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Rebooking The WWF: Week 34, 1994

WWF RAW 8/22/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Greg Williams in 2:08 following a diving head butt.
2. The Quebecers defeated Men on a Mission in 7:16 when Pierre pinned Mabel after a DDT.
3. Doink the Clown Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Doink the Clown about his match at Summer Slam against Bob Holly. Doink says he is glad that his prank on the race track didn’t cause the end of Holly’s career, because he will get better joy in ending Bob’s career inside the ring live on pay per view in front of millions of people. Doink says after Summer Slam nobody will be able to cheer the fans up after the punishment they witness by him on Bob Holly this coming Monday night!
4. Mr. Perfect defeated Vince Stevenson in 2:34 with the Perfect Plex.
5. Kings Court w/Rick Martel: Jerry Lawler conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel and Tamera. Martel talks to Lawler about his reign as champion and how nobody thought he would be champion for as long as he has been. Everyone thought that Razor Ramon would beat him, but he didn’t. Now, everyone believes that Scott Steiner, a mainly tag team wrestler, is going to beat a veteran in Rick Martel. Martel tells us that everyone who doubts him will be in for yet another surprise because the WWF Intercontinental Championship isn’t going to be going anywhere. Scott Steiner doesn’t have a fraction of the talent that the Model has and he will make sure Steiner fails at his moment in the spotlight.
6. Marty Jannetty fought Hunter Hearst Helmsley to a double count out in 3:11 when both Ron Simmons and Bob Backlund caused a brawl.
7. King Yokozuna defeated Matt Hardy in 2:15 following the Bonzai Drop
8. The Undertaker Interview: Paul Bearer mainly does the talking as he talks about how King Yokozuna is surely the biggest challenge the Undertaker has had to compete against, but he believes in his Undertaker to overcome the odds and retain the prized WWF World Championship. Yokozuna is stepping into the ring with a dark soul and will be leaving the arena inside a dark, cold, casket just like hundreds of others have. Undertaker chimes in and tells Yokozuna that he will rest in peace at Summer Slam.
9. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeated The Heavenly Bodies in 4:10 when Hogan pinned Pritchard with a leg drop. After the match, The Dynasty came out and viciously attacked Hogan and Savage until Mr. Perfect ran out with a chair to make the save hitting Jarrett and Norton over the back.
10. Ted DiBiase defeated Scott Taylor in 2:06 with the Million Dollar Dream.
11. British Bulldog Interview: Vince McMahon talks with British Bulldog about what happened last week on RAW when DiBiase embarrassed his ex-wife on national television. Bulldog says that everyone knows that DiBiase is an evil person who incapable of caring about anyone or anything other than his own personal wealth. Bulldog admits he hasn’t talked to Diana and has no interest in doing so because he believes in karma and she got what she deserved. Nonetheless, this coming Monday DiBiase will pay the ultimate price for everything DiBiase has done over the past year and beat him so bad that DiBiase will leave the WWF.
12. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated IRS by disqualification in 4:05 when Jerry Lawler interfered.
13. Summer Slam Hype Video: The video promotes the Mega Powers/Dynasty, Bret/Luger, and the Yoko/Taker matches taking place at the event.
14. Razor Ramon & Bret Hart defeated Carlos Vega & Lex Luger in 11:44 when Hart made Vega submit to the Sharpshooter. After the match, Hart and Ramon celebrated the win and Hart taunted Luger as the show came to an end.

WWF Superstars 8/27/1994
1. The Smoking Gunns defeated Dale Riggle & Dan Zito in 3:41 with Billy pinned Riggle.
2. Ted DiBiase Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with DiBiase about what he did on RAW last week to Diana. DiBiase tells us that he would never settle down with a Hart family member. That entire family makes him sick to his stomach. He did what he did because he can. She fell for his money and he took advantage of that. For several months he ruined Bret’s life and now he has forever ruined the marriage between the British Bulldog and Diana! DiBiase tells McMahon that his career will not come to an end on Monday, instead he thinks that Bulldog will be far too distracted and as per usual, the British Bulldog will lose when it comes to a big time match with the Million Dollar Man!
3. Jerry Lawler defeated Mike Bell in 2:24 with a piledriver. During the match, Bam-Bam Bigelow shared a pre-tape promo saying that he is going to shut Lawler up at Summer Slam.
4. Scott Steiner Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Scott Steiner about Summer Slam. Steiner notes that he isn’t as experienced as Rick Martel in singles action but he is the better wrestler as proven by their match at King of the Ring, which Scott won. Now, in just two days his superior skill will reward him with the WWF Intercontinental Championship, something he had always dreamt about. Steiner says he dedicating the match to his injured brother Rick Steiner and when he comes back fully healthy the Steiner Brothers will regain the WWF World Tag Team Championships, but in the meantime he is going to rearrange the Model’s face and win some gold in the process.
5. Tatanka defeated Chris Joseph in 2:05 following a Samoan Drop.
6. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Fatu in 6:39 with the Boston Crab.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/28/1994
1. Sionne defeated Frank Davidson in 2:05 following a middle rope shoulder block.
2. WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated Tim York & Greg Timmons in 2:13 when Diesel pinned Timmons
3. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Mike Sharpe in 2:04 following a moonsault.
4. Ron Simmons defeated Ludvig Borga in 9:11 following a spine buster.


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