Rebooking The WWF: Week 31, 1994

WWF RAW 8/1/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Steve Grossman in 2:30 following a diving headbutt.
2. Crush defeated Barry Horowitz in 1:54 following the Kona Vice. After the match, John Bradshaw ran down but Crush bailed to the floor and officials held Bradshaw in the ring.
3. Kings Court w/Doink the Clown: Lawler brags about last week and how he drove Bam-Bam Bigelow head first into the canvas with a piledriver and believes that Bigelow’s flames have been extinguished! Speaking of extinguished, Lawler brings up Bob Holly and his crash a couple of weeks ago. Lawler talks about how Holly had bad bruising and thought his career has been ended all thanks to his guest, Doink the Clown! Doink comes down and taunts the fans before entering the ring to greet Lawler. Doink thinks the announcement tonight is that Holly is going to be retired and wants Doink to feel bad, but instead he will be the happiest clown because he caused the ultimate pain! We see on the big screen that Bob Holly has appeared and gets Doink’s attention. Holly tells Doink that he is one evil clown and that his life will never be the same. He knows that everyone thinks he is here to announce that he can no longer compete, but instead, he is here to say that he will be cleared to wrestle for SUMMERSLAM! Doink is shocked as Holly challenges Doink to a match, which is accepted. Doink talks about wanting to end Bob’s career in the ring anyway, and as he is talking Bob Holly appears through the crowd and dropkicks Doink from behind to the floor. Lawler cuts Bob off but here comes Bam-Bam Bigelow to slide into the ring and attacks Lawler! Bigelow tosses Lawler over the top to the floor and stands tall in the ring with Holly while the heels are pissed on the floor!
4. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Damien Wolf in 3:47 following a top rope moonsault. During the match, Jimmy Del Ray cut a promo with Jim Cornette claiming to have a better moonsault than the Kamikaze Kid and challenging Kid to a singles match to prove it.
5. Lex Luger defeated Frank Thomas in 2:11 with the Torture Rack. After the match, Bret Hart came down and briefly attacked Luger until Lex was able to escape to the floor and ran backstage.
6. Ted DiBiase/Diane Smith Interview: We hear from DiBiase and Smith via a pre-tape and they inform us that their wedding will be taking place on the 8/15 RAW so they can have a nice honeymoon before DiBiase steps into the ring with Davey Boy and ends him. DiBiase hopes that Smith will be there to witness the formation of Mr. and Mrs. DiBiase! They kiss each other to end the segment.
7. King Yokozuna defeated Scott Taylor & Paul Johnson in 2:09 following a Bonzai Drop to both men. After the match, the lights went out with the WWF World Champion the Undertaker and Paul Bearer appearing in the ring causing King Yokozuna to quickly leave the ring. Taker gets down on one knee to pose.
8. Razor Ramon defeated Chris Snow in 2:44 following the Razors Edge.
9. Hulk Hogan Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Hogan earlier in the day. Hogan talks about how for several months he has been bugged by losing to Flair at WrestleMania, even if Flair needed the help of illegal objects. “I don’t care brother, I have no excuses. Hulkamania is stronger than that.” He hypes up the tag match coming up at SummerSlam and says that along with Savage, they will take care of the Dynasty and unmasked the masked man once and for all!
10. The Smoking Gunns won a battle royal to earn a WWF World Tag Team Championship match at SummerSlam when Bart Gunn last eliminated Samu.
11. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Jim Neidhart in 2:29 following a diving headbutt.
12. Bret Hart Interview: Hart makes his way down to the announcers table and demands that he and Luger meet at SummerSlam. For the past year, Hart had been battling both personal issues and professional issues when he lost the WWF World Championship to Lex Luger last year at SummerSlam. Thus, Hart wants Luger at SummerSlam and work his way back to the WWF World Championship! “Accept the challenge you coward.”
13. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Greg Peterson in 3:00 with the Boston Crab.
14. Ron Simmons defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by disqualification in 10:22 when Bob Backlund interfered. After the match, Marty Jannetty ran down to help Simmons fight off Hunter and Backlund.

WWF Superstars 8/6/1994
1. Owen Hart defeated Chris Washington in 2:46 following a missile dropkick.
2. Carlos Vega defeated Virgil in 4:05 following a spinning heel kick.
3. SummerSlam Video: The video promotes the Undertaker/Yokozuna WWF World Championship match and the Mega Powers taking on the Dynasty at the event.
4. WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated Scott Anton & Matt Hardy in 3:45 when Diesel pinned Anton after a powerbomb.
5. John Bradshaw defeated Duane Gill in 2:14 following a lariat.
6. Scott Norton Interview: A pre-tape promo by Norton reveals that he accepts the match with Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam in Chicago. Norton tells us that Perfect will without question regret returning to the WWF at SummerSlam.
7. WWF World Champion The Undertaker defeated Ludvig Borga in 8:13 following a tombstone piledriver. After the match, Mr. Fuji and King Yokozuna come out and wave the Japanese flag to taunt the Undertaker.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/7/1994
1. John Bradshaw defeated Fred Spiller in 2:44 following a lariat
2. WWF World Tag Team Champions Diesel & Shawn Michaels defeated Joey Cage & Chris Storm in 2:43 when Diesel pinned Storm after a power bomb.
3. Bob Backlund defeated Frank Anderson in 2:11 with the cross face chicken wing.
4. The British Bulldog defeated Steve Jackson in 2:06 following a running power slam.

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