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CWA TV 3/28/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show and rundown what we’ll see on the program. There will be an AWA Southern Tag Team Championship match.

Downtown Bruno comes out with the tag champs and Bruno talks about how they will be defending against a top team after everyone claimed they never do that. Bruno doesn’t like being called a weasel. Bruno insults the first names for Jones and Brown. Bruno thinks their names are awful. Lance pokes fun at Big Bubba and Goliath first name. That was not a good promo by Bruno.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Soul Train Jones & Brickhouse Brown: Goliath and Jones start the match. Jones control Goliath with a side headlock and ducks a clothesline. Jones dropkicks Goliath to the mat. Brown tags in and clotheslines Goliath with Jones. Big Bubba tags in to try his luck with Brown. Brown nails Bubba with a standing dropkick. Goliath slams Brown but misses an elbow drop. Brown keeps Goliath on the mat delivering a leg drop to his arm. Jones comes off the middle rope to strike Goliath. Goliath continues to work over Jones with overhand strikes. Bubba enters and hits a snap suplex and scoop slam on Jones. Jones avoids a leg drop and tags in Brown. Bruno gets on the apron to distract the referee. All four men are brawling in the ring. Goliath misses a splash on Brown, but Bubba leg drops Brown allowing Goliath to cover Brown for the win. (1/2*. This wasn’t very good to me at all. The finish wasn’t executed smoothly. I think Goliath and Bubba are better off having just enhancement matches on TV.)

Second Contest: Shima & Mr. Helo vs. Ed Mattox & Randy Bryant:
Helo decks Bryant with a spinning heel kick to win the match. After the match, Paul Diamond and Alan West make the save.

Lance Russell interviews Alan West and Paul Diamond. West doesn’t know what happened when Helo and Shima attacked him from behind. West appreciates Diamond coming out to save him. Diamond knows what they are capable of. Diamond isn’t going to stand for these guys trying to take people out.

Third Contest: Alan West & Paul Diamond vs. Rough & Ready:
West hits a powerslam and rocket launches Diamond off the top to hit a splash for the win.

Lance Russell interviews Paul E. Dangerously, who is now the manager of Lord Humongous. Dangerously is making his debut in the area. Dangerously is looking over “New York investment”. Dangerously says that Austin Idol and Tommy Rich made a sweet deal for them. Dangerously puts all the top babyfaces on notice in the area. Humongous is awkwardly flexing throughout the promo.

Fourth Contest: Lord Humongous vs. David Johnson:
Dangerously is saying that he wants a handful of guys to wrestle Humongous at once. Humongous wins the match after a clothesline. After the match, Alan West and Paul Diamond come out causing Humongous to bail to the floor where Dangerously calms the big man down.

A lengthy music video promoting Bam-Bam Bigelow is shown.

Fifth Contest: Boy Tony & Pat Tanaka vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer:
Downtown Bruno annoys everyone by continuing to yell on the microphone during the match. Tanaka wins the match following a German suplex.

Downtown Bruno is interviewed by Lance Russell. Bruno puts over his team and says they are respected now. Bruno is mad about Billy Travis wearing a mask and being BT Express. Bruno wants to make an offer. Bruno is offering $5,000 to anyone who can remove the mask and prove that it is Billy Travis under the mask. Bruno is offering a bounty. Goliath and Big Bubba come out and Bubba is pissed because they want the money eligible for them. Bruno assures them that they can get the money. Pat Tanaka chimes in and says that Jeff Jarrett is going down in the no time limit, no disqualification match.

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Austin Idol says that Jerry Lawler and Evansville are both losers. Idol insults the entire town of Evansville and doesn’t want to know what the mayor does after hours. Idol promises that Lawler will not get the belt back. They will be wrestling in a match where there will not be a referee.

Jeff Jarrett and BT Express come out for an interview. Jarrett hypes up the must be a winner match they have with Tanaka and Boy Tony. Jarrett promises to finish off Tanaka this week. BT cuts a promo saying the mask isn’t coming off of him. I mean, why would they do that? It’s obviously Billy Travis.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett & BT Express vs. Thunderbird & The Hunter:
Hunter gets worked over early on by both Jarrett and BT with arm drags. Thunderbird is also a masked wrestler and gets worked over by BT with a double axe handle off the middle rope. Hunter takes BT over with a snap suplex. Bambi tries to get involved, but Alan West comes out and kidnaps Bambi! Hunter tries to find Bambi allowing Jarrett to hit a dropkick on Thunderbird for the victory.

Bambi has returned and Hunter says that nobody touches his lady. Hunter promises that West is going to get hurt for doing that.

Final Thoughts:

A disappointing feature tag match and the angle of a bounty on BT Express isn’t working for me. A lackluster week of television for CWA this week. Though, Paul E. Dangerously should be a great promo and far better than Downtown Bruno as a top heel manager.

Thanks for reading.

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