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CWA TV 4/25/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 4/25/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Opening Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Tony Burton: Lawler doesn’t have any trouble Burton and is able to win the match following a middle rope fist drop.

A music video promoting the feud between Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship is shown. The video uses “The Final Countdown” and is probably the best choice for the video.

Lance Russell brings out Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett for an interview. Jarrett is wearing a neck brace. Travis thanks Jarrett for putting his money and career on the line for him. Travis notes that his father passed away last year and needs to take care of his mother and has to stay close. Travis sat at home for two weeks and didn’t know what to do. Travis credits Jarrett and Lawler for their friendship to get him back here. Travis considers Paul Diamond to be a piece of scum. He promises to beat Diamond up real bad. Jarrett notes that two weeks ago he was put on a stretcher for the first time. Jarrett knows that people were trying to hurt him last week. Jarrett tells Pat Tanaka that he didn’t get the job done and he’s not going anywhere. Jarrett and Tanaka will be wrestling in a stretcher match. Jarrett says Tanaka better say his prayers because he’ll need them.

A music video promoting the feud between Jeff Jarrett and Pat Tanaka is shown.

Second Contest: Chic Donovan vs. David Haskins: Paul E. Dangerously is with Chic Donovan. Dangerously tells a story about being at the beach with Austin Idol and they ran into Chic Donovan. Dangerously distracted the referee to prevent a few pin attempts on Donovan. Chic wins the match with a swinging neckbreaker.

Downtown Bruno is with his group to cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis. Bruno doesn’t think it is fair for Billy Travis to be back in the CWA. Bruno is confident that Jarrett and Travis will be coming to an end soon enough. Paul Diamond doesn’t understand why Russell and everyone is lying. They all knew Travis was under the mask. Diamond is an honest guy and it had nothing to do about the money. Diamond says that Travis is a two-time loser and this is the only place Travis can be. Diamond thinks that Travis will need a coffin when he’s done with him. Tanaka wants Jarrett to say his prayers and promises that Jarrett will be through with wrestling. Bruno is wearing a t-shirt that says Jeff Jarrett stinks.

Third Contest: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer: Diamond and Tanaka win the match after Tanaka delivered a DDT. After the match, Diamond spikes Trailer with a piledriver. Several wrestlers leave the locker room to make the save. Eddie Marlin comes out to confront Tanaka on the floor to restore order.

Downtown Bruno comes out again with Big Bubba and Goliath. Lance Russell makes sure to point them out as former AWA Southern Tag Team Champions. Bruno wants to know why they can’t get a rematch for the titles. Bruno doesn’t care who they have to wrestle because they’ll beat them to get a rematch. Bruno decides to compete in the match with Goliath.

Fourth Contest: Downtown Bruno & Goliath vs. Ron Nation & David Johnson: As expected, Goliath does all the actual wrestling managing to hit a middle rope splash. Bruno enters to run the ropes but then settles for a simple cover to end the match.

The Hunter comes out with Bambi and Hunter lets us know that Bambi is with him and is going to stay with him. Hunter says that Alan West took advantage of Bambi. Hunter considers Bambi to be his prized possession and she belongs to him and nobody else. Hunter had to put Bambi up as a prize in order to get another match with Alan West. Hunter calls out Alan West, and West makes his way out to confront Hunter. Hunter calls West a coward for kissing Bambi. Hunter wants to fight West in the ring. Hunter cheap shots West and they trade strikes on the floor with West getting the better of the exchange. Here comes Shma, Helo and Jack Hart to attack West. Johnson, Jones and Starr come out to cause a brawl.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rocky Johnson, Soul Train Jones, Alan West & Mark Starr vs. Shima, Mr. Helo, Jack Hart & The Hunter: All eight men are brawling in the ring. West and Hart start off the match, but West is quickly backed into a corner and is worked over a few times. West tosses Shima with a slam before tagging in Starr. Hunter enters the match wanting West. Hunter delivers a knee lift to control Starr. Hart takes Starr over with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Shima returns to the match delivering a few strikes on Starr. Starr almost wins with a sunset flip. Johnson gets tagged in to work over Shima for a few moments. Johnson hits a press slam and all eight men are in the ring brawling again. West and Hunter go to the floor to brawl and Hunter tosses West over the commentary table. West slams Hunter onto the table. Tojo is chased by Rocky Johnson. West slams Hunter on the concrete floor. This match has been thrown out.

Final Thoughts:
I found myself uninterested in the majority of what they presented. Downtown Bruno really sucks the joy out of watching the show for me at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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