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CWA TV 3/14/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 3/14/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell welcomes everyone to the show as this show is another syndicated version. We’ll be seeing old footage of a match between Jerry Lawler and Hulk Hogan. Lawler made his entrance on a white horse. They show highlights of the match. It’s honestly a little bizarre to see Hogan working a match as a heel during the peak of his popularity. The match ended in a disqualification when Jimmy Hart got involved and attacked Lawler. Lawler fought back and dropped Hart with a right hand.

Downtown Bruno is with Big Bubba, Goliath and Pat Tanaka. Tanaka has turned heel and is wearing sunglasses indoors. Bruno says that Jeff Jarrett made a big mistake ditching Tanaka. Bruno says they are going to prove themselves in the ring.

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Austin Idol says that Jerry Lawler is half a man hiding behind partners. Idol considers himself the best partner Lawler ever hid behind. Idol insists he asked for the singles match and wanted to put the gold on the line.

Opening Contest: Lord Humongous vs. The Masked Patriot: Austin Idol was with Humongous for this match, which took place at the Mid-South Coliseum. Humongous wears a full hockey mask that covers his face. Idol distracted Patriot with a promo on the floor allowing Humongous to attack from behind. Humongous wins the match quickly with a clothesline. (NR. With the association of Austin Idol, I’m assuming he’ll play a part in the feud with Lawler. This is Sid Vicious making his debut in Memphis and he looked really awkward in there.)

A music video of the AWA Tag Team Champions Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) is shown.

Second Contest: Pat Tanaka & Alan West vs. Jonathan Boyd & The Hunter: West and Hunter run the ropes until West goes to the floor going towards Bambi. West atomic drops Hunter into the ring post shoulder first. Tanaka and Boyd enter the match with Boyd working over Tanaka with strikes. Hunter tags in to deliver some strikes on Tanaka. Tanaka ducks a clothesline to chop Hunter to a corner. Hunter gets control on West with a snap suplex and tags in Boyd to keep control of the match. West continues to be worked over by the heels. West avoids a backdrop and tags in Tanaka. Tanaka continues to work over Hunter with chops and an elbow drop. Boyd and Hunter pummel Tanaka with strikes for several moments. Hunter slams Tanaka. Tanaka drops Boyd with a savant kick. West gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes. All four men are in the ring brawling. West forearms Boyd and gets the win. (1/2*. They didn’t do a lot here as it kept to mostly strikes. Kind of weird placement to have Tanaka in a match as a face after being part of a heel interview, though.)

Third Contest: Jerry Lawler & Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Rough & Ready: This match took place in the studio. As expected, Lawler and Bigelow dominate the match. Bigelow wins following a big splash.

Downtown Bruno is interviewed in the studio with Goliath and Big Bubba with him. Bruno is happy that Billy Travis is gone and they don’t have to worry about him. Bruno says that Pat Tanaka is finally getting some smarts and isn’t going to comment on that situation more. They are the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions and they are better than everyone else.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Big Bubba & Goliath vs. David Haskins & Freezer Thompson: Similar to the prior tag match, Goliath and Bubba dominate this match. Goliath wins the match following a middle rope splash.

Lance Russell interviews Jeff Jarrett, who will be wrestling Pat Tanaka. Jarrett is upset that he lost the titles but also because Travis had to leave the town. Jarrett is coming after Tanaka.

Soul Train Jones and Bam-Bam Bigelow are coming to Evansville to break some heads.

Jerry Lawler will be in singles action against AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Austin Idol. Lawler is going to do what Idol did to him. Lawler’s is out to get some revenge. He’ll sacrifice not getting the title back as long as he sends Idol to the hospital.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett, Alan West, JT Southern, Paul Diamond & Mark Starr vs. Shima, Tarzan Goto, Tojo Yamamoto, The Hunter & Boy Tony: Jarrett nails Goto with a dropkick for the early advantage. Shima tags in and Starr helps Jarrett with a double dropkick. Starr hits an arm drag causing Shima to roll to the floor. Starr knocks Hunter off the apron after being sent into the ropes. Hunter tags in and works over Starr with several strikes. Starr dropkicks Hunter and Tony gets tagged into the match. West comes off the middle rope to hit an axe handle, but Tony fights back briefly. West slams Tony followed by a dropkick. Hunter returns to the match. Hunter stops West with a backbreaker and snap suplex. Shima tags back in and hammers away on West followed by a scoop slam. West quickly comes back with a press slam.

Tojo tags in and beats on West with strikes. Goto enters to beat on West some more but misses a chop in the corner. Diamond enters the match and backdrops Goto. Diamond clotheslines Goto but gets cutoff quickly. Tony is in the match keeping control of Diamond with a front face lock. Tony comes off the ropes and runs into a double back elbow. Southern gets in the match to take Tony over with a suplex. Southern backdrops Tony followed by a poor hip toss. Hunter and Southern trade a few strikes. Hunter knee lifts Southern followed by a back elbow. West slams Hunter for a two count. The match breaks loose with everyone brawling. Bambi got into the ring and that caused a disqualification. Hunter saves Bambi from West in the corner to end the segment. (*1/2. Considering there was ten guys in the match they had to keep the match at a constant pace. I enjoyed it for the most part.)

Final Thoughts:
Interesting to see what Lord Humongous could do in Memphis. Idol/Lawler still comes across as being a strong feud.

Thanks for reading.

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