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CWA TV 5/16/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 5/16/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Dave Brown and Michael St. John are on commentary this week as Lance Russell is on vacation. They rundown what we’ll see on the program.

Downtown Bruno comes out and is interviewed along with AWA International Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka. Bruno says that everyone wants to be big time and be a big star. Bruno doesn’t care about anyone at the Parade of Stars, which is a collection of stars doing autographs and pictures on May 31st. Pat Tanaka chimes in and says they left off three of the biggest stars and it’s them. Diamond wonders what all those other stars have even done. Diamond isn’t happy to be in a dunk tank, and doesn’t think anyone would dunk them. Diamond is going to have an autograph session right now. He gives some autographs to fans in the crowd by just tossing them out there.

Opening Contest: AWA International Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. David Haskins & Ed Mattox: Diamond is still wearing his camo attire, which really is associated with his face run I feel like. Diamond pins Mattox after Tanaka hit a DDT.

Dave Brown reveals that the Moondogs will be returning to the area and there is a notable gasp from the crowd. We get a video promoting the team. Just judging by the crowd reaction, I’m intrigued to see the Moondogs in Memphis.

Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Tony Burton: Early on, Burton uses his size advantage to keep Jarrett on the mat with a top wrist lock. Jarrett shoulder blocks Burton a few times and hits an arm drag to gain control. Jarrett comes off the ropes to deliver a clothesline for a two count followed by an arm drag. Burton works over Jarrett with strikes in the corner but misses a splash in the corner. Jarrett nearly wins and goes back to an arm drag. Burton continues to beat on Jarrett with chops and a back elbow. Burton scoop slams Jarrett and heads to the middle rope missing an elbow drop attempt. Jarrett fires back with right hands and knock Burton to the mat a few times. Jarrett nails Burton with a spinning back elbow. Jarrett manages to hit a sunset flip and keeps Burton down to win the match. (*1/2. Burton did a decent enough job in there, but the action was rather basic and by the books, really.) After the match, Tojo Yamamoto is yelling at Burton for losing the match. Tojo slaps Burton and Burton appears to be apologizing. Tojo whacks Burton over the head with a kendo stick!

Third Contest: Rocky Johnson & Bill Dundee vs. Keith Eric & Thunderbird: Dundee and Johnson have zero issue with overcoming the enhancement guys this week. Dundee won the match following a splash off the top rope.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champion Jack Hart vs. David Johnson: Hart tosses Johnson to the mat with a few variations of a suplex before winning the match with a bridging pin hold.

Dave Brown chats with Jack Hart and Paul E. Dangerously. Dangerously has a bandage on his face, which was messed up recently at the arena show. Hart tells Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler to know who he is and he’ll be the king. We see footage from the arena show where Hart hit a piledriver on Soul Tain Jones outside the ring. Rocky Johnson cleaned house on the heels before going to the floor to check on Jones. Johnson rolls Jones into the ring and Hart won the match quickly with a swinging neckbreaker to win the tag titles. Randy Hales and Eddie Marlin come out and confront Hart. Marlin wanted to fire Jack Hart, but his job is saved due to being a tag champion. Marlin fines Hart $3,000 for his actions towards Hales. Hart ends up attacking Marlin from behind with a knee strike and also beats on Hales. Dangerously chokes Hales on the floor. Hart comes off the apron to stomp Marlin until Jeff Jarrett, Bill Dundee and Rocky Johnson make the save.

Main Event: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Billy Travis & Mark Starr: Travis and Goliath start the match with Travis controlling the match with a drop toe hold. Starr dropkicks Goliath to maintain control of the match. Downtown Bruno mentions that Boy Tony isn’t with them anymore, which is disappointing. Bubba works over Travis in the corner, but Travis fights back on Goliath with strikes for a two count. Travis nearly wins with a rollup. Starr hits an axe handle off the top rope. All four men are in the ring brawling. Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond enter the ring to attack Travis and Starr. Jeff Jarrett, Rocky Johnson and Bill Dundee rundown to the ring to make the save.

Final Thoughts:
I’m really digging how Jack Hart has been presented in Memphis thus far. Having him attack the authority figures in the manner he has, should be able to elevate him up the card if they do so choose to do that. A decent episode this week, with nothing aside from the Hart segment really sticking out to me.

Thanks for reading.

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