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CWA TV 1/24/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 1/24/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and rundown what will be seen. They talk about the Jerry Lawler situation where Lawler got ruptured testicle thanks to an attack by Tommy Rich and Austin Idol.

After a commercial break, Russell talks about the Lawler situation a little more until Jonathan Boyd and the Sheepherders come out to cut Russell off. Boyd doesn’t make much sense as he’s just putting over his cousins for the most part.

Opening Contest: The Sheepherders vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer: It’s a dominating performance by the Sheepherders. They win following a double gut buster. After the match, the Sheepherders beat on their opponents with a steel chair. They try for the flagpole strike over a chair, but the Fabulous Ones slide into the ring and make the save attacking the Sheepherders! They fight backstage and go outside to the parking lot to continue fighting. Boyd stands in the way with a board to allow his guys to jump in a car and they drive away.

The Fabulous Ones return to the studio and are interviewed. Stan Lane apologizes for not being in the area before, but was laid out due to the Sheepherders. Lane says their issues started in 1983 and they have been following the Sheepherders all over the world. We see footage of the two teams fighting in Tampa. Steve Keirn was handcuffed to the ropes and Keirn says that the Sheepherders are only focused on taking wrestlers out and not winning matches. Keirn says they take a lot of pride being from the USA. They aren’t going to let the USA down. Lane wants to burn the Australia flag. Eddie Marlin enters the scene and says he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. Keirn wants to burn the flag at the Coliseum.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show and has Downtown Bruno with him alongside Goliath and Big Bubba. Bruno talks about a purse on a pole match and how Boy Tony has beaten Tracy Smothers many times at this point. Goliath and Big Bubba will be challenging AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis. They are quite confident that they will not lose to Jarrett and Travis. Bruno talks about a women’s match briefly and puts over the Daughters of Darkness.

Second Contest: Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. Randy & Robert Bryant: RPMs have obviously lost the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships in the last chance match. I’d imagine they are not too happy about it. RPMs focused on Randy’s arm, which had a cast on it. Robert gets a hot tag and gets a few seconds of offense before an elbow stops him. RPMs hit the slam/backbreaker combo and they win the match.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Tarzan Goto: Jarrett and Goto start the match with Jarrett getting control with an arm drag. Travis gets tagged in and comes off the middle rope to deliver a strike. Goto gets a few strikes on Travis to get control of the match. Goto drops Travis with a standing spin kick. Tojo works over Travis with a headbutt and more strikes. Travis fights back with a few right hands. Goto enters and overhand chops Travis to regain control for his team. Goto tries to get a cover, but Travis kicks out. Travis gets a sunset flip on Goto, but Tojo breaks the cover. All four men are brawling in the ring until the RPMs slide into the ring and attack the champions. Goto gets pushed off the top by Soul Train Jones. Jones and the tag champs clean house on the heels. (*. Obviously this was just an angle advancement and it actually gave Soul Train a good pop for seemingly the first time since he’s arrived to the area.)

Soul Train Jones heads over to Lance Russell for an interview. Jones says that he will never allow Japan to do what they did a long time ago, and mentions dropping bombs. Jones says that the people have helped him retain the title. He’ll be defending against Tarzan Goto on Tuesday. They show the address to be part of Soul Train’s fan club.

Tojo Yamamoto and Tarzan Goto come over for an interview. Tojo says that Goto is going to beat Soul Train Jones and make him “red, white black and blue”. Goto speaks in Japanese and probably says some aggressive things towards Jones.

Daughters of Darkness come over and they cut a promo. They cut a promo on Debbie Combs and it’s difficult to really understand what the hell they are talking about.

Fourth Contest: Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston) vs. Keith Roberson & Keth Eric: Daughters of Darkness have remained at ringside and are causing distractions so that the match can’t begin. Luna decks Randy Hales on the floor. Hales gets taken down to the floor and is attacked some more. Winston hits a snap suplex on Roberson early on and Bryant hit a Samoan Drop. Winston nails Eric with a big boot and an elbow drop. Winston continues with a powerslam for the win.

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis chat with Lance Russell while promoting the Evansville show. They are taking on Goliath and Big Bubba and they think their speed will play a factor in them retaining the titles. Travis lets us know that they will retain the titles. Russell also wants to talk about the battle royal that the women will be involved. Jarrett thinks they need to wrestle the match and see what happens. Travis says that a few of the women look like men.

Downtown Bruno and Boy Tony come out for an interview. Bruno is mad about the double standard with women and Tony denies that he needs to use the purse.

Main Event: Paul Diamond, Tracy Smothers, Ed Mattox & John Paul vs. Big Bubba, Goliath, Boy Tony & Downtown Bruno: Goliath and Diamond start the match with Goliath sending Diamond into the corner. Goliath goes chest first into the corner after missing a splash. Diamond hits a middle rope dropkick for a two count. Bubba elbow drops his own partner on accident. Bubba is dropkicked by Diamond and Smothers. Bubba works over Paul with a scoop slam out of the corner. Everyone starts brawling with Paul chasing Bruno outside the ring. Bubba covers Mattox after a splash and gets the win.

Tracy Smothers is interviewed by Lance Russell. Smothers says Boy Tony isn’t a man and knows that he can beat him. Smothers is going to treat the purse like a baseball bat and hit a home-run on Tony.

Footage of Randy Hales going to Jerry Lawler’s doctor to find out what kind of injury Lawler has suffered. The doctor says that Lawler suffered a severe groin injury. Hales asks if the injury is career threatening. The doctor says Lawler needs to rest, but if he comes back too soon it could cause some issues. Hales will return next week to find out more information on Lawler’s injury. That came across rather awkward.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode for TV this week as they touched on the big feuds and seem to have a decent card for the next Monday show. Fabulous Ones/Sheepherders may be the best tag team feud that I’ve covered thus far in Memphis. There’s about to be a lot of blood loss and I’m for sure intrigued.

Thanks for reading.

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