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CWA TV 4/18/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 4/18/1987
From: Memphis, TN

The Hunter comes out and cuts a promo on Alan West saying that West kissed Bambi, which the fans. Hunter is going to pull back Alan’s lips back and choke Alan with his own tongue. Hunter blames Lance Russell for this and Hunter says that there wasn’t any security around to keep Bambi safe.

Opening Contest: The Hunter vs. Ed Mattox: As expected, Hunter doesn’t have much of an issue with Mattox. Hunter wins the match following a powerslam.

Second Contest: Alan West vs. Red Demon: West showcases his skills for a few moments before winning the match with a leaping forearm smash.

Lance Russell interviews Alan West following his match. West says there was a little bit of kissing last week and claims that Bambi kissed him. West thinks he is a better wrestler, fighter and kisser than Hunter. West suggests he might steal Hunter’s girl.

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Austin Idol and Paul E. Dangerously cut a promo regarding a match with Jerry Lawler in Evansville, Dangerously says if they have to take Lawler out then they will have to do that. Idol says nobody has escaped his hands for the past seven years. Idol doesn’t care where it is or where he has to climb to get a baseball bat to use it on Lawler. Idol is going to take Lawler out in 1987.

Lance Russell interviews Downtown Bruno, Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. Jeff Jarrett has put everything out there to get a match for Billy Travis to return. Bruno doesn’t care because it will never happen.

We see pre-tape comments from Jeff Jarrett who is sporting a neck brace and highlights the feud saying that Billy Travis has been sent out of the town thanks to his mask being removed. Jarrett doesn’t understand how Tanaka and Diamond have become friends, but that’s because money talks. Jarrett has saved up $5,000 and has a new offer. Jarrett will put the money on the line to take on both Tanaka and Diamond. The match has a ten minute time limit. Bruno doesn’t think he has much of anything to gain from this offer. Bruno thinks more money would be ideal so they can make more money. Jerry Lawler enters the scene to confront Bruno. Lawler says that Travis could go anywhere to wrestle, but Travis recently had his father passed away and his mother lives alone. So, Travis isn’t going to go anywhere else. Lawler wants Bruno to have something to gain from the match. Lawler puts $5,000 of his own money to make the match happen. Eddie Marlin enters the scene and suggests they just drop the match. Lawler tells Marlin that Jarrett is a man and wants the match. Marlin says a handicap match is dangerous and doesn’t want an injury that happened to Lawler earlier to happen to Jarrett. Eventually, the contract is signed. Lawler reveals he’ll be in Jarrett’s corner for the match and won’t get involved as long as they legally tag in and out of the match. Lawler will beat their brains in if they get involved illegally. The heels aren’t happy with this news.

Lance Russell interviews the new AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rocky Johnson and Soul Train Jones. Johnson says they won a hard fought match and they will be champions for a long time. Jones says they go together like corn flakes and milk. There is a Pittsburgh Street Rumble coming up soon. Johnson says they can rumble and they don’t care what is used, because they will be there to compete.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rocky Johnson & Soul Train Jones vs. Keith Eric & The Thunderbird: Johnson wins the match following a sunset flip from the apron into the ring.

Lance Russell interviews Downtown Bruno, Big Bubba and Goliath. Bruno has the rebel flag. Brown says that there is going to be a civil war because that’s what Johnson and Jones want. Bruno says they don’t understand what a Pittsburgh Rumble is. Bruno shows off some stitches he got due to a real fight in Pittsburgh. They are going to get even in the rumble match.

Fourth Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. David Haskins & Freezer Thompson: In short time, Goliath wins the match following a splash onto Thompson.

Jerry Lawler cut a pre-tape promo regarding his baseball bat on a pole match with Austin Idol. Lawler’s going to use the bat on Idol and leave him in a pool of his own blood.

Main Event: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. David Haskins & John Paul: There are a few moments of John Paul getting some offense in, but this isn’t going to lead to an upset. After the match, Haskins gets spiked with a piledriver. Eddie Marlin comes down to ringside. A few enhancement guys run into the ring to make the save.

Final Thoughts:
The segment with Jarrett and Bruno to get Billy Travis back into the area felt a little long. I’m not sure if Billy Travis is that popular to warrant this kind of attention. The show was okay, but not as strong as previous weeks.

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