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WCW Power Hour 1/4/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Power Hour

1.) WCW Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes defeated Buddy Lee Parker & Greg Sawyer
2.) Vader defeated Larry Corey
3.) Rick Steiner defeated Sonny Trout
4.) Sting defeated Mr. Hughes
5.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude defeated Larry Santo
6.) Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton defeated PN News & Tom Zenk

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sting dropkicks Hughes a couple of times to start the match. Sting misses a crossbody and goes to the floor, but lands on his feet. Sting clotheslines Hughes over the top to the floor. Sting rolls Hughes back into the ring to maintain control of the contest. Sting scoop slams Hughes and heads to the top rope, but Hughes blocks a splash with his knees. Hughes focuses his attack on Sting’s left knee. Hughes slams Sting followed by an elbow drop to the knee. Hughes rubs the left knee and presses down onto the knee. Hughes delivers an elbow drop to the left knee as Sting struggles to get to his feet. Sting hammers away on Hughes, but Hughes eye rakes Sting and shoves Sting to the mat. Hughes continues to stomp on Sting’s left knee some more. Hughes hammers away on Sting in the corner and works over the knee some more. Hughes eye rakes Sting again and threatens the referee. Sting backdrops Hughes coming off the ropes. Hughes cuts Sting off with more strikes to the knee. Hughes elbow drops Sting on the leg and keeps leg control on the mat. Sting nails Hughes with a kick to the head. Sting puts a figure four on Hughes in the middle fo the ring. Hughes manages to rollover and the hold is broken. Hughes misses a splash in the corner. Sting atomic drops Hughes to followup on the advantage. Sting hammers away on Hughes in the corner. Sting continues to kick Hughes and tries a sunset flip, but Hughes is in ropes. Hughes catches Sting on a crossbody, but falls anyway and Sting wins the match. (*. Well, Hughes is not very good at controlling the match and providing fun offense. This was a mostly slow and plodding match with the knee work not holding my interest at all.)

2.) Missy Hyatt hosts a segment called Missy Does The Mail. Hyatt talks about Sting being attacked by the Dangerous Alliance recently. She claims her producers tried to prevent her from showing the footage. Well, it is her show and she wants to show the footage and we see it. Rude delivered the Rude Awakening on the stage and was sent into the railing. Sting is handcuffed to the railing and continues to be attacked by the Dangerous Alliance. Rude hit Sting with a cast on the knee several times. Sting was apparently knocked out and wasn’t selling the strikes to the knee.

3.) Anderson and News kickoff the main event. News uses his backside to hit Anderson in the midsection and drops Arn to the mat. Anderson stomps News on the left knee and tries for a slam, but News counters with a slam. News hammers away on Anderson in the corner. Anderson knee lifts News in the corner and goes to the floor. News tries to slam Arn, but Anderson jumps onto News back for a sleeper. News rams Anderson back first into the corner. News does a cartwheel and dropkicks Arn to avoid a backdrop. Anderson rolls to the floor to regroup with Dangerously and Eaton. Eaton tags into the match to try his luck with News. Eaton works over News in the corner with a few strikes. News hip tosses Eaton out of the corner and rolls onto Eaton before decking Anderson off the apron. Zenk tags into the match as Eaton stalls in the corner. Zenk controls Eaton with a wrist lock. Zenk runs the ropes and dropkicks Eaton before keeping arm control on the mat.

Eaton eye rakes Zenk and Anderson tags in but is met with an arm drag. Zenk decks Anderson to the floor with a right hand. Anderson rolls back into the ring and is met with a sleeper. Anderson breaks free and they counter each other on the mat until Anderson has a head scissors on Zenk. Zenk breaks free and decks Anderson before locking in the figure four. Eaton comes off the top rope to deliver an axe handle. Eaton tags in and Zenk takes Eaton over with a suplex. News tags in and hammers away on Eaton in the corner. News elbows Anderson on the apron. News sends Eaton into the corner and misses a splash. Eaton drops News with a right hand. Anderson returns to the match and hammers away on News. Anderson strikes News in the midsection and delivers a knee drop to the ribs. Eaton comes off the top to strike News and chokes News over the middle rope. Anderson hits News with Dangerously’s cellphone. Anderson returns to the match and works over the left knee of News and uses Eaton for extra leverage. Eaton knee drops News several times. News kicks Eaton away and tries to tag in Zenk, but is stopped.

Anderson begins to trade strikes with News. News hammers away on Arn and is stopped from making the tag again. News fights off Eaton and sends Eaton into Anderson. News begins to crawl and tags in Zenk. Zenk cleans house with right hands. Zenk backdrops Eaton and kicks Anderson. Zenk nails Eaton with a kick to the jaw. Zenk goes to the top and hits a crossbody on Eaton for a two count. Zenk has a rollup on Eaton, but Anderson delivers a left hand allowing Eaton to win the match with a rollup. (*1/2. They got a bunch of time and it was okay for what it was. I’d say that was better than I ever expected it to be. Eaton and Anderson carried this encounter.)

Final Thoughts:
I was hoping for Sting/Hughes to be a little more enjoyable than what was provided. So, this is a bit of a disappointing episode of Power Hour.

Thanks for reading.

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