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Rebooking The WWF: Week 38, 1994

WWF RAW 9/19/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Mo in 4:49 following a top rope diving head butt. After the match, Benoit cuts a promo saying that he is tired of being in the background and issues a challenge to the winner of Steiner/Bigelow for next week on RAW.
2. Carlos Vega defeated Dave Howard in 2:34 following a spinning heel kick. After the match, Razor Ramon ran down and whipped Vega with a strap before Vega escaped and ran to the backstage area.
3. Kings Court w/ Diesel: Jerry Lawler interviewed former WWF World Tag Team Champion Diesel this week on Kings Court and asked him what his intentions were now that he is no longer a champion. Diesel tells Lawler that himself and Michaels were the greatest tag team to ever step foot in a WWF ring, but every great team slips up and that’s what happened at SummerSlam against the Smoking Gunns. Diesel agrees with Michaels that they are still friends and everything is cool, but they both have their eyes on singles championships. Diesel isn’t going to be the bodyguard for Shawn while he wins championships. That time is over with. If he has to wrestle Michaels for gold sometime down the line, then that’s what he is going to have to do. Now, Diesel doesn’t care if its the IC championship or the WWF World Championship… he will have gold around his waist sooner rather later and the champs need to be on the lookout for Big Daddy Cool.
4. The Quebecers defeated The Headshrinkers in 8:33 when Jacques pinned Fatu after the Tower of London.
5. Mr. Perfect defeated Steve Wright in 2:04 following the Perfect Plex.
6. Randy Savage Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Randy Savage who told Vince that he will accept the challenge made by Arn Anderson for this Sunday and that the Mega Powers will not be cease to exist. Savage is confident that the Dynasty will crumble and it all starts this Sunday at In Your House when beats Arn Anderson. OH YEAH!
7. Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:11 following a super kick.
8. Tatanka defeated Mark Starr in 2:33 following a Samoan Drop. After the match, Ron Simmons was seen looking at the ring and shaking his head while Tatanka was confused in the ring.
9. Doink The Clown Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Doink the Clown who came to the ring with his mysterious clown friend. Doink is laughing and giggling as Ross asks Doink who the man is. Doink tells Ross that his man is an even eviler than him and he wants all the kids in the crowd to cry at night thinking of what he has done to their heroes. Doink introduces his friend as Hughie The Clown. Hughie chimes in briefly and says that when he sees people in pain, is the ultimate satisfaction. When he sees kids screaming it gives him more incentive to issue out more and more punishment. Doink says that they are the clowns the WWF should be afraid of.
10. Ludvig Borga defeated The Kamikaze Kid in 3:09 following a shoulder breaker.
11. Crush Interview: Todd Pettengill interviewed Crush regarding his recent feud with John Bradshaw. Crush is sick of the feud already and tells Todd that he wants Bradshaw this Sunday at In Your House to shut the Texan up and show the world that he is the toughest wrestler in the WWF and not John Bradshaw.
12. In Your House Hype: A video promoting the Undertaker/King Yokozuna main event, Savage/Anderson and Steiner/Bigelow matches is aired.
13. The British Bulldog defeated IRS in 6:00 following a running power slam.
14. King Yokozuna & Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated WWF World Champion The Undertaker & WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner in 11:24 when Bigelow pinned Steiner following a diving head butt. After the match, Yokozuna hit the Bonzai Drop on the Undertaker and remained on the champion as the show came to an end.

WWF Superstars 9/24/1994
1. Sionne defeated Jimmy Del Ray in 3:44 following a middle rope shoulder block.
2. WWF World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Black Phantom & John Paul in 2:45 when Billy pinned Phantom
3. Crush defeated John Paul in 1:33 with the Kona Vice
4. John Bradshaw defeated IRS in 7:05 following a lariat. After the match, Crush came down and had a pull apart brawl with Bradshaw to close the program.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/25/1994
1. Diesel defeated Vince Wright in 2:11 following a power bomb.
2. Lex Luger defeated Frank Granderson in 2:02 with the Torture Rack
3. Bret Hart defeated Mark Thomas in 2:33 with the Sharpshooter
4. Razor Ramon defeated Doink the Clown by disqualification in 7:09 when Hughie the Clown interfered and attacked Ramon. The attack continued until Marty Jannetty ran down to make the save.


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