Levesque wants to ruin his dream. Wright isn’t going to let that happen. He’s going to be Levesque’s worse nightmare. He is super young and not great with the language yet, so it comes across awkward.

4.) Lord Steven Regal is once again at ringside watching Jean Paul Levesque compete in singles action.

5.) Nasty Boys come out for an interview to talk about their match with Harlem Heat at Starrcade. Sags has a Christmas carol for Harlem Heat. He basically says that it is time for Sherri to smell an armpit. Knobbs says it is time to get nasty and crazy at Starrcade as they are going to shove the Christmas spirit down Harlem Heat’s throat.

6.) This is the official in-ring debut for Blacktop Bully. This sends bad precedent that fans can get in conflicts with wrestlers and then get bailed out of jail by Col. Robert Parker to then lead into a career as a pro wrestler. His finishing move it the Breaker 19. It’s basically a modified arm bar where he pulls up on the opponents arm. It doesn’t look all that painful.

7.) Col. Robert Parker, Blacktop Bully and Meng are interviewed following his easy victory. Parker told Gene that he’d have Bully on the program last week. Parker recalls the jail cell and saw Bully have all the beds and cigarettes for his own use. Bully says that Parker is the only friend he has and doesn’t think he’ll be able to pay the money back, but he’ll break bones. He says he’s been writing letters to WCW to wrestle here for two years but he was deemed too brutal. Finally, someone bit the bait and now he’s here in WCW. Blacktop warns WCW that the Bully is in town.

8.) Harlem Heat and Sherri Martel are interviewed following their easy victory. Sherri thinks it is the perfect time of the year for two little boys to get presents. Sherri believes it took a woman to get the Nasty Boys what they are going to get at Starrcade. She doesn’t seem all that worried about Pity City. Stevie Ray warns Gene to let Sherri talk about the Nasty Boys however she likes. Booker says the Nasty Boys are going down and going down hard. They will take them out once and for all.

9.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan is interviewed following his easy victory. Duggan doesn’t see Vader or Harley Race around tonight. Duggan wants them to look at who is staring them in the eyes. He keeps on throwing down his 2×4 and one of these days he’ll nail Gene with it. Duggan thinks that Vader is a coward who runs from his challenge when he comes out here. Duggan says that Race has a heart like a piece of coal and says he’s not going anywhere. He’s coming for them both and he promises to take them both down.

10.) The Faces of Fear are interviewed after their victorious tag team match. Butcher thinks that Hulk Hogan should be happy about passing the torch to the New Generation. Butcher says this is all of Hogan’s fault and Hulkamania will die at Starrcade. Avalanche is going to send Sting to the emergency and he’ll go down as the killer of the Giant Killer. Kevin Sullivan isn’t even going to talk about Mr. T but rather focuses on Hulk Hogan. Sullivan isn’t going to leave the title match to chance.

11.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart cut a promo to close the program. Hogan says he’s getting tired of what is coming out of Hart’s mouth. He knows that Starrcade is the biggest event for WCW. They are mentioning New Generation a lot on the show. Hogan says that promoters from NYC are trying to get front row seats, but that’s not happening. Hogan tells a story of his son Nick praying that his father survive his match against Butcher. Hogan says there is no way he’ll be defeated at Starrcade when all his fans are dependent on him. Hogan knows that Butcher can’t beat him one on one. Hogan is going to make sure Butcher says he’s the greatest wrestler in the world.

12.) The 12/31 Saturday Night program is a Year In Review special episode that I won’t cover. So, this concludes 1994 Saturday Night!

Final Thoughts:
As expected, the show was heavy on promo work and they just repeated the same stuff they’ve been saying for several weeks now. It’s probably the weakest Starrcade to date and that’s a difficult thing to accomplish since they do have a pretty good roster to work with here. There’s nothing here to add anything to Starrcade and I felt like it took forever to get through.

Thanks for reading.

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