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CWA TV 11/28/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/28/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and rundown what we’ll see. There will be a AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship match when Bobby Jaggers defends against Jerry Lawler. Manny Fernandez and Hector Guerrero’s music begins to play during the introduction. Steve Keirn will also be on the show for an interview.

Manny Fernandez and Hector Guerrero cut a promo with Lance Russell. They have balloons and are having a party celebrating the Alamo. They call it the “Slaughter At The Alamo”. After a commercial, they get a fan to try some pepper. They grab a female fan named Elizabeth. She ends up refusing and leaves the scene. Guerrero gets a second woman to bite the pepper. She bites the pepper and she ends ups spitting the pepper out because it’s so hot. The Nasty Boys make their way out to confront Guerrero and Fernandez in the ring for a match.

Opening Contest: Nasty Boys vs. AWA International Champion Manny Fernandez & Hector Guerrero: Fernandez and Knobbs start the match with Knobbs hitting a backdrop out of the corner. Sags tags in and is taken down to the mat with a drop toe hold. Sags is able to get out of the hold. Fernandez works over Sags in the corner before tagging in Guerrero, who tosses Sags across the ring. Knobbs is tagged in and is sent into Guerrero on the apron. Guerrero scoop slams Knobbs and Fernandez returns to the match. Fernandez elbow strikes Knobbs to the mat and comes off the ropes to miss a splash attempt. Sags enters and hammers away on Guerrero hitting a hip toss out of the corner. Sags clotheslines Guerrero for a two count. All four men are in the ring but Guerrero lifts Sags up for a clothesline from Fernandez for the win. (*1/4. What is with every team using the Hart Attack as their finishing move? The action here was lackluster, but a quality win for Guerrero and Fernandez.)

Hector Guerrero is back with Lance Russell talking about the pepper and wants everyone to use it. Bill Dundee comes out with a bucket of water and tosses it onto Guerrero. Manny Fernandez runs out, slips on the water, and takes out Dundee. It looks like Guerrero is digging the pepper into Dundee’s eye. Dundee is left laying as the locker room empties again to make the save.

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. The Assassins: This time around the Assassins are looking to be much larger guys than usual. Jarrett wins the match following a standing dropkick.

Third Contest: Jimmy Jack Funk vs. John Paul: Funk tried to attack from behind, but Paul avoided the attack. That’s how Funk won last week. Paul backdrops Funk and gets arm control for a few moments. Funk drops Paul throat first over the top rope. Funk wins the match following a powerslam.

Steve Keirn makes his way out to talk to Lance Russell. Keirn says he’s getting a lot of flack from people in Memphis. Keirn moved to Florida and tried to pick and choose when he wrestled. Keirn made the trip to Memphis on purpose to clear his name or at least reconcile. Keirn doesn’t back down from any man no matter their size. Keirn measures toughness by how long they stay in the ring. Keirn believes that Lawler is in the wrong. Keirn believes you can find people in the crowd that agree with him and there’s a very noticeable cheer for that. Keirn isn’t in this profession to make fans happy and is in the profession to make money. Keirn asked if he was wrong and clearly the fans tend to agree with him. Keirn thinks that Russell is the President of the Lawler fan club. Keirn wants to bring out Jeff Jarrett. Keirn is going to ask Jarrett what he thinks about the situation. Is he wrong or is he right? Jimmy Jack Funk comes out and he’s not happy that Keirn would ask a sissy like Jarrett that kind of question. Jarrett says that he will honestly tell Keirn what he thinks. Jarrett thinks that Keirn was wrong because Lawler didn’t intend for the fire to hit Keirn and it was intended for Don Bass. Keirn doesn’t think Jarrett is smart to think that way. Jarrett knows that Lawler didn’t mean to do that to Keirn. Funk attacks Jarrett from behind and beats on Jarrett with a cowbell in the ring. Jerry Lawler runs out and attacks Funk until Keirn gets in the ring and beats on Lawler from behind. All four men are in the ring brawling. Keirn decks Jarrett with a cowbell. Lawler tosses a fireball at Funk! Lawler and Jarrett stand tall to end the segment.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bobby Jaggers vs. Jerry Lawler: Nate The Rat distracts Lawler allowing Jaggers to hit Lawler with a cane from behind. Jaggers dumps Lawler to the floor and rams Lawler face first into the ring post. Jaggers rams Lawler face first onto the announcers table and onto a chair at ringside. Lawler has been busted wide open at this point. Jaggers beats on Lawler with a forearm drop and bites Lawler’s forehead. Jaggers takes Lawler over with a vertical suplex for a two count. Jaggers decks Lawler with a clothesline leading to another two count. Jaggers rams Lawler face first into the corner several times. Lawler fights back with right hands to drop Jaggers. Lawler decks Nate The Rat off the apron. Jaggers hits Lawler with the cane, but the referee grabs the cane. Lawler gets a rollup on Jaggers to regain the title! After the match, Jimmy Jack Funk and Steve Keirn enter the ring to beat down Lawler with Nate and Jaggers. Jeff Jarrett runs into the ring with a 2×4 to make the save. (*1/2. Well, Jaggers controlled the majority of the match and Lawler is able to win after Jaggers gets distracted by the referee. Lawler is the right choice to have the championship as I’m thinking Jaggers wasn’t drawing crowds considering the title change happens on TV here. I hope they shift to a Lawler/Jarrett vs. Keirn/Funk as the top program.)

Mark Guleen provided a pre-tape promo by a lake saying that he’s a world traveler and he’s a fan of blood sport. He went to the mountains of Northern China. He first met Teijho Khan at the top of the mountains. Guleen says that Khan can cause more pain with one finger than men can do with a hand or knee. Guleen they will begin the reign Khan. Khan will be coming for all the fan favorites. Many men will suffer.

Main Event: Teijho Khan vs. Jim Jamison: This is Khan’s TV debut. Khan wins the match following a strike to the chest. Khan is a bizarre character.

Midnight Rockers make their way out to talk to Lance Russell. They aren’t the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions anymore. They will be putting their hair on the line to get a shot at the RPMs. Michaels says the RPMs stole the titles from them, but they aren’t going to cry about it. Michaels says that the RPMs made a mistake crossing their path. They know they can beat the RPMs any day of the weak and the RPMs are going to pay for it.

Final Thoughts:
Lawler winning the Southern Championship is the right move and quickly brings importance to the championship. The feud with Funk and Jarrett being tied into Keirn and Lawler could really help elevate Jarrett and Funk so I’m all for that. I’d say this was a solid overall episode for CWA.

Thanks for reading.

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