CWA TV 3/21/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 3/21/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown rundown what we’ll see on the program this week. Looks like we are back to the studio edition, which is ideal.

Downtown Bruno comes out with Boy Tony and Pat Tanaka for an interview with Lance Russell. Bruno says that Tanaka is where he belongs at the top. Fans are calling Bruno a weasel. Tanaka says that Jarrett couldn’t handle it on Monday. Tanaka is wearing a bandana now to signify his new attitude. Boy Tony claims he got involved because nobody will put their hands on Bruno.

Opening Contest: Pat Tanaka & Boy Tony vs. Robert Bryant & Freezer Thompson: Lance Russell reveals during this match that the disqualification rule coming off the top rope has now been lifted. Tanaka has different red tights. Tanaka and Tony have a decent length of a match where they control the majority of the action. Tanaka wins the match following a German suplex on Bryant.

Lance Russell conducts an interview with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett heard everything that Bruno said and says he has proved to everyone that he can handle himself in a singles match. However, when the numbers overcome him Jarrett needs a partner. Jarrett thought he had a great team with Billy Travis, but has found a new partner. Jarrett brings out the BT Express, and it’s a masked wrestler. He literally has the same music as Billy Travis. Obviously, it’s Billy Travis under a mask.

Downtown Bruno comes out with his guys and they are pissed because they know it is Billy Travis. Eddie Marlin comes out and says that the masked wrestler came to him and wanted to work in the area. Marlin claims he doesn’t know that it is Billy Travis. So, Bruno has to prove to Marlin that the masked wrestler is Billy Travis.

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett & BT Express vs. Rough & Ready: Russell and Brown are talking about how BT Express does have a similar look and style of wrestling that Billy Travis has. Jarrett wins the match following a standing dropkick.

Third Contest: Jerry Lawler & Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. The Medics: Lawler wins the match after maybe twenty-seconds following a powerslam. Bigelow kept a sleeper hold on the other Medic and follows up with several splashes.

Lance Russell is with Sue Gatewood is from Wax Works, which sells VHS. She is here to plug Jerry Lawler’s VHS tapes, which has a second volume. She insists that fans call retailers to make sure they get the tapes into their stores.

Fourth Contest: Lord Humungous vs. Ed Mattox: Humungous hits a press slam early on and a powerslam to counter a crossbody. Humungous wins the match with a clothesline.

Lance Russell interviews Tojo and Shima. Apparently, Tarzan Goto has left the area. They are going to eliminate all the teams. He actually forgets Paul Diamond name, the same guy who they broke his leg. The new man is Mr. Helo. Tojo lists Lawler, Bigelow, Diamond, Jarrett and everyone who gets in their way will take them out.

Fifth Contest: Mr. Helo & Shima vs. Benny Trailer & Jerry Garmen: Garmen gets a few moments of shine on Shima, but that quickly ends. Helo gets the pin on Garmen to end the enhancement match.

Jerry Lawler comes out to bring out Sawyer Brown as they will have a concert in Memphis. Russell mentions that the concert will be over by the time this airs.

Lance Russell interviews JT Southern, Brickhouse Brown, Soul Train Jones and Alan West to promote a two ring battle royal. West is sick and tired of the Hunter and says he’s going to win the $5,000 if he’s in there with Hunter.

Hunter comes out and says that Bambi only ever gets involved to get debris out of the ring so that Hunter doesn’t get hurt. West suggests he’ll put his hands on Bambi and that leads to a brawl between West and Hunter. Bambi helps Hunter and Hunter beats West with Bambi’s shoe. West has been busted wide open. The other three guys that West was just with decide to finally come over to make the save.

Main Event: Brickhouse Brown, Alan West, JT Southern & Soul Train Jones vs. Goliath, Big Bubba, Jonathan Boyd & The Hunter: West has not come back out for the match since he got busted wide open just moments ago. There’s only five minutes left in the match. So, this is going to be quick one. Brown gets met with a dropkick by Boyd leading to Goliath getting tagged in. Brown beats on Goliath with a few strikes in the corner. Jones gets tagged in and hammers away on Goliath. Jones tries for a clothesline, but Goliath only staggers. Bubba clotheslines Jones followed by a backbreaker. Bubba continues with a snap suplex on Jones. West slides into the ring and goes after Hunter and that leads to everyone brawling, which was expected to happen.

Hunter and West brawl at the commentary table. West beats on Hunter with a chair and chokes Hunter on the floor. Hunter drops West with a chair shot and uses his flag on West. They brawl on the floor to end the segment. (1/2*. Just the typical brawling involving a bunch of people to get them some airtime. The stuff between West and Hunter has gotten my attention.)

Final Thoughts:
The Billy Travis angle is not something I’m a fan of. It’s not a new angle and it’s not going to be effective for a lower midcard act. Overall, this felt like a skippable week to me.

Thanks for reading.

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